Pressure Washer: The best, buying guide, what it is and where to buy it

There are many pressure washers on the market.

It can be very tiring and time consuming to clean large surfaces the old fashioned way. To save some time without losing effectiveness, the pressure washer is one of the best solutions. With it we can clean large areas such as terraces, porches, cars, bicycles, etc. in a short time and with greater comfort than rubbing everything by hand.

If you are looking for a pressure washer to make your life a little easier, I recommend that you take a look at this article. We will talk about the best hydro-cleaners on the market, what exactly they are and how to buy them.

? Top 1: The best pressure washer ?

Among all the pressure washers on the market, we want to highlight this K 4 Power Control model from Kärcher for its good customer reviews. It has an application that helps us choose the pressure, for example, and with a pressure control system. This pressure washer also has a positioning device for detergent bottles that facilitates and speeds up the application and change of detergents.


Among the many benefits of this pressure washer is the “Home Garden” application. This gives us advice on, for example, the pressure to apply. It also has a pressure control system that makes cleaning easy. In addition, it has a “plug n’clean” cleaning system that makes applying and changing detergents quicker and easier.


The main disadvantage of this product is that it can be somewhat expensive. There are other models with similar but more basic characteristics, which can be better adapted to our pockets.

Selection of pressure washers

Apart from our top 1, there are also many other pressure washers on the market. Next we are going to comment on the six best.

Karcher K2 Universal High Pressure Washer

We start by talking about the Kärcher K 2 Universal model. It is a small size pressure washer, which considerably facilitates its handling and transport. It has a quick connection system «quick connect» and a compartment for the cable. The storage of accessories is very comfortable in this pressure washer.

FIXKIT High Pressure Washer

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Next we will introduce the Fixkit high pressure washer. It has a 1800 watt motor that can provide a maximum pressure of 2320 psi, ideal for removing even the most stubborn dirt efficiently and quickly. The design of this pressure washer is also worth noting, as its high-quality handles and spray guns have a longer service life. Thanks to the two adjustable nozzles that are included, we can choose how we want to clean. In addition, it has 9,7 meter long cables and 6,2 meter hoses, making it easier to clean larger areas such as decks, patios, porches and driveways. In addition, this pressure washer can also be used to clean garden furniture, cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Kärcher K 3 Power Control High Pressure Washer

The next pressure washer model we want to highlight is the Kärcher K 3 Power Control. It includes an application called “Home Garden” which offers advice, such as the right pressure for the surface we want to clean. In addition, this pressure washer has a pressure control system: It can be regulated by means of a spray lance and the control is carried out through the led screen of the gun. Thanks to this system, cleaning is very easy. It also has a tank for the detergent that facilitates the change and the application of the same.

Cecotec HidroBoost 2400 Home & Car pressure washer

We continue with the HidroBoost 2400 Home & Car model from Cecotec. Thanks to its power of 2400 watts it is possible to remove the most stubborn dirt. Also the speed of cleaning is increased due to the flow rate of this pressure washer, which is 480 liters per hour. The maximum pressure is 180 bar and It has a radius of action of about 14 meters, facilitating comfortable use and freedom of movement. Two nozzles are included: a turbo and a sprayer. In addition, this pressure washer has an anti-impurity filter and a trigger with an «Auto Start-Stop» system, increasing its control and safety. Another advantage of this product is that it has a superior reel designed to wind the eight meter hose. The handles and wheels on this pressure washer make it easy to handle and transport.

MICHELIN MPX25EH Pressure Washer

We also want to talk a bit about Michelin’s MPX25EH. The maximum pressure of this pressure washer is 170 bar. The power consumption is around 2,5 kw and the maximum feeding temperature is 50 degrees. As for the flow, this is 500 liters per hour. Due to these characteristics, this model is indicated for cleaning cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and exterior surfaces of the house. In addition, this pressure washer It has a «total stop system»: When we release the lever, the pressure washer shuts off, resulting in less wear and tear and greater energy savings. It also has a quick connection for the water inlet through an inspectable filter. This traps impurities, promoting the perfect performance of the pressure cleaner.

Kärcher K 7 Premium Smart Control Home High Pressure Washer

Finally, this Kärcher model remains to be highlighted. It has a boost mode that generates extra power, thus helping to remove even the toughest dirt in a short time. It can be activated by application or the water gun and additionally releases 15 bar of pressure. In addition, this pressure washer has its own app that offers many advantages and facilitates the use of the machine. Through it we can control the correct pressure and power and access expert advice, such as the pressure indicated for the surface we want to clean.

Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Before buying a pressure washer, we must take into account some aspects such as power, pressure and flow. All of them they depend on the use that we are going to give the machine. For this reason, it is advisable to consider well how we are going to use the pressure washer, as it can damage certain surfaces such as facades, terraces or cars if its pressure is too high. Next we will talk about the aspects to consider before purchasing a pressure washer.


When looking at power, we must know that it is expressed in W (watts) and that it is relative to pressure and flow. Depending on the surface we want to clean, we will need a more or less powerful pressure washer. Let’s see a small list:

  • Facades and walls: 3000 W
  • Roof and gutter: 2000 W
  • Vehicle: 1600 W
  • Bicycle: 1400 W
  • Terraces and tiles: 1200 W


It is also important to take pressure into account. This is the force at which the water is expelled. Pressure is expressed in B (bar). Accumulated dirt is more descaled when the pressure is higher. Therefore, these are the recommended bars depending on the surface:

  • Facades and walls: 160 B
  • Roof and gutter: 140 B
  • Vehicle: 120 B
  • Bike: 110 B
  • Terraces and tiles: 140 B


When we talk about the flow we refer to the liters expelled during a certain time. In the case of a pressure washer, the water flow is normally expressed in L / h (liters per hour). To go faster when cleaning, the flow must be higher. These are the recommendations depending on the surface:

  • Facades and walls: 600 L / h
  • Roof and gutter: 500 L / h
  • Vehicle: 400 L / h
  • Bicycle: 360 L / h
  • Terraces and tiles: 500 L / h

Quality and price

Quality and price are always very important when making a purchase decision. In the case of pressure washers, the most expensive are not always the best for us. We must keep in mind for what type of surfaces we want to use it and pay attention to the power, pressure and flow that we need. As you might expect, the more power the motor has and the faster the machine can work, the more expensive it will be.

What is a pressure washer machine?

We must take into account the power of the pressure washer before buying it

We must take into account the power of the pressure washer before buying it

The pressure washer, also called a pressure washer, is a machine whose job is to cleaning or mechanical starting of different materials. To do this, this device transmits the kinetic energy produced by a drive to a fluid, which is usually a soapy solution with water or just water. This transfer is done to speed up and be able to get his job done.

Where to buy

Today we have many options to buy a pressure washer. We are going to see the most outstanding ones below.

The Amazon

The great online sales platform Amazon offers many different models of pressure washers, as well as a significant number of accessories for them. It is a good option to acquire one of these machines, as has a strict buyer protection policy and shipments are usually quite fast.

Leroy Merlin

Also the Leroy Merlin sells several models of pressure washers. The advantages of going to a physical establishment to buy one of these machines is that there are several experts at our disposal to advise and help us.

Second hand

If the pressure washer we want is out of budget, we always have the option of looking for a second-hand model. However, we must make sure that it works well, because They do not usually include guarantees or option to return in these cases.

Pressure Washer: The best, buying guide, what it is and where to buy it

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