How to buy a drip irrigation

If you have a large garden or plants that need constant wateringSacrificing yourself and not being able to go on vacation or leave home for a few days may not be the solution. But drip irrigation. It is one of the most used accessories, both by landscapers and professionals and those who have a garden […]

How to take care of the lady at night: tips and tricks

Hello everyone! How are you? Today I am eager to show you how to have this fantastic healthy plant, so that you can enjoy the beauty of its flowers for many, many years. As we are going to see, does not require much maintenance, but … there is always a trick that will be very […]

+20 plants that support a lot of sun

Image – Flickr / ukgardenphotos There are a wide variety of plants that support a lot of sun, but there are some that only withstand it as adults. That is why when we do not have shade on our terrace, patio or garden, we have to look for those that can be directly exposed to […]

+25 types of Euphorbia: herbs, trees and shrubs

The genus of the Euphorbia is very varied: we find herbs, as well as succulents, trees and shrubs. Herbaceous plants don’t have many uses in landscaping. These plants contain latex that, when in contact with the skin causes itching, and if ingested we would have more serious problems, such as cramps, delirium or collapse, hence […]

20 indoor and outdoor plants – the best pick for beginners!

Plants, plants, plants. Green, hope, life. I sincerely believe that I have “inherited” the passion for nature from my dear mother. She (and actually the whole family) grew up in the country. He worked in cotton fields, in the lands of Andalusia, but despite how hard it was, he has always loved (and still loves […]

All about the trees

Trees are incredible plants: they are not only very useful (and necessary) in gardens, but they are also home to a wide variety of fauna and flora. They provide shade, fruits and, to top it all off, many species have leaves and / or flowers so pretty they look like something out of a children’s […]

Everything you need to know about winter plants

Winter. The season of cold, frost and snow-covered landscapes. During these months, most plants are in the winter period: they do not grow, they do not flower, they do nothing more than stay alive, which gives the garden and terrace a sleepy appearance, which, in a sense, is certain. However, there are a few winter […]

Aloe vera: Discover all its secrets

It is the most popular succulent plant. Its magnificent healing properties have made it such a beloved plant that in all gardens, patios, balconies or terraces a space is reserved to have at least one specimen. Furthermore, it is very easy to care for and multiplyTherefore, although at the beginning we have to spend about […]

Oleander, beautiful bush but… poisonous!

If you are looking for highly attractive shrubs, you can find those species that bloom every year. They are ideal to cover large spaces because their flowers are showy and form a differentiated corner. There are many species and varieties of shrubssome are used for hedges while others are ideal to place in a special […]

The Weeping Willow | Gardening On

In Asia we find very unique and beautiful plants, such as the popular Japanese maples or our protagonist: the Weeping willow. This is a tree that lives mostly in eastern China, very close to swamps or wetlands. It is a perfect plant to have in large gardens, where it can be viewed as an isolated […]

Succulents: types, care and many ideas to decorate with them

Agave attenuata Our succulents or non-cacti succulents They are a type of vegetable that is grown in the temperate and warm regions of the world, and even in the cold ones inside greenhouses. Their maintenance is very low, and as they take very different forms, being also very decorative they are often kept in pots […]

Wild flowers for your garden

I love the meadows, the field, the tall grasses … and even run around or jump like when I was a child, or start looking for wild flowers in the most unexpected corners. Nature rejuvenates your spirit in a very special way, making you forget your day-to-day routine. Going into each of its corners, you […]

History, cultivation and care of the Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower is one of the most beautiful plants there is. It could be said that they are the orchids of the swamps, thus alluding to the beauty of the flowers that these plants have that we care with so much care at home. It is so elegant that it is difficult to find […]

All about roses: characteristics, types, care and much more

One of the most cultivated ornamental plants in the world and for centuries are the roses. These shrubs bloom for months, producing flowers that are often large and beautifully colored, such as red, yellow, or white. Also, although there are many varieties that have no aroma, there are others that do. The care and maintenance […]

Padrón peppers: When to pick them and how to keep them

Have you planted padrón peppers but don’t know when to harvest them? Do you have so many that you no longer know what to do with them? These questions are quite frequent among gardeners who grow this type of pepper. Knowing how to plant it is important, but so is knowing when to collect it […]

How many species of plants are there in the world?

We are extremely lucky to live in a world where life, both animal and plant, exists in much of the globe. The two kingdoms coexist in harmony, often creating symbiotic relationships to help them better adapt to their natural habitat. But Have you ever wondered how many species of plants there are? That is a […]

Chorizo ​​pepper: characteristics, uses and cultivation

Within the pepper family there are a large number of variants. One of them is the chorizo ​​pepper. It is a variety of red pepper that is native to the American continent. With the discovery of the new world, many Spaniards and Portuguese understood all the health benefits of peppers. It not only has benefits […]

+15 fruit trees for limestone soils

Limestone or clay soils have the peculiarity that they compact very easily, and not only that, but if the climate is also dry and warm, the probabilities that they will end up eroded are very high; and if that were to happen, it would be necessary to provide them with nutrients before being able to […]

What is prickly pear disease?

The prickly pear is a cactus that you might think of as being very, very hardy. In fact, it is considered invasive as it spreads quickly both from seeds and, above all, from cuttings. When a ‘leaf’ breaks off and falls to the ground, it doesn’t take many days for it to produce its own […]

The 5 most common types of woodworm and how to eliminate them

Image – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Woodworm is a pest that can destroy wooden furniture in a very short time, as it digs galleries in it. This is a problem, because it makes the material lose firmness, and it has a higher risk of cracking and/or even rotting if it is outside. Because, It is […]

Folding Gazebo Buying Guide | Gardening On

How many times has it happened to you that you couldn’t use the garden because it was too hot? Or because in winter you did not feel comfortable outdoors even though you wanted to go out? If so, you have a solution that can come in handy: a folding tent. This is characterized by covering […]

How and when should kiwis be pruned?

You may want to have a kiwi in your garden and have doubts about how to care for it. Pruning is important for the kiwi tree, since it helps to suppress the shoots and branches so that the driest parts are removed and can better stimulate their growth. To prune kiwis, we have to bear […]

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