Such different herbaceous hibiscus.” 2019


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Herbaceous hibiscus is one of the few garden plants that captivates with large and giant flowers. And every year more and more people choose to plant them in the garden or in pots. Find out what are the most popular varieties of herbaceous hibiscus in Ukraine.


Hibiscus Moscheutos is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Asia and America. Also known as swamp hibiscus. In nature, it forms large colonies near swamps or shallow arteries.

It is a dense shrub with straight woody stems, 80-150 cm high. The leaves are large, oval, sometimes elongated or three-headed, with serrated edges. Green on the upper side and whitish on the underside. As a garden plant, hibiscus herbaceous is chosen primarily for the beauty of the flowers. During the summer, numerous funnel-shaped flowers with a diameter of 15-20 cm are formed on the bush. They can be white, lilac or pink. But there are also hybrids with intense red or burgundy flowers. Flowering period: July-October.

The time of full flowering of one flower is only one day. However, it is worth emphasizing that it remains on the bush for 2-3 days, but their number makes the hibiscus extremely decorative during the entire flowering period, because the flowers appear one after another, and adults can have up to 200 flowers at a time. once.


The optimal place for planting marsh hibiscus is sunny, protected from wind and dampness. Don’t let it dry out and water more often. The plant germinates in early to mid-May.

Important! The whole secret to growing hibiscus is to keep the soil moist. A lot of water causes root rot, while when overdrying the bush fades and the plant dies.

In the cold season, the aerial part of the plant deteriorates: the leaves fall off, and sometimes the stems die off. But the roots, at the same time, do not die. And in the spring, the hibiscus is reborn from the ground, growing the stem and forming leaves. Plants need up to 15 degrees of heat at night to germinate.

Popular varieties of herbaceous hibiscus

Garden hibiscus Robert Flemming

Low grade. The bush is very compact. Reaches up to 75-90 cm in height. ‘Robert Flemming’ conquers with huge dark red flowers. Their size is up to 25 cm. The color is so beautiful that it immediately catches the eye. Butterflies and bees will also be delighted with it. The foliage is green. This plant feels comfortable both in a tub on a terrace or balcony, and in a flower bed. Frost resistance is good.

Plum Crazy

“Crazy Plum”. This is how the name of this variety sounds in translation. And all thanks to shimmering purple buds and purple flowers with a purple center. But that is not all. The leaves are also purple. Plant height about 150 cm.

Royal Gem

New on the market among perennial hibiscus! A characteristic feature of this variety is the oval shape of the leaves, not found in any other species of hibiscus. The purple color of the leaves is also unusual. This plant grows to a height of 90-100 cm. It blooms reliably and abundantly until late autumn. A large or giant flower is painted pink with a red throat. Petals varieties Royal Gems petals are superimposed one on the other.


Fireball”, and this is how the name of this variety is translated – this is an attractive, kind of herbaceous hibiscus. It captivates with its decorative flower, which reaches a diameter of up to 30 cm. Overlapping red petals are arranged around the stamens. Dark green leaves are adorned with purple veins. Mature plants reach up to 1.2 m in height. Fully frost-resistant variety: withstands temperatures down to -34 ° C.

Jazzberry Jam

The advantage of this variety is long and abundant flowering and raspberry color. flowers the size of a dinner plate (20-25 cm) appear in July. The edge of the petals is slightly turned and slightly wavy. The plant will delight you until October. In spring, it resumes vegetation in mid-May.

Cranberry Crush

A brand new fantastic variety that will diversify your garden! The flowers are large (20 cm in diameter), blood-red, like cranberries. The bush is dense, compact. Burgundy, almost black buds appear along the stems, and not just on their tops, as in other varieties. The petals in the flower overlap one another. They look beautiful against the background of green, leathery leaves. They bloom tirelessly from July to October. This variety reaches up to 80 cm in height.


It captivates with its giant flower, the size of which reaches up to 20 cm in diameter. Crimson flower with red eye. Decorative green leaves. Flowering time from July to the end of October. The bush grows up to 120 cm.

Old Yella

This variety reaches a height of about 1 m. It forms a conical bush. The leaves are decorative, not lobed, green or green with a purple border. Phenomenal cream flowers. An additional decoration of large flowers is a dark small eye in the center, which contrasts perfectly with light petals. In addition, they are with dense, slightly wavy petals, strongly overlapping. At the peak of flowering, hibiscus is covered with many flowers, which can reach a diameter of 30 cm. It often blooms on side branches.

Smallpox King

It grows up to 120 cm. It captivates with its decorative flower, the diameter of which reaches up to 30 cm. The flower is in shades of pink and white with intense veins, also pink. The center is almost red. Petals slightly overlapping, wavy. This cultivar also features decorative copper-red lobed leaves similar to maple leaves. If there is too little light, they will turn green and only the veins will remain maroon. Young leaves are light green with an orange tinge. Flowering time is very long from July to the end of October.

Summer Storm

Grows up to 150 cm in height. When grown in pots, it reaches smaller sizes. The main decorative value of this variety are giant flowers up to 30 cm in diameter! Pink-white petals contrast with a bright raspberry eye. The veins on the petals are also crimson. Purple leaves; color is maintained throughout the growing season.

Pink Candy

Graceful hibiscus from the Carousel-series. This is a brand new variety! It is distinguished by an abundance of large flowers (15-18 cm) and deeply dissected dark purple leaves. The bush is fluffy. Flowers attract attention with their beauty. They are pink with a red eye. The variety is quite winter-hardy: up to -15 ° C. But for the winter it should be covered with straw or agrotextile.

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Such different herbaceous hibiscus.” 2019

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