How to decorate the garden at Christmas?

You can decorate your garden with Christmas elements

When December arrives, the atmosphere changes: the streets of the cities and towns are illuminated with Christmas lights, the managers dress the trees and the lanterns with garlands and people begin, again, to meet those loved ones who have not seen since some time ago. Why not experience Christmas from the garden too?

Just by decorating the garden at Christmas with some objects we will make it look very differentmuch more in keeping with the dates we are in.

Plant Christmas Plants

There are a few plants that are considered Christmas, mainly because their flowering usually coincides with Christmas, although this is not always the case. In fact, there are some that bloom in spring, but nevertheless it is used a lot to decorate gardens and even homes in December and January.

Which are? The following:

Fir (Abies)

El fir tree is a conifer type tree that can reach impressive heights: 30 meters or more. Its growth is very slow, but it is a plant that beautifies the garden from a young age. Because of its often pyramidal shape, like that of the Abies albais often used as a Christmas tree.

If you want to have one, you have to plant it outside, in a sunny area. In addition, it must be at least 10 meters away from where there are pipes. It resists very well frosts down to -18ºC.

Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera)

The Christmas cactus is a hanging plant that grows at a good rate

The Christmas cactus is a hanging plant that grows at a good rate

El christmas cactus It is a plant also known as Santa Teresita, and it is an epiphytic plant that is widely used as a pendant. It has no thorns, but it does produces very pretty flowers in winterpink, white or orange.

Its maintenance happens by having it in semi-shadowon a light soil that drains water very well, and protected from frost.

Poinsettia (The most beautiful Euphorbia)

The poinsettia is a bush

The poinsettia is a shrub

The poinsettia or poinsettia It is a deciduous or evergreen shrub or tree that reaches a height of up to 4 meters. Its leaves are green, but when it blooms it produces bracts – modified leaves – of red or yellowish color.

In a garden it is very interesting, since can be placed in sunny or semi-shady areas. As if that were not enough, it resists the cold, although that yes: the frosts harm it.

Common spruce (Picea abies)

View of young Picea abies in a gardenView of young Picea abies in a garden

Image – Wikimedia / Aleksandrs Balodis

La common spruce it is an evergreen conifer that is often called spruce, but that actually has nothing to do with the Abies. Like fir trees it tends to have a pyramidal shape, and also it can reach astonishing heights, up to 70 meters.

Its growth is very slow, but its resistance to cold is very interesting: withstands up to -20ºC. The only drawback is that it is not a plant that can live in warm places. In Spain it has managed to become naturalized in the Pyrenees, but in the Mediterranean, for example, it has a hard time in summer due to the high temperatures (+ 35ºC).

Illuminate your garden with Christmas lights

Christmas is a party. It is joy, fun, reunion. What better way to enjoy it than to come home and enjoy a lighted garden. Today you can find garlands of LED lights to place outsidefor example on a lattice or on a pergola, you can even put it on the facade of your home!

Here you have a choice:

Gritin Garland Lights...Gritin Garland Lights...

Gritin Garland Lights…

  • 15M and 150 LEDs: The total length of this string light is 15M, which can be easily connected to a power source and shaped as you like. This lamp has 150 super bright LEDs, and its density is higher than other string lights.
  • 8 Modes & Adjustable Brightness: These fairy lights have 8 modes that you can choose freely by remote control. At the same time, on the remote control there are buttons to increase and decrease the brightness, which allows you to create the desired atmosphere at will.
  • Safe and Durable: This string light uses two high-quality copper wires to connect, and the operating voltage of the power supply is very low, only 3.75-5V, which is very suitable for use in public places.


CRAVING Christmas Lights...CRAVING Christmas Lights...

CRAVING Christmas Lights…

  • CURTAIN LIGHTS – A set of 304 warm white, mains powered, LED Christmas curtain lights.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Fairy lights with 3m illuminated length, 3m width with 500cm cable 16 strings in total with 19 LEDs per string
  • 8 MODE FEATURES: The multifunctional LED string lights come with 1. Combination 2. In waves 3. Sequential 4. Slow glow 5. Following/Flash 6. Slow fade 7. Twinkle/Flash 8. Steady modes including a setting static.

Hezbjiti 500 LED...Hezbjiti 500 LED...

