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  • Passiflora: growing from seeds
  • Reproduction of passionflower

Passiflora: growing from seeds

Growing Passiflora From Seeds Is Fun

Passiflora – an evergreen perennial exotic ampelous plant, with star-shaped single large flowers (up to 12 cm in diameter). In our regions, it does not winter in open ground. For the winter Passiflora must be brought indoors. Almost all types of passionflowers are valued for profuse bright bloom and for the beauty of the leaves.

Passiflora from seeds – a rather capricious plant, but this is nothing compared to its beauty. So, if you still decide to start growing passionflower, the first thing to do is get the seeds.

Where to buy passionflower. It is best not to take seeds from natural markets, because you do not know how they were stored. Can buy passionflower seeds in flower shops, as well as in popular online stores.

Purchase only fresh seeds, as old ones seeds can lie in the soil for a year, and only then hatch. Germinate the fastest blue passiflora seeds

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passionflower seeds blue at a temperature of +25°C germinate already in the second week. Since other species can germinate for three to five months.

Passiflora seeds are hard, therefore, in order for them to hatch faster, we recommend using the method scarification.

Carry out scarification (mechanical destruction of the hard shell of the seed) at home simple: wipe the seeds on both sides with sandpaper or a nail file. After that, soak the seeds in any acidic juice (for example, lemon) for a day. An acidic environment contributes to the rapid softening of hard shells.

How to plant passionflower. Scarified passionflower seeds

ready for sowing. You can sow them in peat tablets, in separate cups or seedling boxes.

Purchase soil mixture for seedlings or prepare it yourself. Mix leafy soil, humus, peat and sand in a ratio of 1:1:1:1. Disinfect this mixture in a preheated oven before use.

landing tanks cover with soil mixture, lightly tamp. Sow the seeds to a depth of 1-2 cm, moisten well, cover the containers with film or glass and place in a warm place with a temperature of 23-25 ​​° C.

crops ventilate daily and moisten as needed. As soon as the first sprouts appear, place the containers on a bright windowsill. After a few days, remove the covered ones, accustoming the plants to natural light.

When two or three true leaves are formed, pick the seedlings into separate cups or pots with a diameter of at least 6 cm.

Pots with plants keep on well-lit window sills, water regularly, and spray in the summer. In the first year, keep young plants in a room or on a warm balcony, where the temperature is kept within 18-25 ° C.

In winter time creepers need coolness, but not below 10 ° C. Two or three times a year (only during the growing season), feed passionflower with a complex mineral fertilizer.

Since passionflower liana plant, she needs to be supported in the first year. At this time, the future skeleton of the plant is formed, the main shoots grow intensively.

Passiflora from seeds, bloom for 2-6 years, depending on the variety. To achieve flowering, passionflower must be pruned from the second year of life, since flower buds are formed only on annual shoots.

Now you know, how to plant passionflower and you can grow a very beautiful plant.

Reproduction of passionflower

Passiflora can be propagated from seeds, we have already written about this. There is another way – this is propagation by cuttings.

How to propagate passionflower cuttings. Cuttings need to start cooking in June. For this, mature and lignified tops of the plant are used. choose such cuttingsthat have multiple leaflets.

pour sand and peat in a pot, mix it all up, now you can carefully place your cuttings in this pot. Water it plant and place pot in a room with a temperature of 22 degrees above zero.

Sometimes a pot placed in a greenhousewhich you can create yourself. To do this, you can use a regular bag. Then in one month your plant will take root, but in order to root passionflowerdo not forget to use different preparations for rooting.

First winter for a sprouted plant should be warm. Keep the pot warm and also choose a bright spot for it.

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Published: 11.11.2016

How to Grow Passiflora from Seeds…

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