How to grow young (stone rose) in your garden? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest


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rejuvenated plant

Molodilo or stone rose (Sempervivum L.) is a perennial, succulent plant. Its beautiful rosettes of leaves are somewhat reminiscent of rose flower. Young simply irreplaceable plant in a stony garden. Juveniles are native to the mountainous regions of Southern Europe, China, Baikal.

In nature stone roses grow directly on stones, in rock crevices, and practically do not need soil. Today, in the world there are fifty species

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rosette leaves in juveniles, thick, fleshy, evergreen, covered with small rough hairs. Outlet diameter an adult plant reaches up to 10 – 15 cm. leaf shape oblong, ovoid, coloringdepending on the variety – green, burgundy, gray – green.

At the beginning of summer, the juvenile throws out a long pedunclewhich ends with a bright inflorescence. flowers small, red, yellow or pink. The bloom itself is amazingly beautiful.

After flowering rejuvenated gives offspringforms many children, and the mother plant dies. leaf coloring during the season it can change several times, from light green to dark red.

Rejuvenated planting and care

Young man landing
. Grow youth in the garden style=”font-weight: 400″> not difficult at all. Provide it sunny and rocky place. Thanks to thick, fleshy leaves (leaves are able to store water) go without water long time.

Prefers to grow on rocky soils. If planting in normal soil, take care of good drainage. At the bottom of the hole, pour a layer of expanded clay or fine gravel.

Does not tolerate stagnant water. Waterlogging of the soil, often causes plant death.

How do young reproduce? Reproducing young dividing the bushes and seeds. The simplest and easiest way to propagate is by dividing the bushes.

As mentioned above, the mother plant after flowering gives a lot of kids, in the form of small sockets. Dig up the mother plant separate all the kids, and plant separately. Even if the children do not yet have roots, after planting they quickly form.

plant in sandy rocky soil, only slightly deepening the plant. Water well after planting.

Reproduction by seedspracticed mainly for breeding purposes. Flowers need pollination to produce seeds.

Youthful care. How to take care of the young? Caring for a youngster is easy. It is undemanding to the soil, although it likes rare fertilizers (mineral and organic).

The plant is frost-resistant and drought-resistant. He loves a lot of light, in the shade it loses its decorative effect. Remember to use drainage when planting. Since in nature stone roses grow among stones, create similar conditions for them in the garden.

Plant them in rock gardens or rockeries. Cover varietal varieties for the winter with spruce branches. flower rejuvenated will become a highlight of your rocky garden and will not bring you much trouble.

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The photo rejuvenated

How young it blooms (rejuvenated flower):

Youth in the composition:

Youth in a rocky garden:

Published: 25.11.2016

How to grow young (stone rose) in your garden? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest

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