How to grow myrtle at home? Planting, care and propagation of plants

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Beautiful houseplant – ordinary myrtle

Homemade myrtle is one of the most beautiful indoor plants.

The potted plant looks great on tables and shelving around the house. It emphasizes the important elements of the interior and the special charm of the inhabitants of the house.

botanical name home myrtle myrtus communis (common myrtle). This is an evergreen bushy plant (tree or shrub) from the Myrtle family. Myrtle at home reaches 1 m in height, and in natural conditions – 3-5 m.

Its habitatevergreen forests of North Africa, Southern Europe and the Azores. The leaves are small, compact, oblong-acute or lanceolate, slightly leathery, up to 2-4 cm long. Their color is dark green, shiny. Rarely, but there are also variegated forms.

Leaves when rubbed, they emit a pleasant smell. And all thanks to the essential oil, which is contained in the leaves in large quantities. Therefore, the plant creates a healthy environment in the house.

In the axils of the leaves of an adult plant, single flowers appear. They are star-shaped, small, fragrant, up to 2 cm in diameter. Their color – white with a yellowish or reddish tint.

stamens – golden color. The fruits are purple-black berries, also with a strong aroma. An upright bush or tree, ideal for curly haircuts.

This is one of the most ancient indoor plants. It was valued for the pleasant aroma that its leaves exude. Wreaths were made from myrtle, with which brides were decorated on their wedding day.

Leaves and fruits the myrtle have many uses in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. In ancient Greece, myrtle berries were used as a breath freshener. Today, in rural areas of Sardinia and Italy, myrtle wood is used in cooking to flavor foods.

The leaves and berries can also be added to stews, and the flowers are used as a garnish. In the Middle East, the dried berries are used in cooking as a peppery spice.

myrtle flower will be a chic addition to the interior of the apartment, as well as a very useful plant for the home.

myrtle home care

myrtle room needs care, but even a beginner can easily grow a very beautiful plant in his apartment. There are a few rules that will help you in your care.

Content Rules. What myrtle needed care style=”font-weight: 400″>? Place it in a bright window as home myrtle prefers

good lighting. But it can also grow in the shade (at the same time, the shoots are strongly extended and the leaves become smaller). At the same time, in winter, the temperature should not exceed 13 ° C.

Optimal temperaturea – 5-10 °C. The room where the plant is kept should be well ventilated. Ideal Location – landing, cool winter garden, vestibule. Do not worry if the leaves begin to fall in winter. In the spring, new leaves will appear again.

In summer the plant must be taken out into the open air, in a light semi-shaded place. Watering should be plentiful from spring to autumn, while avoiding overdrying of the soil and accumulation of water in the pan, watering should be economical in winter. fertilize the plant follows every week.

At wintering plants in warm rooms, it is necessary to water it more often so that the lump of earth does not dry out, and also spray it (if the air is too dry). In winter, it is fed once a month.

In spring, young plants should transplant into a larger containermyrtle care). And old plants are transplanted when the root system grows (but not more often than after 2-3 years).

The plant is planted into nutrient mix from turf, humus, peat land and sand. For good care, myrtle will thank you with its rapid growth and dense crown.

Myrtle flower photo

Myrtle flower photo:>

Myrtle tree photo:

Published: 02.11.2016

How to grow myrtle at home? Planting, care and propagation of plants

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