Hezbjiti 500 LED…

  • 【9 Modes】: Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chase/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash and Steady on for Christmas decorations and festival decorations. You can change the mode depending on your mood or different places.
  • 【Less Energy Cost】 – The 60m LED string lights have passed a series of international and strict tests and also obtained relevant certificates, ensuring safer use and lower energy cost than traditional led Christmas lights.
  • 【Dimension】 – The indoor Christmas color changing light set covers a length of 60m, there are 500 leds which are 0.39ft/0.12m apart. And it has a 9.84ft/3m lead between the plug and the first color changing led lights.


BrizLabs Tree Lights...BrizLabs Tree Lights...

BrizLabs Tree Lights…

  • 【11 Modes & Color Changes】20M 200 LED Enhanced Warm White Dimmable Fairy Lights differ from other lights with only one fixed color. 11 modes are available for all occasions: 11-mode cycle, continuous warm light, continuous color light, 30% warm + 70% continuous color light, 70% warm + 30% continuous color light, warm and colorful, sequential warm and colorful, warm slo Glo, Slo Glo Colors, Warm & Flash Colors, Warm & In Wave Colors.
  • 【Multifunctional Timer】 3 timer buttons “6H” “8H” “6639” on the remote control. Set “6H” to “8H”, the Christmas lights will automatically turn on for 6/8 hours and off for 18/16 hours per day. Set “6639”, the outdoor light strings stay on for 6 hours/6 hours off, 3 hours on/9 hours off, then the timer repeats automatically. Press “Timer OFF”, the function is cancelled.
  • 【Dimmable & Energy Saving】 100%-75%-50%-25% 4 levels of dimmable brightness, choose warm white for a calm and cozy moment, multicolor for a happy moment. 30.000 hours of service life, long life and energy saving. 31V power supply, low power consumption and environmentally friendly. Note: Please remove the insulating film before use.

TOPYIYI Garland Lights...TOPYIYI Garland Lights...

TOPYIYI Garland Lights…

  • 【Upgraded led lights】 TOPYIYI copper cables are thin but strong, IP 65 waterproof and insulated. It does not overheat, it keeps the lights at a low temperature so that they are safe to touch after many hours of use, perfect for families with children and pets. Flexible cords can be easily bent and shaped around plants, signs, furniture, and just about anything else.
  • 【USB String powered led room lights】 The USB connection instead of a normal adapter gives you much more possibilities. These USB fairy lights can fit various devices, such as power bank, USB plug charger, laptop, wall charger, etc., instead of battery operated lights, no need to spend money to change batteries.
  • 【Warm white and colorful led lights】: There are 11 lighting modes to choose from: Combination, warm white set on, warm white flash, warm white fade, colorful set on, colorful flash, colorful fade, alternate flash, alternate fade, jump alternative, alternative brightness. These colored lights can create a romantic lighting effect, meet various needs, and provide wonderful visual pleasure.

Includes Christmas decorations

Christmas figures look great in a garden

Christmas figures look great in a garden

We have talked about living plants and lights, but If you want your garden to look very Christmas, you can not miss things such as pots or buckets with Christmas designsa snowman made from plastic cups, or mistletoe placed on the door.

Also, a great idea is to decorate the trees and palm trees – especially the larger ones – with Christmas ribbons. Of course, it is not about wrapping their logs as if they were gifts: think that if you do it, fungi and bacteria will proliferate and cause problems. It is better to put only one or two, without covering the whole trunk, only part.

Outdoor Christmas figures that will brighten up the garden

Include Christmas gnomes in your garden

Include Christmas gnomes in your garden

A Santa Claus hanging by the window, a snowman with LED lighting in the entrance of the house, or a few gnomes placed among the plants of for example a garden path. Too It can be very interesting to put Christmas lanternssimilar to the Japanese ones but with Christmas decorations, like these that they sell here!.

In addition, you must not forget to put some stars, made by hand with wood or plastic, or bought. Thus, your garden will look much more beautiful. For example, are you from here! They include LED lights and are ideal for decorating both the exterior and the interior.

Reuse whenever you can

It is very important that you try to use the products for a long time, whenever possible. For it, it is necessary to acquire those that are of quality, and also give them proper use. In this way, you will not have to buy every year.

Merry Christmas.

How to decorate the garden at Christmas?

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