10 flowering vines to beautify your home

White dipladenias are climbers

Image – Flickr/Stefano

Flowering vines are wonderful plants. They allow you to cover a space that you had abandoned giving it a new life, a new, more cheerful color. They are our best choice when we want to enjoy a very special garden, where plants attract their pollinators by offering them nectar or honey.

But we can also have an incredible home with them, since there are many species that adapt well to living indoors. Next we will show you 7 flowering vinesboth so that you can have a dream garden, and for a house or apartment that will seem taken from a story.

Bignonia roja

Campsis radicans is a fast growing plant.

Campsis radicans is a fast growing plant.

The red bignonia, or Campsis radicansis a fast-growing deciduous climbing shrub that produces bell-shaped red flowers in spring. It is a very interesting option to cover walls, although if you prune it with a certain frequency -every year- you can use it for lattices as well. It resists frost without problems, but not drought. Therefore, it will be necessary that you water it especially during the summer.


The bougainvillea can be in a window box

The bougainvillea can be in a window box

The bougainvillea, whose botanical genus is Bouganvillea, is a semi-deciduous or deciduous plant depending on the very peculiar climate. Its flowers are actually very small, white-yellow in color, but its bracts are very decorative, and can be pink, red, orange or white. It grows in semi-shade or in full sun, and resists temperatures up to -4ºC.

climbing hydrangea

The climbing hydrangea is a plantThe climbing hydrangea is a plant

Image – Wikimedia Commons/A. Barra

The climbing hydrangea, whose scientific name is Hydrangea petiolaris, It is one of the cold-resistant climbing plants with flowers that we most recommend. It is deciduous, green in spring and summer, and acrid in autumn before falling to the ground. In spring it blooms, producing white flowers. Also, you have to know that by developing suction cups, you do not need support to climb. Resistant up to -10ºC.


Jasmine is a plant with white flowers.Jasmine is a plant with white flowers.

Image – Flickr/Bri Weldon

Jasmine, or Jasminum, is one of the most popular flowering vines. Its white flowers give off an aroma that, once you feel it, you will not forget it.. It is evergreen and you should know that he likes warm weather, with very mild and punctual frosts, where it can be located in an area protected from direct sun. But it adapts very well to living indoors, where it will prefer to be in a room that gets a lot of light.


Dipladenia is a perennial vine

Dipladenia is a perennial vine

This beautiful plant is one of the few vines that you can keep in a pot for its entire life. the mandevilla It is a fast-growing perennial climbing plant whose trumpet-shaped flowers can be pink, white or red.. It is very sensitive to cold, so if you live in an area where the temperature drops below -1ºC, you should protect it indoors… or always have it there, as an indoor creeper plant.

winter bignonia

Pyrostegia venusta is a plant with orange flowers.Pyrostegia venusta is a plant with orange flowers.

Image – Wikimedia/Ephotoworld

Winter Bignonia, whose scientific name is Charming pyrostegia, It is an evergreen vine that does not flower in spring like most plants, but does so in the cooler months.. It grows in both full sun and semi-shade. The only negative is that it is very sensitive to frost, but this has an easy solution: it is grown indoors and is used to show off a home.

climbing rose

There are perennial climbers that grow fast

There are perennial climbers that grow fast

The climbing rose is a vine that, depending on the cultivar, It can bloom in spring, or also in summer. These types of plants are splendid for covering latticework or even arches, since they are not very vigorous. In addition, they tolerate pruning very well, in fact, it is necessary to prune them so that they flower every year. They also withstand frost.

Solandra maxima

Solandra maxima has flowersSolandra maxima has flowers

Imagen – Flickr/gailhampshire

The Solandra maxima it is a perennial vine that grows very fast in hot climates. The flowers are very large, up to 20cm, of a beautiful yellow color. And, in addition, it is very adaptable, being able to grow in all types of soils. Frost resistant up to -3ºC.

Trachelospermum jasminoides

The Trachelospermum jasminioides is a winter garden plant that produces white flowersThe Trachelospermum jasminioides is a winter garden plant that produces white flowers

Imagen – Flickr/Cyril Nelson

The False Jasmine, whose scientific name is Trachelospermum jasminoidesis a perennial climber that is very reminiscent of true jasmine, but unlike it, it resists cold and frost well, withstanding minimum temperatures of -10ºC. Its flowers are small, but they sprout in such numbers and are so aromatic that they make this plant more and more popular. in the gardens.


Wisteria is a very rustic climber

Wisteria is a very rustic climber

And we end with the no less interesting Wisteria. This deciduous climbing plant has a life expectancy of 100 years, and produces so many lilac or white flowers that it is really wonderful, since they are also aromatic. It is very rustic, withstanding frosts up to -10ºCbut for it to grow well, it is essential that the climate be temperate-cold, since temperatures of more than 30ºC do not suit it too well.

Do you know of other flowering vines? What do you think of the ones we have shown you in this article?

10 flowering vines to beautify your home

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