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Pansies, viola, Vitrocca violet, all these names belong to the same flower. Bright and compact violets are very popular in landscape design. They are planted in flower beds, used as a groundcover. pansy flowers grow well in stone vases, hanging baskets, balcony boxes.

Pansies – a perennial plant, cultivated as a biennial. Strongly branched, bushes semi spreading and compact. plant height from 15 to 40 cm.

Flowers are largeup to 7 cm in diameter, solitary. flower coloring very bright and varied. They are single color and multicolor. White, blue, yellow, purple, blue, red, orange, brown and almost black. Bloom begins in early spring and continues until autumn.

Planting and caring for pansies

How to care for pansies (violets)? violets bloom profusely in open sunny places. They can also grow in partial shade, but the abundance of flowering decreases, the stems stretch, and the flowers fade. Prefers fertile, loose, loamy soil.

pansies care. Caring for flowers is not difficult, choose a good place for them, water them, feed them. Pay special attention watering. Here you need to find the “golden mean”.

From an excess of moisture, the plants get wet and perish; from a lack of moisture, the flowers become smaller, or even flowering stops altogether.

Considering such needs, do not plant plants in lowlands where water stagnates. Water in summerespecially in the heat.

Flowers responsive to top dressing. Root top dressing is carried out with complex mineral fertilizers containing potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus.

First feeding spend in early spring, before budding begins. secondduring mass flowering.

How do pansies (violets) reproduce? Propagated by seeds and green cuttings. seed propagation spend in late June early July.

Pansies landing. style=”font-weight: 400″>Seeds sow on a seed bed or in seedling boxes. In phase 2 – 3 true leaves, dive seedlings. In late August – early September, plant the seedlings that have grown stronger in the garden in a permanent place. Distance between plants – 20 – 25 cm.

In the first year plants

increase the vegetative mass, and flowering begins on second year life.

Planting in October mulch style=”font-weight: 400″> layer of dry humus or peat. reproduction cuttings, allows you to get a lot of planting material in one year.

For cuttings, all apical shoots that have 2-3 nodes are suitable. In May – June, from an adult plant, cut off several runs. Plant the cuttings in open ground, in a shady place, in loose, moist soil.

plant cuttings tightly, to each other. For better rooting, cover them with covering material (agrofibre). After 3-4 weeks, the cuttings form roots.

After rooting seat them to the garden. Cuttings in May – June plants will bloom in late summer. If the cuttings are carried out later, then plants will bloom already in the spring, next year, for the winter, young plants

hide peat or dry humus.

Pansy flowers photo

Published: 08.11.2016

Why plant pansies? – planting, care, photos, how to grow and harvest

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