What kind of care does a hosta need? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest

Khosta: care and winter


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Host care

hosts – These are plants that are simply necessary for every garden. They impress with their large, spotted and ornamental leaves and interesting flowers! Success is guaranteed to all owners of this beautiful plant, with a minimum of simple, but very necessary

the tooth:

  1. Young, purchased plants land outdoors only after the threat of late frost has passed (ideally – in early June). Plant in loose soil filled with organic matter. Landing don’t deepen root collar. Landing place penumbra, shade. So, as from direct sunlight, the leaves lose their decorative effect (with the exception of some varieties);
  2. Timely waterso that the soil does not dry out. Make sure that water does not get on the leaves (especially when it is sunny – the leaves will get burned). soil if possible mulchthis will prevent premature evaporation of moisture.
  3. Miniature and dwarf varieties mulch with care so as not to bury the soil level around the plants, as in spring the plants can suffocate;
  4. Division and transplant spend the host in the spring, in the stage of unfolded leaves – this will save the plants from losing leaf mass, and from excessive evaporation of moisture. miniature varieties dig and divide by carefully cutting the divisions with a sharp knife.

How the hosta hibernates

Hosta is hardy plant, many gardeners believe that it is not necessary to somehow prepare the plant for wintering. But if you live in the northern region, your winters are very cold, then you definitely need to protect your plant. In autumn, when your hosts fadednecessarily cut the stem, otherwise the plant will begin to spend all its energy on the formation of seeds. Plant can be processed fungicides. Most main condition before the winter period – be sure to mulch the soil! For mulching soil suitable peat, humus, sawdust, even grass and leaves. Thus, you will save the plant from extreme cold and at the same time feed him in the spring. Above you can cover the host with different branches. If in your garden or in the garden appeared get off, then it is best to trim the hosta leaves for the winter. You will protect plants from these unpleasant pests. Now you can calmly wait for spring, and your host will surely please you with its beauty in the new season!

Published: 07.10.2016

What kind of care does a hosta need? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest

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