What is remarkable about terry late tulips? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest

Forever beautiful double tulips give the garden a romantic look. They look great in group plantings, both outdoors and in containers. They are especially suitable for flower beds and borders. Also used for cutting and forcing. Terry late tulips are one of the most beautiful bulbous plants. They amaze the imagination not only with the shape of the flower, but also with the variety of their color. In addition, these plants are distinguished by the high quality of the flower.

Terry late tulips (Double Late Tulips) are the “oldest” class of tulips (Class 11). Other name: Peony tulips. Why peony? This is explained simply: the appearance of these tulips is similar to pion flowers. The first representatives of this class appeared in the 19th century. But, unfortunately, they have not survived to this day. The development of these tulips was the greatest event in the history of plants, as they surpassed all other classes of tulips. There are only about 200 varieties of tulips in the world that are registered as double late tulips. And every year new varieties are developed and appear on the market. And the most popular varieties, which are very much appreciated by flower growers, were bred in the middle of the last century.

The flowers of Terry late tulips are usually large (diameter up to 12 cm), densely double, cup-shaped. They are available in a wide range of often solid colors from white and pink, yellow, orange to red. Some varieties have a pattern (stripes, “flames”, etc.) of a contrasting color. Petals numerous, wide, rounded. Stems and leaves are green. The height of the peduncle is 40-60 cm. The flowers bloom in late spring (mid-late May) and bloom for 10-20 days. They don’t fade for a long time. The flowers are quite heavy, so these tulips must be tied to a support or planted closely together. A place for planting Terry late tulips is chosen well-lit with protection from strong winds.

Tulip Christo (Double Late Tulip ‘Christo’). A charming tulip in every way. He appeared in 2000. It has a densely double flower of a variegated color. The pink-purple color of the petals effectively contrasts with the white-green color. The flower consists of 18-20 petals. The size of the flower is 8-10 cm in diameter. At the peak of flowering, the flower is quite heavy, so sometimes it needs support. The peduncle reaches a height of 45-60 cm. The flowering period is May.

Let’s go to Brooklyn

Tulip Brooklyn (Double Late Tulip ‘Brooklyn’) was a complex hybridization. Its flower has a catchy appearance, and it is not at all like other double tulips. The flower in shape and color resembles a large spruce cone. Numerous petals of this tulip are arranged in layers (each subsequent layer rises above the previous one). Their color at the beginning of flowering is bright green, and later it becomes white, with green stripes and strokes. Plant height – 35-50 cm. Flowering period – the second half of May.

Tulip Double Crosby. (Double Late Tulip ‘Double Crosby’) catches the eye with its bright colors. The flowers are a seductive bright red, with green strokes and strokes. The flower is spectacular, densely double, consists of 18-20 petals. The height of the peduncle is 30-45 cm. The flowering period is the end of spring. This variety goes well with other pastel colored tulips. It can grow not only in a sunny place, but also in partial shade.

We gave Blue Diamond

Tulip Blue Diamond (Double Late Tulip ‘Blue Diamond’). Luxurious tulip for true connoisseurs of beauty! “Blue diamond” – this is how the name of the variety sounds in translation. It differs from other tulips in densely double flowers of purple-violet color with a white tint. Peduncles are strong, low, 30 to 50 cm high. Flowering time – May. It can grow not only in the sun, but also in partial shade. This variety goes well with other light-colored double tulips.

Tulip Up White (Double Late Tulip ‘Up White’). This noble tulip attracts everyone to itself! It has a large flower and dense double shape. Its color is pure white. The flower in its open form resembles an inflorescence not of a peony, but of a gardenia. The flower exudes a light pleasant aroma. This variety will look good with other tulips in contrasting colors. Blooms in the second half of May. The height of the plant is 35-45 cm, and the height of the glass itself is 7-8 cm. It grows both in a well-lit place and in partial shade.

Tulip Monte Peony (Double Late Tulip ‘Monte Peony’). Spectacular peony tulip, which is sure to please. Its flower is large, well filled, deep yellow with a slight greenish tint. It is very interesting to watch how a flower blooms: the petals gradually unfold, layer by layer, like frills of a skirt. Flowering time – more than 2 weeks. Plant height – 30-50 cm. Flowering period – May.

Tulip Up Pink (Double Late Tulip ‘Up Pink’). This late flowering variety is sure to please. It has a flower of noble shape and juicy color. Its petals are bright pink with red edges and white dots. The inner side of each petal is decorated in the center with a lighter stripe. The flower exudes a light fragrance. Plant height – 35-45 cm.

Tulipa Lilac Perfection

Tulip Lilac Perfection (Double Late Tulip ‘Lilac Perfection’). Firestarter! And not only the name, which translates as “Perfection”. The flower of this variety is densely double, cup-shaped, painted in a bright color. Petals are juicy, pink-purple. Flowering is long, especially in cool weather. Grows well in full sun and partial shade. The height of the peduncle is approximately 40 cm. The flowering period is late spring – early summer.

Other popular varieties: Tulip Monte Sweet, Tulip Normandie, Tulip Renown Unique, Tulip Maureen Double, Tulip Cartouche ®, Tulip Uncle Tom.

Published: 07.10.2014

What is remarkable about terry late tulips? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest

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