How to propagate pelargonium? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest

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Pelargonium – decoration of the apartment

Pelargonium – this is a very bright and incredibly beautiful decoration of rooms, terraces, balconies and even streets. Many plant it in flower beds, use it to complement areas near residential buildings, and it will also look perfect in the garden. This flowering plant will become a bright accent in any apartment.

Buy pelargonium today it is very simple, because this popular and beautiful plant is sold in any florist’s shops. It is better to choose seedlings in trusted online stores.

Pelargonium royal can be placed in a spacious room, as well as a floral accent in the living room or in your dining room. It has a fairly large size and resembles a compact shrub. blooms royal pelargonium is very bright and always plentiful, every guest of your house will pay attention to it.

If you want to always have spring in your home, then you can buy tulip begonia. It differs from its relatives in the unusual shape of the buds, which resemble a tulip. Also, its leaves do not have a characteristic aroma.

How to propagate pelargonium

All wintering in rooms pelargoniumdue to lack of light, shoots are strongly pulled out. trim these shoots in February, leaving only a few strong ones, 5-7 cm high. After pruning, water and feed the bush regularly.

Cut shoots – growths of the past season – use for breeding. Divide them into cuttings of 13-15 cm each, with two to four leaves. The top of the shoot can also be used as a cutting, just pinch the growth point.

Update all sections of the cuttings with a new razor. Cut off the leaves that are at the bottom of the cutting. Fill the jar with water, and place the cuttings in it (the cuttings should be immersed in water by a third).

Put the jar of cuttings in a bright place, but shade from direct sun. On cuttings with a heel, and on thin cuttings, the roots will appear first. As it evaporates, add water to the jar.

Good, powerful roots on the cuttings will appear in March. Cuttings with roots drop off in cups or small pots, in soil mixture for seedlings. A week after planting, rearrange the pots of pelargoniums on a bright, sunny windowsill.

Water regularlye, and as soon as a new leaf grows, start fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Maintain the temperature within 18-20 °C.

In May, as soon as the threat of return frosts has passed, plant pelargoniums to a permanent place in the garden, or in a larger pot. In early June, your pelargoniums will bloom. We do not recommend keep pelargoniums in a pot for more than three years, renew the plants every two years.

How to propagate pelargonium photo

If you just want to start growing this beautiful flower, then you need to purchase a pelargonium seedling or a ready-made plant. Where to buy pelargonium? In a trusted store “Florium” you can buy seedlings of this plant

Pelargonium photo

Pelargonium royal:

Pelargonium in the garden:

Pelargonium on a balcony:

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How to propagate pelargonium? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest

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