How to eliminate the whitefly of marijuana?

The whitefly is a major pest

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The white fly is a pest that affects many plants, including a wide variety of herbaceous species such as the Cannabis sativa or marijuana. It is not that it is a particularly dangerous insect, but it can weaken them a lot, since it feeds on the sap of the leaves and, in addition, it multiplies quickly.

Therefore, it is important to know how to get rid of marijuana whitefly if you grow any, since it is a pest that, if not controlled, can end up damaging all the plants in the same corner.

What are the symptoms or damage caused by the whitefly in marijuana?

Whitefly is a common plant pest.The whitefly is a common pest of plants.

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The white fly is an insect that is seen more in summeras this is when temperatures are high enough for it to grow and multiply. Now, it is worth keeping a watchful eye also in spring, and even in autumn if we live in an area where the climate is mild or warm, as it would not be surprising to see some in our plants. marihuana.

But What are the symptoms and/or damage caused by this pest? Basically the following:

  • Discolored spots on the underside of the leaves, near the veins
  • molasses on the leaves
  • Leaves turn yellow and dry
  • General weakening of the plant
  • In severe cases, appearance of the black fungus, which covers the leaves with black mold

How to kill the whitefly marijuana crops?

Whitefly is a pest that affects plantsThe whitefly is a pest that affects plants

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Home remedies against whitefly

La White fly it can quickly become a plague, so as soon as we detect the first symptoms we have to act so that it does not go any further. But depending on whether we grow it inside or outside the house, we will have to take some measures or others.

This is so because when it is outdoors, it is more urgent to control it since, as we said before, it can end up affecting the rest of the crops. If you have it inside the house, it is also very important to stop the progress of the pest, but this is a simpler task.

What to do if grown indoors?

The first thing to do is place yellow sticky traps what can you buy here!. When a whitefly enters the house, it will go towards it and it will no longer be able to detach itself, which is why it is a very effective remedy. But if we have a plant with whitefly, we must also apply some treatment. The question is, which one?

There are chemical insecticides on the market, which work very well when the plague is very advanced, and other ecological ones that are useful both to prevent and when we begin to see some whitefly specimens. Therefore, Depending on the state of the pest and the plant, we recommend using a multipurpose spray insecticide and ready to use as this, or neem oil also in spray that you have here!.

What to do if it is grown outdoors?

If you have whitefly on your patio or balcony, you have to take measures so that the situation of your plants does not get worse. But those measurements will also vary depending on whether you’ve seen just a few flies or if you already have some weed that’s fading fast.

In the first case, it will be enough to place some yellow sticky traps, and if you want, apply an ecological insecticide to them like neem oil (which you can buy here!). But in the second, it will be convenient to apply a polyvalent insecticide that eliminates the whitefly, such as this that is ready to use.

Also, if it is in a pot It will not hurt to move it away from the rest of the plants; in this way the risk of the pest causing damage to them is also reduced.

How to prevent marijuana from having whiteflies?

Marijuana can have whitefly

Marijuana can have whitefly

Although it cannot be avoided 100%, there are a series of measures that can be taken so that the whitefly does not want to feed on the sap of our plants so much. They are the following:

Don’t let me go thirsty

Dehydration is a problem for all living beings, also for plants. Because, it is important to ensure that the soil does not remain dry for too long. Use a soil moisture meter as this in case you have doubts about when to water, and when it is due, pour water until it comes out of the holes in the pot.

Fertilize it, but use the right fertilizers

Use specific fertilizers for marijuana plants and follow the instructions on the package. Thus, you are going to get it to grow healthy and strong, something essential to prevent the whitefly from damaging them. For example, this It’s for growth this for flowering, and the latter for bud maturation. The way of use is simple: you just have to dilute a small amount of fertilizer in 1 or 2 liters of water, and water.

Use new substrates

When ‘old’ substrates are used, there is a risk that a plant will end up sick, since in that soil there may be spores of pathogenic fungi, larvae, and even pest eggs. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy a new substratesuch as this of Weedness, every time you go to plant a plant, regardless of whether it is marijuana or another.

We hope it has been useful to you.

How to eliminate the whitefly of marijuana?

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