How to buy outdoor cushions

outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions are not only used to decoratebut to be more comfortable when sitting. But choosing them is sometimes not easy because we tend to choose based on our tastes and not the best to be outdoors.

Therefore, here you will know how to buy outdoor cushionswhat you should pay more attention to and some tents and cushions that may be what you are looking for.

Top 1. The best outdoor cushion


  • Made of polyester.
  • Weather and water resistant.


  • It may look unnatural.
  • Is not very big.
  • Caro.

Selection of outdoor cushions

In addition to that cushion that we have considered one of the best for outdoor use, here we leave you other outdoor cushions that can be interesting.

Set of 4 cushion covers 45 x 45 cm, with the inscription “Home Sweet Home”

Note that here We are not talking about complete cushions, but only about the covers. You would have to buy the padding for the 45X45cm cushions separately.

The covers are made of 100% linen cotton.

2 Shabby Chic Square Cotton Woven Chair Seat Cushions

The composition of the cushion is 100% cotton (although the interior is made of polyester.

Although it says that it is for interiors, it can be used outdoors on terraces or covered areas and by taking it off and putting it on it can be protected from inclement weather.

Yarn Dyed Dirt and Water Resistant Outdoor Garden Cushion with Zipper

Available in various colours, this garden cushion is resistant, waterproof and repels dirt. It can be washed at a maximum of 30ºC.

Zeuka! 2 Decorative Cushions 45x45cm, Cover & Filling

Made with material resistant to UV rays and also to moisture and mold thanks to its coating. They are made of polyester.

You can find this design or blue or gray with other designs.

Strandgut 90030 Bench Cushion, Gray

Made of cotton and polyurethane foamis a bench cushion with UV resistant fabric.

The problem is that cannot be drawn and when it comes to washing it you will depend on whether it fits in the washing machine (and in cold water).

Outdoor Cushion Buying Guide

outdoor cushions, because they are outdoors and because they have to go through “cold” and “heat” they need to be made of resistant materials. Therefore, any cushion you like is not worth it if it is not capable of withstanding a few months or years in the garden. And how can you know that? Apart from because they sell it to you outside, for some keys that can come in handy.

We tell you.


Outdoor cushions come in many sizes. Normally, the indoor ones tend to have shapes (clouds, hearts, etc.) something that does not happen (or at least is not usual) in the outdoor ones).

We could say that the classic and most common are square and rectangular. Of course, there are also interior ones. But this is where the next key comes into play.

The important thing is to choose the right size where you are going to need it (be it a sofa, an armchair, a chair…).


There is no doubt that the cushions serve to help you be more comfortable, in addition to the fact that they give a decorative touch wherever you place them. But, because they are outdoor cushions, you have to be careful with their resistance and maintenance.

For example, can you imagine putting a cushion of fur and when you take it you discover that insects come out of it? You will undoubtedly end up throwing away the cushion and not wanting to use it.

Or that you have a cushion with a beautiful design and after a month of that design there is not a trace left because the sun has “eaten” the color. It can also happen.

That is why choosing the right fabric for outdoor cushions is so important. Y the best are cotton canvas and linen for its strength and durability. Of course, try to make them with water-repellent treatments so that they are waterproof.

Another option is the polyester with high UV resistancewhich will not discolor in the sun’s rays and are not affected by moisture or mold. The only thing is that visually they are not very “natural” but rather synthetic.

You can also choose to tinted acrylics or vinyl fabrics.

Price range

As for the price, the truth is that there is a fairly wide fork and they are cheap. Depending on the material and size, you can find them for up to 10 euros. And the most expensive? Well, for 50-60-80 euros (which are the largest or made with very resistant materials).

Where to buy?

There are many cushions for outdoor sofas

There are many cushions for outdoor sofas

Now that you are clear about what you should look for when buying outdoor cushions, you just need to know some of the best stores to do it, to compare and to see what options you have in the cushion market. Do we recommend some?

The Amazon

Amazon is one of the stores where you will find more variety and above all quite cheap prices in some of its products (especially those that may take longer to arrive). There are different sizes and materials, but if you opt for that, try to see the opinions of those who bought it to choose the right ones.


It happens to Carrefour like Amazon. Since they allow the sale of third-party sellers, of course with their guarantee, their catalog is much broader. Yes, online. In physical stores the outdoor cushions you will find will not be many and sometimes they will only have one model to choose from.


At Ikea you will be able to find one exclusive section for outdoor cushions in which it offers you two different characteristics: on the one hand, cushions for garden and outdoor chairs; and on the other garden cushions.

Where you are going to find more variety is going to be in the first ones, for chairs; For its part, the most “decorative” cushions are currently limited to five models, four of them square and only one rectangular.

Leroy Merlin

With 259 outdoor cushions, for furniture, chairs, armchairs, swings… Leroy Merlin puts many types, of different colors and shapes. In addition, it can be filtered by anti-stain, water-repellent, with UV protection, waterproof…


Lidl has some cushions on its website, but none of those we have looked at are garden. However, that does not mean that they do not have them, but rather that, as they usually bring seasonal products, you have to wait for spring and the weekly offers to find them.

Of course, it does not bring a great variety of size, design, etc. so you are limited in that aspect. The only advantage is the price.

Have you already decided on your outdoor cushions?

How to buy outdoor cushions

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