How to recover a yucca with yellow leaves

yucca with yellow leaves

When you have a plant, the last thing you want is for it to get sick, either after a few days or after years, because you like it the way it is. But there are times when, no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop that situation. One of the usual indoor plants is the yucca, but, What happens if you have a yucca with yellow leaves?

Do you know the problem that this entails? And how to get it back? Do not worry, if it happens to you, or has happened to you, we are going to explain the reasons why it arises and how to recover it easily.

Cassava Characteristics

Cassava Characteristics

Cassava characteristics

Surely you know that yucca is considered a ground shrub, native to North America, Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. Unlike other exotic and tropical plants, it does not need as much water.

There are more than 50 different species within its genus but the most common in homes, due to its adaptability to the environment, is the yucca elephantipes.

Physically, the plant has a woody trunk and not too tall because the leaves and branches start from very low. The Leaves are a strong green and you may be lucky enough to have it bloom, although inside the house it is almost impossible for it to happen.

Yucca with yellow leaves, what’s wrong with it?

Yucca with yellow leaves, what's wrong with it?

Yucca with yellow leaves, what's wrong with it?

As we have told you before, the usual color of cassava leaves is green. So that when you have a yucca with yellow leaves is that something happens. And the truth is that this is due to a disease.

Now, this can be caused by four different situations, although a combination of two or even all four can also occur. What are those?

a bad watering

One of the cares of the yucca is irrigation and, as we have said, It requires much less water than other plants. Therefore, flooding, or going overboard with irrigation can cause the appearance of yellow leaves.

Now, excess is as bad as scarcity. And it is that, both at one extreme and at another, the plant externalizes it with yellow leaves. In other words, if there is an excess of water or a lack of water, it will let you know in the same way.

Bad lighting

In addition to irrigation, another care to take into account for yucca is the plant location and lighting. This one does not need direct light, but it does need indirect light and a lot. It is true that they adapt to any environment, but if it is recently purchased, it may take time and suffer until the appearance of yellow leaves.

If, in addition, this bad lighting is also accompanied by temperatures that are not suitable for the cassava, it will end up getting sick.

How do you know for sure if this is the problem? Because the colors of the leaves, especially those that remain green, are duller and lighter.


Another situation in which you can find yourself is that the roots are damaged. This can happen for two reasons:

  • Because they are rotting. It is related to an excess of water. You will notice it because the roots become very slimy and also smell bad.
  • For a link. It is a problem in the roots because they do not have enough space to grow and instead of developing properly, they do so poorly and become linked, strangled, etc. damaging the plant itself.

Presence of fungi

mushrooms will appear as a consequence of a flooding of the plant. That is, by watering too much. If it is not caught in time, the fungi begin to do their thing. And it is that the yellow leaves will begin to turn brown in the yucca and that will only mean that the roots themselves are compromised, even rotten, and there is no solution to this.

How to recover a yucca with yellow leaves

How to recover

how to recover

Despite all the problems that a yucca with yellow leaves can generate, As long as you catch it in time you have a chance to save it. To do this, you have to know what the problem, or possible problems, is with the change in color of the leaves. And based on that, fix it.

Yucca with yellow leaves due to irrigation, roots or fungi

Before we have told you that it could be due to lack of irrigation or excess. The normal thing is that it is by excess.

The solution is Take the plant out of the pot and remove all the soil it has. You should check the roots to see if they have started to damage or if the roots were too tight and are strangling.

We do not recommend cutting unless you see that there are rotten roots and there are still some green ones. If so, cut lightly, as it will be worse if you keep them. Later, you must plant in another pot using adequate soil with drainage so that the roots breathe and also that waterlogging does not occur. In a few days, do not water.

If it has been a lack of water, as soon as you take the plant out you will realize because the soil will crumble and look like dust. In this case, plant it again with new soil and, now, water.

Yellow leaves due to poor lighting

The easiest solution is locate it in an area with more lighting. Temperature changes must also be controlled. Cassava likes a constant temperature of about 20 degrees, so we must be careful with heating, air conditioning and wind.

Do not put it directly in the sun, because it will weaken more and can even kill her. Nor through glass because the reflective effect can be deadly. It is better to place it in a strategic area of ​​the room where it receives light several hours a day.

As you can see, a yucca with yellow leaves has different reasons for its appearance. We are not going to tell you that it is easy to save, but if you realize this problem in time you will have a much better chance of doing it. For this reason, experts recommend that when you have a yucca, you set aside a few minutes a week to check it thoroughly for possible signs of disease.

Have you ever faced this problem with your cassava? How did you fix it?

How to recover a yucca with yellow leaves

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