Everything you need to know about the fresquilla and its benefits

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Today we will be talking about a somewhat different topic than the one we usually deal with on the page at a general level. It is time to move on from the classic articles where We explain everything about a plant, a related topic and focused on fruits.

Do you like peaches or different variants of them? You may have eaten a strawberry on some occasion, but without realizing that it is this fruit. This is how we are going to offer you the more detailed and nutritious information on this fruitwhich is a variant of peach that is definitely worth trying to include in any healthy and balanced diet.

General facts about the strawberry

peach of the fresquilla variety

peach of the fresquilla variety

When the fruit of this plant is in its peak or ripea beautiful fruit is obtained with a skin with a finely velvety texture. The color is very striking and in a certain way, it makes you want to take a bite.

In fact and if you get to do it, you will notice how the pulp of the fruit is juicyneither so hard nor so loose, since it is at its point and as a fruit should be. And its flavor is incredible, since it is sweet with a touch of acidity that surprisingly pleases the palate.

Regarding the origins of this fruit, it is worth mentioning that it is the result after crossing or grafting between the common peach and the apricot and what you get is what is known as a fresh peach or a water peach. The reasons for this last name, you will understand once you taste the fruit on your own.

The funny thing about all this is that both the Peach like the apricot they have the same Asian origin. That is both species come from China. Both fruit trees and after many years, managed to settle in Persia, or what is now known as Iran.

A few centuries later and after this event, the peach became a crop whose expansion grows exponentially. It was not until the beginning of the XNUMXth century that different variants of peaches began to be seen, which were the product of graftingbeing there where the freshness took place.

Currently, eThis variation is actively cultivated in various provinces of Spain as are Andalusia, Seville and Córdoba. To be more specific, the harvesting of its fruits begins between May and September, so you already know more or less when it is that you can take advantage of buying and trying this fruit if you have not already done so.


A fruit can have a very good flavor and be enjoyed by any palatebut if it does not have any type of properties, nutrients and more, you would only be eating something empty so as not to feel hungry.

peach tree with strawberries

peach tree with fresquillas

Fortunately, you have before you a fruit that has everything you need to start the day in a good moodwith good flavor, aroma, texture and that in addition to all this, you have at your disposal many recipes that you can prepare with the fresquilla. So you are not only going to limit yourself to eating them naturally, but you can make jellies, sweets, preserves, juices and more.

In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that the fresh peach has various beneficial properties for the body. That is eat one strawberry a day, you would be giving your body a good amount of vitamins of group C and B. In addition, you will also be able to obtain some nutrients that will favor the skin, as well as the eyesight and will strengthen the immune system.


Thanks to the color of the skin of this fruit, it can be easily deduced that it is one whose carotene levels are quite highs. Once your body gets to consume freshness, it will take the pulp and convert it into vitamin A that will then be used by your body.

Potassium and magnesium

The banana is known to be a fruit whose potassium levels are high, but what few know is that peaches and among them, lAs strawberries, they are also rich sources of potassium.

If you still don’t know what potassium is for, you should know that this allows your body to function properly, as well as regulates water levels in the blood and body. In the same way, it also provides the person with a good functioning of the heart and the nervous system is also favored.

Moreover, it is recommended that athletes and people who usually exercise eat at least half a kilo of strawberry or peaches a weeksince it favors them in the recovery of the muscles and their correct functioning.


It is time to move on to a section that many may have been waiting for. If you have thought grow this fruitsince its flavor and others managed to captivate you completely, that you know in advance that you need to be in a place where it is between 30 and 40 ° latitude.

In the same way, you should also know that the fresh peach, as well as many other variants, they do not have very good resistance to cold environmentsHowever, species have been seen that can easily withstand temperatures down to -20 ° C.

Despite this great resistance of the plant, you begin to see physical damage to flower budswhich means that flowering will be affected and along with it, the production of the peach itself.

peach called fresquilla

peach named fresquilla

Now, you should know that the place where you plant the peach tIt must be in a place where the plant can receive only between 400 and 800 hours of cold. Regarding the amount of light, this is a factor that is essential for the proper development of the strawberries.

In case you are in an area where the climate is humid, dYou must prepare yourself with what is necessary to deal with fungi and diseases. In the same sense, the soil has to be deep and the pH level of the substrate has to be neutral.

One detail that you cannot miss is that the fresh peach plant must be pruned annuallyThis is done with the intention of making fruiting what you are waiting for, if not, you can leave it natural if what you are looking for is something more natural and ornamental.

To finish, we also want you to know that the propagation of this plant is done through seeds. What’s more, nobody takes away the possibility that you can create your own peach variation if you know how to do things the right way.

Yes, you must have knowledge in the process of grafting by bud or escutcheon. The good news is that it is easy to learn and implement, so you will have no problem creating your own grafts and obtaining a new peach variant.

Everything you need to know about the fresquilla and its benefits

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