Plant aubergines: when and how to do it step by step

We can plant potted aubergines

When we talk about aubergines, we refer to vegetables originating in the East that are characterized by being very soft and nutritious. As they have a very rich flavor and beneficial properties for our body, it is not surprising that they have spread throughout the world. In addition, there are many recipes in which these excellent vegetables are used, since their flavor and texture make them quite versatile at a culinary level. So that you can enjoy them in your home, we are going to explain when and how to plant aubergines.

Planting eggplants really is easier than it may seem. Nor is it necessary to have a garden or an orchard for itpotted is also possible. If you want to grow these delicious vegetables, I recommend that you follow our step by step guide.

When is the eggplant planted?

It is best to sow eggplants in late winter

It is best to sow eggplants at the end of winter

Before explaining how to plant eggplants, let’s find out when to do it. It is best to carry out this task at the end of winter in nurseries. After about three months, when they have already reached a larger size, we can plant the aubergines planted in rows. Two months later we will be able to harvest the first fruits. Therefore, the harvest of these wonderful fruits is carried out from summer to autumn. Generally, the cultivation options are much greater if we use seeds.

As these plants end up occupying a lot of space in width, it is very important that we leave a distance of about sixty centimeters between them, and eighty centimeters between the lines of the plantation. Once we have introduced the plants in the holes that we have created in the ground, we have to add compost and manure. The best thing is that the land is composed of a considerable amount of fertilizer. In addition, it is best that the soil is moist. It should be noted that aubergines need many hours of sunlight and temperatures above ten degrees. As for irrigation, this must be abundant, especially when the first fruits begin to appear.

Tips for planting eggplants

When it comes to growing aubergines, there are a couple of tips that we should follow to make the harvest more successful. Once the plants have reached a height of half a meter or more, The best we can do is place some guides to prevent them from sticking to the ground. and end up having moisture problems.

Another trick to improve the cultivation of eggplants is to thin the plant. If we remove the lower and inner leaves, the vegetable will have better ventilation and more light, which will help its correct development.

How to plant eggplant at home step by step?

Planting eggplants is quite simple

Planting eggplants is quite simple

Although it is true that eggplants need a considerable space to grow, it is not essential to have a garden or an orchard to grow them. We can also plant them in a very large pot and thus keep them in the patio, on the terrace or even on the balcony. What is vital for these vegetables is to keep the soil fertile and moist. In addition, this vegetable needs a lot of sunlight, since it comes from usually warm soils.

The first thing we must do is acquire seeds by extracting them from the ripe fruits. Then we must wash them with water, drain them and let them dry on paper for about three days. Once dry, we have to make a hole in the ground. This should be about 1,25/XNUMX inch deep. In it we will place two seeds and we will cover them with soil later. It only remains to place the pots in a sunny and warm place and keep the vegetable moist. The plants will germinate about ten weeks. Once they reach six inches tall, it’s time to transplant them into a deeper pot. Of course, we should only perform this task if the weather is warm enough.

Another option would be to purchase seedlings from a nursery or garden. In this case we can plant them directly in the final pot. This should have a capacity of approximately thirty liters, and a depth equivalent to 25 centimeters. We must also keep in mind that each eggplant will require a space of at least 30,5 centimeters in order to grow properly. It is important that the pot has good drainage to prevent the roots from becoming waterlogged.

How to plant eggplants step by step

We will explain below step by step how to plant eggplants In a simple way. By doing it right and caring for the plant correctly, we can harvest our own aubergines.

  1. Sow: First we will sow the seeds as explained above.
  2. Transplant: When they have reached sufficient height, we will transplant the plants to a suitable pot. If we choose to acquire the seedlings directly, we can plant them in the final pot and save ourselves the planting and waiting. In the pot there should be soil with enough compost. It is best to use the following mixture: Two parts of earth and one part of sand. This way we can better control the humidity. When transplanting we must moisten the soil and place the seedling as straight as possible. It is also recommended that the pot be ceramic and not plastic, as it will keep the heat better. In addition, they tend to be heavier, which will help them better support the weight of the ripe eggplant.
  3. Locate the pot: As eggplants require a lot of heat and light, it is best to place the pot in a very sunny and warm spot.
  4. Harvest: Once the plant has flowered, we can harvest the aubergines. This task must be carried out before the vegetable has fully grown. As for the aubergines, we will know that they are ready when their skin is shiny. When picking the fruits, we must do so by cutting them without pulling the vegetable.

prune and stalk auberginespruning and staking eggplants

For the last step we must take into account that the time it takes to be able to harvest the aubergines will depend mainly on the variety that we grow. Eggplants can generally be purchased after two or three months from planting.

Now we know when and how to plant eggplants. We just have to get down to work to enjoy these delicious vegetables!

Plant aubergines: when and how to do it step by step

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