Ornamental plants: what are they, classification and care

ornamental plant colors

In the world of gardening and orchard there are various types of plants whose main purpose is decoration. It’s about the ornamental plants. They are those plants that give us an environment with a pretty good decoration, colorful impregnated with pleasant aromas. The main objective is to decorate houses, gardens, parks and avenues giving it a natural charm and increased beauty.

In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics, classification and care of ornamental plants.

Key features

ornamental flowers

ornamental flowers

As there are countless ornamental plants, they are classified according to their characteristics and the genus to which they belong. We can find trees, shrubs, bulbs, meadows, etc. Used to decorate gardens, interiors and public spaces. Almost any plant can serve as a decoration. However, there are countless species that stand out for their impact due to their tones, shapes and other features. For example, we find some plants with a delicious aroma that does not go unnoticed if we place it indoors. This characteristic usually makes it ideal for home decoration.

Types of ornamental plants

Red flowers

Red flowers

Ornamental plants are divided according to the type of formation they have:


Many of the existing trees are ornamental plants, since they have beautiful foliage in bright colors. There are colored leaves that range from yellow, red, orange, different colors of green, white, etc. A good part of these ornamental trees are capable of developing beautiful flowers also with different tones that become fascinating. The main objective of these trees is to plant them in almost all spaces and to purify the atmosphere. The purification of the atmosphere It is given by the rate of carbon dioxide that it is capable of absorbing during the photosynthesis process.

Some ornamental trees remain evergreen but offer extensive foliage and great freshness throughout the year. Normally it serves to maintain good humidity in the rooms, air purification, shade in public spaces and noise screen in more intense areas in terms of road traffic. Wine and cedar are trees widely used as ornamental plants.

Annual shrubs and plants

They are also excellent plants for designing beautiful gardens and setting up spectacular landscapes. The advantage of shrubs is that they can be pruned into shapes. There are some experts in gardening who are able to create true natural sculptures taking advantage of the flowers of the bushes. They tend to give off pleasant aromas that intoxicate the area where they are grown. All beings and laurels are two of the most popular shrubs used as ornamental plants.

As for annual plants, they are those that live only one growing season. However, many of them produce beautifully colored flowers. They are ideal for decorating gardens, terraces, balconies and public spaces. They are maintained practically without requiring little effort and demand to be replanted every spring. Petunias belong to this group of annual plants.

Perennials, Meadows and Climbers

Perennials are ornamental plants that bloom for several years. They thrive in difficult circumstances like they are poor soils, so they are not too demanding. They are recommended for places that are on a slope and hardly require water. They are usually plants whose flowering lasts a short time, so different varieties are usually planted to guarantee the existence of the flowers.

As for the meadows, they are a group of herbs that grow well in warm periods. Some of them are also made during the cold season. All these plants are very decorative and develop in good conditions as long as the indications for their cultivation are followed. They require direct sun exposure of at least 3 hours during the day. The shade does not do them any good, since it affects the flowering and the maximum color that their flowers can reach.

Finally, climbing plants are plants that produce a beautiful appearance for the decoration of walls, walls, walls, vaults, columns and fences. It has a foliage that covers the vertical places to give them a nice result. Ivy is one of the plants most used as climbing plants for decoration.

Importance of ornamental plants

ornamental plants

ornamental plants

This type of plant can be grown in nurseries, outdoors or in greenhouses. They have quite attractive flowers from a decorative point of view and are easy to maintain. Their appearance is striking and they have very attractive leaves and bracts. The foliage is usually decorative, since it has many bright colors, especially in the fall season. Too they tend to release volatile oils with a rich fragrance. They are plants that normally lack thorns and produce flowers of all sizes, although large ones tend to prevail. From some of them sprout fruits with varied tonalities.

The importance of ornamental plants lies in their use for decoration. There are about 3.000 varieties that are used throughout the world, depending on the place of origin. At an economic level, we can observe a significant increase in the acquisition of this type of plant both for public spaces and for personal use. And is that many cities have a way to display green areas, gardens or with new projects with a landscape character.

Interest in natural decoration has also grown in homes. These ornamental plants are used for this type of decoration, both indoors and outdoors. Most plants can be purchased from nurseries and late-night locations. They are usually sold in bags so that they can be transplanted to special areas of the house or placed in basic ones for the interior. Currently they are quite sought after and the highest prices are found in ornamental plants that belong to exotic species.

Another benefit for the environment of ornamental plants is their oxygenation, purification and generation of humidity. Being surrounded by these plants stimulates improvements in people’s physical and emotional health. All this is because it provides a feeling of freshness, tranquility and relaxation. All this affects the mood of people helps them relieve stress.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about ornamental plants and their characteristics.

Ornamental plants: what are they, classification and care

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