What are the pests of cacti and how are they treated?

Cacti are known for how easy they are to care for, and also for the beauty of their flowers. There are many that, in addition, can be grown in pots or planters, which is undoubtedly very interesting when you want to have some on the balcony or in the patio, and / or you do […]

Caring for clay pots: the best tips

There is nothing I like more than clay pots especially if they are generous in size. Usually, I choose to combine several of them, larger and smaller, and then group them in a corner and thus create a happy and romantic space. The ideal is to choose different plants with flowers that contrast in shades […]

Ornamental plants: what are they, classification and care

In the world of gardening and orchard there are various types of plants whose main purpose is decoration. It’s about the ornamental plants. They are those plants that give us an environment with a pretty good decoration, colorful impregnated with pleasant aromas. The main objective is to decorate houses, gardens, parks and avenues giving it […]

What varieties of persimmons are there?

Persimmons are one of the most beloved fruits of autumn-winter. It has a very pleasant sweet taste and in addition to being very nutritious, they can help us hydrate a littlewhich is always very good. But, did you know that not all those that are sold are the same? If you want to know the […]

Tips for buying gardening products online on Black Friday

Until not long ago when you wanted to have a garden with furniture and all the necessary tools to take care of it, you had to go yes or yes to the stores where they sold them. Fortunately, times have changed and now it is possible to make purchases from any device that has an […]

Moorish tomato: characteristics, cultivation and maintenance

Tomatoes are such a prized vegetable throughout the world that today there are thousands of varieties of different colours, shapes and sizes. There are types of tomatoes that adapt to the climatic characteristics of every corner of Spain. In addition, there is a wide variety of varieties for all tastes and needs. It is an […]

How to make a homemade pergola? step by step

An extremely decorative element that is becoming more and more fashionable in gardens and on terraces are pergolas. These structures give us a lot of play when it comes to beautifying our surroundings, but they tend to be somewhat expensive. To save a little money, it is best to make a homemade pergola ourselves. For […]

Potted orange tree care | Gardening On

Would you like a natural orange juice? The idea of ​​being able to harvest your own oranges without having to go to the supermarket is very tempting, right? So, I encourage you to grow a potted orange tree. It is not very complicated. In fact, it is one of the fruit trees that best adaptssince […]

What is anti-frost fabric for plants?

Anti-frost fabric It is the best ally of a gardener, horticulturist or collector. It is a kind of coat that protects plants from low temperatures, thus allowing them to survive winter without almost any problem. Economical and lightweight, this fabric is ideal for all those who have recently planted some plants in the ground, or […]

What is edaphology? | Gardening On

The survival of plants is closely linked to the soil in which they grow; not in vain, its roots make their way between the pores that form the earth and the stones that are in it. They daily absorb the nutrients that are available so that they can subsist and grow. This is a topic […]

Ecological niche: what is it, characteristics and importance

When we talk about ecology and the environment we usually name the habitats of different species. People often confuse the concepts of habitats, ecosystem and ecological niche easily. And it is that we find numerous species that are geographically distant but, nevertheless, share similar functions within the habitat where they live. This is what is […]

How to empty a swimming pool?

Sometimes the pool has to be emptied. Either because the water has become very dirty and it has to be changed, or because the decision has simply been made to remove it to perhaps put a rockery with succulents, the truth is that removing the water is a task that may seem complex at first, […]

Uses of slaked lime in gardening and agriculture

In gardening, there is a risk that your garden and your crops will suffer the invasion and spread of insect pests and other diseases. Sometimes the type of soil does not allow adequate growth of certain plant species. At other times, the soil does not have enough nutrients to feed the plant. All these problems […]

Carolina reaper: caring for a very spicy Capsicum species

The carolina reaper or as it is also known in some places, Carolina Reaper, is officially one of the hottest peppers in the worldsince the spiciest in the world is called dragon’s breath. His own name already indicates how strong he can be. However, in 2013 It was given the title of the hottest pepper […]

What are halophytic plants? | Gardening On

On planet Earth there are many types of ecosystems, each of them with its own characteristics that have forced plants to adapt or die, since these conditions can also change as the years go by. Thanks to that, there is such a variety of plant beings, and one of those types is called halophytes. These […]

When to prune plum trees

The pruning it has many benefits in plants. In nature, the wind and the fall of other larger plants are responsible for clearing the branches of all of them. But in cultivation the branches grow and grow, without anyone controlling them, which can be harmful, since not so much light enters into them, there is […]

Mangrove: what is it and where is it found?

In tropical and subtropical regions we can find a very particular type of biome: the mangrove swamp. This word derives from mangrove, an English, German and French term, which comes from a Caribbean that translates as twisted tree. And, certainly, they are plants that from an early age can become twisted due to the force […]

Chestnut wasp: characteristics, biological cycle and treatment

Today we are going to talk about a type of pest that directly affects the chestnut tree. It’s about the chestnut wasp. Its scientific name is Dryocosmus kuriphilus. It is a cinipede insect that comes from China and was first detected in Spain in 2012. Over time, it has spread to practically the entire Spanish […]

What is mycelium? | Gardening On

Image – Wikimedia / Pradejoniensis If you’ve ever had fungal plants you may have seen a kind of white fibers or “threads”either in the trunk, roots and / or in the ground. This is known as mycelium, and it is an indicator that the infection has advanced a lot, so to save them it is […]

Using pH meters | Gardening On

When it comes to growing marijuana, what is least often thought about is the pH, both of the water and the soil, that they need. This is a very frequent error, since for example if it is watered with alkaline water, its leaves will present iron chlorosis, or lack of iron; that is, they will […]

What are the plants that are disguised?

There are a number of plants that are really curious. In order to stay alive, they manage to go unnoticed. And they do it so well, that when you see them it can be difficult to differentiate them from those that grow around them. The question is, how is that possible? Well, although the answer […]

Fertigation: what is it, advantages, uses and how it works

Today we are going to talk about a type of technique that is revolutionizing the irrigation system in agriculture. It’s about the finish. We are talking about a type of technique that allows the simultaneous application of water and fertilizers through an irrigation system. This makes it possible to take advantage of the various irrigation […]

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