The best Valentine’s gifts for plant lovers

Valentine's day gardening lovers

Valentine’s is just around the corner and if you still don’t know what to get that special someone, but you do know that they love gardening, how about we give you some gift ideas for plant lovers for Valentine’s?

Well said and done! From our experience (and from what we would like to be given), here are some ‘green’ gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

hosta decorative plant

We start with this option. Visually, from the image, it is very beautiful, although we already warned you that it is even more so in person.

Now, you should know that in this case you are not going to have the plant, but the bulbs that will become that plant. But in reality it can be a nice gift if you see it this way: you give it away for Christmas and you both plant it together and take care of it, because, like your affection and love, you have to take care of it. And when it blooms, it will give you both joy to know that something you have done (because you have planted and cared for it) has turned out like this.

Set de Dimorphoteca DECOALIVE

On Valentine’s Day one of the traditions is to give flowers and chocolates. Well, we leave the chocolates up to you, but as for flowers, if you don’t like roses, these can be just as beautiful or even more.

You will have a pack of two flowering plants in assorted colors. And yes, they look like daisies, but they are not. Even so, they are just as beautiful and that’s how you always give the same flowers, don’t you think?

Mini Madagascar Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is one of the most beautiful plants there is. And if you already like the aroma of its flowers, all the better.

On this occasion, it is a small pot, since they tell us that the diameter is 10 cm. But that way it won’t take up much space. It can be placed on the terrace, balcony or in a very bright area and since it is a climber it will surely catch on and grow. Plus, it’s easy to care for.

Hoya Kerrii or Heart Plant

This is one of the most successful plants since it became “famous”. It’s a hoya (and they’re easy to care for). But the most characteristic thing is that the leaf is heart-shaped.

Now, it’s difficult to get it off the ground and, from one leaf, it gives you a real plant, but if you keep an eye on it there shouldn’t be any problem.

Of course, the pot is 5 centimeters, so it will not be very big.

Then you have other hoyas kerrii that are variegated (instead of being all green, it’s green, white, and yellow). They are more expensive but it is somewhat more showy (and also more complicated to care for).

Rose Beauty and the Beast with Led Lights

This time it is not a real rose, but an eternal one (that means that it will stay that way forever). Also, it comes in a glass dome where it has some fallen petals. In fact, if you like Beauty and the Beast, it gives it an air (it’s not two roses, but it looks very pretty like that).

It is made of silk and wood and when carrying lights it is very decorative. A nice detail that you will surely love.

Mini Vintage Urban Vegetable Garden

We continue with other Valentine’s gifts for gardening lovers. And in this case, we suggest you give away a mini garden to be able to harvest tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce and radishes. Or what you want. In principle it comes with everything (and we already warned you that they tend to grow very, very quickly, so it’s just a matter of getting to it.

Natural Orchid Phalaenopsis Pink

Orchids have become one of the flowers that rivals roses. In this case we have found this one, 75cm and with 3-4 sizes at a fairly good price, and that is why we recommend it. First, because of the beautiful color it has, and second, because it’s quite big and that makes it look even better.

Of course, the planter is not included but nothing that you cannot remedy by buying one.

Bonsai Malus Natural Plant

If your loved one or loved one likes bonsai, we have looked for one that is not usually the norm among those you find in stores. In this case it is an apple tree bonsai.

In the photo it appears with a flower and with apples, but by the time we are here, it may not come to you like that. It will flower, of course, and put out leaves. And in the end it will take out some very small manzanitas. You will surely end up liking the detail, especially since the flowers are beautiful and when the fruits come out it will be quite a spectacle.

MOSFiATA Bonsai Kit, 13 Pieces Tools

Related to the above, how about some tools to care for bonsai? Actually, you can use these for other plants, but if you look at the scissors they are focused on bonsai.

You can give him a complete set as a gift so he can continue enjoying his passion by remembering you every time he uses the kit.

GOLUMUP Hydroponic Growing System

This machine will be an incentive for fans of gardening to get down to work and not have another plant die. It has a 3.5 liter water tank and an automatic circulation system. You can grow up to 12 plants at the same time and it has 4 preset modes with light. This can be raised more or less (from 20 to 50cm) to adapt it to the plants.

The only thing that brings you neither seeds nor plants. But we don’t think it’s a problem, right?

Grow your own bonsai

If that special someone really likes bonsai, isn’t there a saying that you have to plant a tree in life? Well, with this you can plant it together and taking very, very good care of it will thrive and, over the years, it will become a beautiful bonsai.

Of course, like love in a couple, you have to take good care of it so that nothing happens to it.

Garden Pocket – Sunflower Grow Kit

We finish with this kit to grow your own sunflower. It comes with 2 pots with a dome, an envelope with seeds, a germination guide, 2 substrate tablets and a larger pot also with a dome.

From the same brand you have more varieties such as orange, sensitive plants, chocolate plant… You just have to choose the one you like best (and there are, of course).

Can you think of more Valentine’s gifts for a gardening fan? What would you like to be given to you?

The best Valentine’s gifts for plant lovers

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