Tips to have a rabbit without your garden suffering

pet rabbit in the garden

If you are an animal lover and do not want to have the classic dog or cat, you may want to have a pet rabbit. However, if you have a garden, it is very normal to be afraid that the rabbit will destroy everything. These animals are very curious and they love to explore the whole environment around them. This is the reason why you have to take some special care so that a rabbit does not end up with the plants you have in the garden.

In this article we are going to tell you the best tips so that a pet rabbit does not destroy the garden.

Main care of the rabbit

pet rabbit

pet rabbit

You have to think that although we start the rabbit may be wandering around the garden, it will not be its main habitable area. The cage is your area where you will live, although it will not always be in it. The cage should be as big as possible so that you don’t feel oppressed without being able to move. Inside the cage we will place the drinker and the feeder. We can also use hay to make a bed or house where you feel more protected. As for the space for him to exercise, we can leave him to investigate the garden, spending special care with the plantations.

You have to try to educate him to always relieve himself in the same part of the cage. This will make the cleaning task easier for us. This we can do rewarding him every time he relieves himself in the specific place giving him a treat or gently stroking him. We must know that the pet rabbit cannot live in the garden forever. And it is that temperature is an important variable to take into account. They are animals quite sensitive to both cold and heat. Therefore, it is recommended that the cage be in places where it can be sheltered and there are no drafts. Both the impact of rain, humidity and the sun can make your rabbit have a very bad time. You have to guarantee them a place out of the danger of temperature contrasts.

Pet rabbit in garden

rabbits in the garden

rabbits in the garden

It must be borne in mind that with the tone it ceases to be a prey for some predators. Although it is inside the cage if we have it outdoors there will be some animals that can sneak into our garden and have a hunting instinct. For instance, cats tend to have a fairly keen hunting instinct And it can be the norm of an upset if we choose to keep our pet rabbit in an unsupervised garden. Especially at night it is the most dangerous time.

As we know, rabbits are very curious and this means that we have to conscientiously fence a large part of the garden or outdoor space where we are. If what we want is that it can roam and play around this place freely, it is better to protect the animal. On the other hand, it is essential to think that many of the plants we have in our garden can be poisonous to this animal. For instance, hyacinth, aloe vera and oleander are some of the plants that our gardens are frequently found and that can be a serious problem. Not for them. Let’s not forget that rabbits are herbivores and will go in search of plants.

It is recommended that if we have a dead person, we value it. Rabbits are great thieves of those rich vegetables that we are growing and can spoil the entire garden. If we want to make our harvest successful and at the same time have the rabbit in our garden, it is advisable to protect these crops.

There is an important point before taking your pet rabbit outside. And it is that you must be up to date with all your vaccinations. If we want them to go abroad and said exits are not harmful, they will have to be vaccinated regularly against diseases such as hemorrhagic fever and myxomatosis which occurs frequently in rabbits. Both diseases are fatal to rabbits and are viral in nature. Fact that they can be easily avoided by having an annual vaccination and guaranteeing its renewal.

Ways to keep your pet rabbit outdoors

cages in the garden

cages in the garden

Let’s see what are the main ways to have a pet rabbit outdoors. Let’s see what are the two main scenarios that we can observe:

Have the rabbit in the garden

This is the one we have mentioned above but we are going to detail it a bit more. In order to have a rabbit outside, you just have to take some precautions as we have mentioned. Have a specific space for them. The room for rabbits must have some special characteristics. They must respond to the needs of the animal and ensure its safety. The wooden house is essential for your safety and to protect yourself from environmental adversities. However, if the weather is bad, it is best to bring it home.

The following materials are needed:

  • A height rest area: This area should allow you to rest, avoiding the amount of excessive moisture that the soil may have. Ideally, place a bed so that you can be comfortable.
  • A recreation area: it can measure between 2,5 and 4 square meters. Safety is everything and therefore it is best to fence around. In this way, we can shorten the space and we will be sure that the rabbit can play freely in the garden only with our supervision.
  • A litter tray: It is also known by the name of corner and helps us to facilitate the cleaning of the maintenance of the rabbit hutch.
  • A hay tray, feeder and drinker.

Outings to the garden with the pet rabbit

It is the only other way to keep a pet rabbit outdoors. We can have the garden for various outings of the rabbit, while your house is located indoors. We can install a house so you can enjoy it in our company and let you enjoy abroad. The best way to get the rabbit outside safely is a harness.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to have a pet rabbit in the garden without destroying the plants.

Tips to have a rabbit without your garden suffering

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