Pink peonies.” 2019


  • pink herbaceous peonies
  • pink tree peonies

Peonies differ from other garden plants in that they are beautiful not only when their flowers are fully opened, but also when they are in bud. They pair well with roses, irises, lupins, geraniums and delphiniums. These plants can live up to 100 years and still produce flowers. Pink peonies, which are associated with the grandmother’s garden, are especially eye-catching.

In this article we will talk about the most beautiful varieties of both herbaceous and tree species. Varieties that have just appeared in Ukraine and which you can buy on the FLORIUM.UA website. All plants are distinguished by excellent health and amaze with fantastic coloring of flowers and leaves!

pink herbaceous peonies

Peony Dinner Plate

An interesting variety with giant pastel pink flowers, the largest among peonies. It was introduced to the USA in 1968. Originator: Klehm Charles. The flowers are the size of a dinner plate – about 18 cm in diameter. Their shape is terry pink. ‘Dinner Plate’ is a vigorous and flowering plant. The perfect decoration for any garden! Prefers sunny or semi-shady positions. Ideal for cutting. Mid-late flowering period. Plant height is 85-100 cm.

Sarah Bernhardt

Variety “Sarah Bernhardt” was introduced to the public in 1906. Originator: Emile Lemoine. classic light pink flower with double flowers and at the same time the main one, widely grown for cutting in various latitudes. Probably the most popular variety of peonies in the world. It is valued not only for its beauty, but also for its wonderful aroma.

Flowers open from May to June. They are large (16 cm in diameter), silvery pink with a salmon center and a thin white border. Become more and more clear in the sun. Large embossed and serrated petals are found along the edges of the flower, and in the center they are smaller, but there are more of them. a few of them may develop a delicate red mark. Flowering later.


Peony “Joker” will be able to diversify your garden. He belongs to the so-called chameleons. It will delight you with at least 3 different colors. Opening, the flower has a neon pink color, then acquires a cold pink hue. And finally you will see the color of ivory! Flower diameter – 20 cm. Flower shape: terry bomb-shaped. This variety has dark foliage and stems up to 80 cm long. Originator: Landis / Rogers. Year of introduction: 2004. Average flowering period.

It seems to us that if you were ever forced to choose only one pion, then most likely it would be this one, the Joker.


This variety produces large, fragrant flowers that are slightly ruffled. Reaches up to 80 to 100 cm in height. It was bred back in 1856. Originator: Calot. Flowering season: mid-May. The flowers are intense pink, with a white border around the petals. They reach up to 16 cm in diameter.

Other, no less exclusive varieties:

  • Bouquet Perfect
  • Celebrity
  • Nymph

pink tree peonies

Coiled Leaf Red Juan Ye Hong treelike

Peony Coild Leaf Red / Ruan Ye Hong has large flowers (15-17 cm in diameter). Their shape is terry crown. Their color is rose red. In the center, the colors thicken. The height of the plant is 150 – 180 cm, and the width is up to 170 cm.

Pink Water-lily Rou Fu Rong

“Pink water lily”. So the name of this variety is translated. And he really lives up to his name. A pastel pink flower with a deep pink center. petals are thin, soft to the touch, wrinkled. The shape of the flower is chrysanthemum. The size of the flower is 17cm x 5cm. There is a delicate aroma. Buds are formed on lateral stems. Bush of medium height, spreading. Growth vigorous; many flowers. Flowering period: mid-season.

Smiling ceng Zhong Xiao

An amazing variety was bred in 1995, but he has already managed to earn the attention and love of gardeners. This is a real decoration for elite gardens and well-groomed areas. The tree-like peony reveals all its beauty, blooming lush buds. Their petals surprise with tenderness and subtlety, and also attract the eye with an unusual color. At the “heart” of the bud, the petals can be burgundy or red. Rising up, the color becomes more delicate – pink and even purple. Plant height: 100–150 cm. Flower (inflorescence) diameter: 15–17 cm.

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Published: 25.01.2020

Pink peonies.” 2019

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