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If you have a garden with large trees or you have a wood-burning fireplace, you will most often need an ax to cut parts of the trees or wood to burn in your fireplace. But, What kind of axes can you find on the market?

We have done a search to show you the best ones and in the process give you some tips to buy wisely. Do you want to know what you should pay attention to? Well, take a look at what we offer you.

Top 1. The best ax


  • It is for a universal usethat is, you can use it for gardening, for felling, for cooking, etc.
  • It is ergonomic with non-slip rubber.
  • Weather resistant material.


  • It’s not very sharp but it is solved by sharpening it when it arrives (it may be a way of sending it so that it does not cut the container in which it goes).
  • It is not that big.

Selection of garden axes

Discover here other axes that may be what you are looking for.

Connex COX841460 – Garden Ax

It’s a fairly basic axe, which can be used to do some garden work, but although it has good materials, they are not very durable.

Amazon Basics 36cm Ax

The Amazon brand also has tools, like this ax with a head made of carbon steel and a fiberglass handle and ergonomic. With it you can cut wood and firewood, prune branches, cut down trees (if they are small) or create tinder.

Connex COX841800 – Garden Ax

Made with quality materials, it is something bigger than the usual ones for gardening which gives you the possibility of using it for several things, not only to cut more or less thick branches.

Freund 1560551 – Garden Axe

With a ergonomic, xylan-coated bladeIt is small and handy for those little jobs in the garden.

Fiskars Ax and Mace X46, 2 in 1, Weight: 3.7 kg, Hardened steel blade / Fiberglass reinforced plastic handle, Black/Orange, 92 x 26 x 8 cm

In this case we are talking about an ax for felling trees over 30 cm in diameter. It has a fairly long non-slip and anti-vibration handle and a tempered steel blade.

Ideal for chopping firewood or for use to drive wedges into wood. The materials it is made of, tempered steel and fiberglass give it durability.

Ax buying guide

Buying an ax is not going to a store and picking up the first one you see. Before yes, but not now. And it is that in the market there are many types of axes, even for different uses, and Choosing the right one may take you a little more time. In general, the keys that you should take into account are the following:


It is possible that in your mind, when reading the word “axe” you have thought of a lumberjack, large, heavy and sharp. But the truth is that there are also small and easy to handle. What we want to tell you with this is that There are different sizes, and even with ergonomic handles that can be adapted to the work and need you have.

If your garden is not very large and not what you want to cut, with a hand you could have, and a large ax would not be necessary.


an ax is formed by a head, made of steel, and a handle, which is usually made of wood although less and less are found and it has been changed by plastic or fiberglass. Beyond this it is difficult to find other materials.

Price range

As for the price, it is defined above all by the previous two, the size and the material, although the brand and the design also have an influence.

In general, you can find axes from 10 euros, the most expensive being those that exceed 100 euros (or more in case of specialized axes).

How many types of axes are there?

Have you ever wondered how many types of axes there are? Or if you’re using the one you really should? These tools have been around for a long time. They have even been used as weapons in wars (especially in the Middle Ages) and now they are tools for the garden, for lumberjacks, firefighters…

The truth is that there are many classification standards based on different types. But in general, as a tool, you would have:

  • small axeswhich are characterized by having a short handle and being for domestic use. You can use them in the garden, but also in the kitchen.
  • felling axesheavier than the previous ones, and with a longer handle. The head is finer than the others and that makes it a more precise cut.
  • breakerscharacterized by having a wedge-shaped head since the objective is that they penetrate the wood so that they break it easily.

Of course, there are more types of axes but in general these are the most common.

Where to buy?

Having an ax handy is not such a far-fetched idea. Actually you can have many uses in the garden and will help you take care of plants as well as other curious utilities. But for this you have to know where to buy it.

For this reason, we propose these stores.

The Amazon

You will find one on Amazon. wide variety of axes because, not only do they have the ones they sell, but you can also buy from other sellers. This allows you to find more models that suit what you are really looking for.


At Bricomart we cannot say that you have an ax itself, because what they sell, at least online, are ax, stick and pick axes. It can help you, of course, but if what you want is a tool of this type they don’t have it right now (perhaps physically in stores).

Leroy Merlin

Another option you have is this store. It is also focused on DIY and garden and you will find a selection of axes with a good value for money. It is true that it does not have as many as on Amazon, but you can be sure that the ones it has fulfill their function.

Have you already decided on the ax you want to buy?

Ax Buying Guide | Gardening On

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