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How many times has it happened to you that you couldn’t use the garden because it was too hot? Or because in winter you did not feel comfortable outdoors even though you wanted to go out? If so, you have a solution that can come in handy: a folding tent.

This is characterized by covering a part of the garden to prevent the sun from hitting you and, at the same time, protect you from inclement weather (rain, wind…) with which they are covered. But do you know how to buy one? And the best on the market? We talk to you about them.

Top 1. The best folding tent


  • You have protection against insects.
  • It is completely closed.
  • Space for 4-6 people.


  • Poor quality.
  • Can suffer from leaks
  • Zipper problems.

Selection of folding tents

If you are looking for more variety in folding tents, we have chosen other models so that we can get closer to your needs.

Where Tomorrow Folding Tent for Camping, Garden or Terrace

Ideal to go camping and have a place to shelter. This Available in various colors and can be assembled in about two minutes.

wasabi Folding Tent 3x3m Compact Blue for Garden, Terrace, Camping, Beach

For occasional use and taking Be careful not to expose it too much to the sun. It is made of less resistant materials (aluminum, fabric, etc.) which makes it look more unstable, but it can be held with ropes and pegs.

VOUNOT Gazebo Folding Gazebo 3×3 m

Despite that says that it is waterproof the comments question this characteristics. It is suitable for sporadic use, either for excursions, camping or to prevent the sun from falling on people.

DARDARUGA Garden Gazebo Folding Gazebo Capri Beige 3×3 m

Made of metal, with a accordion closure typeIt has a fairly easy mounting and dismounting system. The fabric is waterproof and PVC coated.

VOUNOT Gazebo Folding Gazebo 3×3 m

Made of fabric and metal, you will have a folding gazebo that is easy to set up and take down to carry in a bag. It’s sturdy and doesn’t weigh too much.

Buying guide for a folding tent

Buying a folding tent is not taking the cheapest one you can find, because in the end you will have to buy another one in a short time (or you will leave it unassembled in a corner of the house). You need to stop and think about why to buy a tent and what functions it has to fulfill.

For example, inside the folding tents you can find covered or only with the top. If you want to use the garden in winter, the best ones are the covers; but also in summer, since it isolates you from insects although it can be hot inside them.

Nor is buying a small tent for one person the same as buying it for the whole family. Or even for an event.

The most important keys to consider are the following:


They say that size doesn’t matter, but the truth is that it does. At least when it comes to folding tents. Can find from the smallest, for a person more or less to large (the usual is 6×3 meters). Are there bigger ones? Yes, but the price already goes up enough.


Inside the materials of the folding tents you have to distinguish the part of the roof, that most are made of polyester, vinyl, or waterproof material; and the polesthat there are two materials to be used: aluminum, which makes them light and easy to assemble, but also not very resistant; and steel, heavier but with greater stability.

the ones that have side walls coincide in materials with the ceilings.

Price range

Regarding the price, you can find folding tents from 20 euros and up to more than 200 the usual ones. If you want them very large then the price can go much higher, up to perhaps 500 euros or more.

Where to buy?

Now that you know a little better what a folding tent is and what you have to pay attention to before buying it, you would need to know some stores where we have seen that they have variety and above all different types to choose from. Do you want to know what those stores are?

The Amazon

170 results are the ones that appear on Amazon when searching for a folding tent. We know that not all of these results are products, since they can also be accessories, but you do have great variety compared to other stores, at different prices and, above all, many of them with original designs.

Brico Depot

In Bricodepot you will be able to find very few models (4) but very varied among themselveswhich helps to choose better. The prices move in a more or less large range, but it is easy to find cheap and expensive ones without reaching 130 euros.


In Bricomart right now they don’t have any folding tentbut it doesn’t mean that when spring approaches they won’t put them up for sale. Many stores wait for the garden season to do so in order not to saturate their stores with products that are not sold in a given season.


In Carrefour, at least in the online part, you will be able to find many types of folding tents. The vast majority of them are sold by other sellersalthough Carrefour acts as a mediator.

In terms of prices, they are somewhat more expensive than if they were bought from those sites (usually because they raise the price a little to make a profit).


In the case of Decathlon the tents that you will find are of types, normal, for garden and focused on camping. It will depend on the use you want to give it to choose this store where you will find a lot of variety (not as much as on Amazon, but they have a good price).

Leroy Merlin

Without reaching the level of Carrefour, and surpassing that of Bricodepot, you will find more variety, with adjusted and adequate quality-price. Some folding tents have opinions which helps you decide much better.


We cannot say that Lidl has a wide variety of models or different types, because the truth is that It only has one model, and one price. In addition, it is not a product that is always available in stores (although online you may be able to buy it at any time).

The good thing about it is that it is quite cheap and can do the job for you.

Do you dare now with a folding tent for your garden?

Folding Gazebo Buying Guide | Gardening On

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