The new partner of Florium is the Kapiteyn bulb brand

The Kapiteyn company is one of the most famous companies in the world, which grows and is engaged in packaging and sales of many bulb crops.

The Florium company became the official partner of Kapitein in Ukraine.

Now you can buy bulbs of the best quality and in incredibly beautiful packaging.

A large family company from Holland, which is a specialist in breeding new varieties, breeding and storing bulbs.

In addition, Kapitein is the exclusive supplier of bulbs for the Royal Family of the Netherlands.

Stages of Kapiteyn history

The glorious history of Kapitein is a total of 115 years.

In 1898, in the South of the Netherlands, in the city of Liss Lin Kapitein is appointed to the position of director of the onion company, which was founded by his friends.

During the years of work in this company, Lin gained experience in the field of storage, production, transportation and packaging of bulbs.

In 1920, Lin Kapitein was awarded the award of the Dutch Royal Horticultural Society for his contribution to the development of hybridization and cultivation of bulb crops. He shares his knowledge with his sons. K

in addition, he sends them to France to obtain a higher education, as well as to establish business relations.

In 1926, brothers Jan and Cornelis Kapiteyn registered the company Gebroeders Kapiteyn. With the participation of Lin’s father and Adrian’s brother, they set up bulb breeding on farms.

They place their production in the province of North Holland, in the small village of Brisand. The first permanent employees are hired, as before there were only seasonal employees. They liked working at the company so much that they stayed at work for tens of years.

At the first stages, Kapitein was engaged in breeding only tulips, but in the future, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs were included in the production process.

In 1937, the company created another bulb breeding farm.

In 1943-1944, Kapitein, in connection with a large food shortage, provided tulip bulbs for food to the population.

In 1953, representatives of the second generation of the family paid a working visit to the USA. After the visit, taking into account new knowledge and experience, they focused on optimizing production processes and financial management of the company.

In 1969, relations were established with companies selling and producing bulbs and perennials from Italy, Belgium, France, and the USA.

A new stage in the company’s history

During the stormy 80s, representatives of the third generation of the Kapitein family were able to establish the sale of bulbs throughout Europe.

Since 1992, Kapitein has been breeding new varieties and breeding calla tubers.

A few years later, the rather expensive production paid off, and unique varieties of this culture were presented to the whole world

Already in 1998, all Kapitein products received the ISO 9002 quality certificate.

Since the 2000s, the company has been managed by 4 generations in the family.

The principles of Kapitein’s work

At the moment, the company has several departments:

Kapiteyn breeding bv — breeds new varieties of bulbs, analyzes innovations in the field of hybridization;

Kapiteyn bv department — forms a brand strategy, develops elements of the appearance of printing, studies the most profitable sales markets.

Kapiteyn horticulture bv — deals directly with production, digging, drying and subsequent processing of products.

The breeding department is known for its feces. Calla varieties bred within the walls of the company form 8-10 buds from one tuber, instead of 3-4, as was the case with earlier varieties. They also gave the world completely new colors of flowers.

Also, thanks to the Kapitein company, varieties such as Milkshake and Dutch Design tulips appeared. In addition, Lilies Robina, Marlon, Evelyne and Indian Summerset.

When growing bulbs, the company carefully monitors lighting and watering every day, depending on weather conditions, adjusting their intensity.

This department grows:

  • Asian, oriental, OT, pot lilies;
  • Decorative, edged, border dahlias;
  • Large-flowered and corrugated gladiolus;
  • Terry and tubular daffodils;
  • Hyacinths;
  • All kinds of tulips

Also, after digging, all bulbs are carefully checked. After that, they are stored at a constant temperature until they are sent to the customer.

Kapiteyn bv department carries out logistics calculations, forms a price policy based on the situation in the industry.

Thanks to the work of the department, both large garden centers and small flower shops always receive their orders on time without delays.

Advantages of Kapitein products

Now there are a large number of companies that produce flower bulbs with different offers on price, terms of transportation. We offer you to buy Kapitein products due to the following advantages:

  • All tubers, seedlings, rhizomes and bulbs of elite quality;
  • Flexible, adequate delivery terms;
  • Excellent pricing policy;
  • Detailed and beautiful printing;
  • The products are ready for sale at a retail outlet — a garden center, a small garden store, a market;
  • Constant implementation of innovations in the production and processing of bulbs;
  • Products and packaging comply with environmental standards;
  • Impeccable brand history.

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Published: 26.12.2019

The new partner of Florium is the Kapiteyn bulb brand

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