Buying guide for a vertical garden

When you don’t have much space, either inside the house or in the garden, and you are a plant lover, you miss having plenty and taking care of them. But what if you had a vertical garden? These are characterized by take advantage of walls or holes and be able to enjoy the plants in […]

Ax Buying Guide | Gardening On

If you have a garden with large trees or you have a wood-burning fireplace, you will most often need an ax to cut parts of the trees or wood to burn in your fireplace. But, What kind of axes can you find on the market? We have done a search to show you the best […]

How to buy rectangular planters

If you like plants, surely you have some inside and outside the house. And if you take good care of them they will be growing, so you will have to take care of transplanting them. But instead of round pots, some are better off with rectangular planters. Do you want to know where to buy […]

How to keep cyclamen from one year to another

Cyclamen is a winter-blooming plant that adorns the garden with a plethora of bright, colorful flowers during the festive season. The flowers are usually red, pink, purple, and white in color, sprouting in a tubular shape surrounded by heart-shaped green leaves decorated with delicate silver designs. Revered as a houseplant for its sweet scent and […]

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