When and how to fertilize the olive trees? The best tips

Olive trees are evergreen fruit trees that are used to growing on rather poor soils; However, when they are grown with the intention of producing a remarkable amount of fruit, either because the family loves them or because we intend to dedicate ourselves to the production and sale of olives, it is interesting to think […]

What is the gynoecium of a flower?

Flowers have evolved to be pollinated and therefore to produce seeds for a new generation of plants. Each of its parts does its best to achieve that goal, and one of the most important is the gynoecium. The gynoecium, or also called the pistil, We can see it in the flowers of angiosperm plants; that […]

What is the rhizome? Characteristics and types

Have you heard of rhizomatous plants? These are a very special type of plant life: their root system has the quality of being able to continue feeding them even at the worst times of the year. And all thanks to the rhizome. Let’s see what is the rhizome, the types there are and how they […]

Deforestation: characteristics, causes and consequences

Although this is a gardening blog we are concerned about the deforestation Worldwide. It is a direct consequence of human activities that devastate the forests and jungles of our planet in a massive way. We know that the damage caused by the disappearance of the forest mass can be enormous on a local, regional and […]

Solar Shower Buying Guide | Gardening On

A solar shower has many advantages over normal showers. The main one, and the one that many opt for, is being able to enjoy hot water even when you are not at home. But How to choose a solar shower? Which are the best on the market? What should you pay attention to? If you […]

How to plant a cherry tree from a branch: the best tips

A cherry tree’s growth speed can be increased by growing it from a branch. many people wonder how to plant a cherry tree from a branch so that you can succeed in growing faster. To do this, we must take into account some fundamental aspects that we are going to tell you here. For this […]

Symptoms and treatment of iron deficiency in plants

Plants need nutrients in order to grow. When the roots cannot have any of them, they will immediately begin to show symptoms of that lack. One of the most common problems they have, especially those that are acidophilic, is iron deficiency. This lack is noticed very quickly, making our beloved plants not look sad and […]

+14 plants that can be sown in winter in the garden and / or in pots

With the arrival of winter, many of us might think that nothing can be sown until spring returns, which would be a most rational thought considering that in many places the temperatures drop below 0 degrees, and that even significant frosts and snowfalls occur. However, in temperate and / or mild climates, you can always […]

How to straighten a leaning tree. Tips and Tricks

The vast majority of trees need a minimum of two years for their root system to develop enough so that they can be more or less safe on days when the wind blows with a certain intensity, and even longer to withstand the onslaught of intense storms. or hurricanes. If during that period they do […]

What is hemlock? | Gardening On

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Nicolas Ramirez Hemlock is one of the most dangerous plants that exist for humans. So much so that due to its poison for a long time it was used to assassinate governors and other equally classic characters, such as Socrates. Although it belongs to the apiaceae family, and therefore shares […]

Is iron oxide useful for plants? How to use it

Plants are living beings that need a series of nutrients to be able to carry out their functions normally. Some of them need them in greater amounts than others, but they are all very important, including iron, which is considered a micronutrient. When they are missing, their leaves quickly turn yellow, then turn brown and […]

Geotropism: what it is and examples

Do you know what geotropism is? This is a reaction of plants that makes them grow and develop as they do; that is, generally with the roots down and the stem up. It is also called gravitropism, since gravity exerts a great influence on plants (and in reality on everything: living beings, inanimate objects, … […]

Care, uses and much more of absinthe

Image – Wikimedia Commons / MichaelSt He wormwood It is a herbaceous plant that has been used medicinally for a long, long time. During the time of Ancient Egypt, its medicinal properties were already known, knowledge that the Greeks collected and that they would later transmit to the rest of Europe. In addition, it is […]

Top and underside characteristics | Gardening On

The leaves have two distinct parts: the top and bottom. Although we call them that, they are really what make up the foliage of plants. There can be no back without beam, nor vice versa When one part is damaged, in the other it will be possible to see some symptoms as well. For this […]

Why is my mango tree not bearing fruit?

Mango is one of the most popular and loved tropical fruit trees. It produces large fruits, so much so that they can be served as a dinner, and delicious. Precisely because of this when you have one and you don’t see it bear fruit, it is not uncommon to worry. »Why is my mango tree […]

How to choose a garden dining room

Enjoying a meal in the garden is one of the most beautiful experiences that can be had in that outdoor space. And the best thing is that sharing those moments with your family and / or friends, surrounded by plants, is something that can be done very easily if you choose the right furniture, such […]

Carlos Linneo: Biography, Species plantarum and classification system

There are many branches of science that exist today. One of the oldest and most important medicinally is botany. Many people have become famous through new discoveries related to plants. One of them was Carlos Linnaeus, a Swedish naturalist who he is known today as the father of modern botany. There are many investigations carried […]

Why are there mosquitoes on plants? Causes and solutions

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects in … well, in the world. It’s really uncomfortable being outside, enjoying the outdoors, and having to go back inside so you don’t get bitten. Although there are repellants that can be used, they are not always as effective as the packaging says. But even more unpleasant […]

Citrus pests: types, symptoms and treatment

The plants known as citrus are those that have characteristics that are very easy to remember, namely: the flowers are small, white and give off a very pleasant sweet aroma known as orange blossom; and some fruits that are actually fruits as they are for food use with a rounded shape, and with an often […]

Guava Care Guide | Gardening On

The guava or guava is a tropical tree that can be had both in the garden and in a pot. It does not usually grow very large, and even then it can be pruned in late winter to control its growth and development, so it looks great anywhere . It is not very demanding, although […]

Tobacco Mosaic Virus: Meet a Major Viral Disease

The tobacco mosaic virus is a viral disease that attacks tobacco plantsas well as in other solanaceous species, weakening them many although not to the point of killing them. This is evident when the leaves appear elongated, folded and wrinkled. Characteristics of the tobacco mosaic virus One of the transmitters of this virus is the […]

Brassica nigra: main characteristics, cultivation and harvesting

There is a group of fairly heterogeneous plant species found within the Brassicaceae family. This family is home to no more and no less than 3.709 species. Among these species there are many varieties with unique characteristics and that have different courses. In this article we are going to dedicate ourselves exclusively to talking about […]

What is the life cycle of plants like?

Plants are living beings. Although it is a no-brainer for many, how they live on a different timescale than ours is sometimes overlooked. Throughout their lives they do everything they can to, first germinate, and then grow, mature and then leave offspring. So I think it is very interesting to know the life cycle of […]

Discover the lemon pear: A fruit with great uses and benefits

The lemon pear is a fruit whose varieties make it possible to eat them in any season of the year, he is also known as “doctor jules guyot” and belong to the genus Pyrus which is composed of about 30 species of higher plants. Features Although there are variants, this is characterized by its strong […]

Calamondin, a miniature orange tree

Image – Wikimedia / high limitzz Would you like to have an orange tree but you don’t have enough space? Don’t worry: we have the solution. Get a Calamondin. This is a fruit tree that can be kept in a pot throughout its life, since it does not usually exceed 2m and does not need […]

Why does my plant have black spots on the leaves?

Image – Flickr / Agronomic Planet Archives Does your plant have black spots on the leaves and you don’t know why? Don’t worry: we are going to tell you what the possible causes are and what you can do to make it look healthy again. If it is not treated, the plant simply cannot move […]

Different defense mechanisms of plants

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Frank Vincentz Plants, thanks to their incredible and highly developed defense mechanisms, have managed to earn the role of rulers of planet Earth. They are silent, they are apparently immobile, but if it weren’t for them the different forms of life that we know today would not exist. We humans […]

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