Buying guide for a vertical garden

Vertical garden

When you don’t have much space, either inside the house or in the garden, and you are a plant lover, you miss having plenty and taking care of them. But what if you had a vertical garden?

These are characterized by take advantage of walls or holes and be able to enjoy the plants in a different way. They are becoming more and more fashionable and here we leave you the best vertical gardens and some tips to have them.

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Top 1. The most beautiful vertical garden


  • Durable, made of solid plastic and perfect for the outdoors.
  • Are included three vertical planters.
  • Easy to mount and even expand.


Selection of vertical gardens

Discover the best selection of vertical gardens.

MEIWO New Upgraded 7 Pocket Hanging Garden Vertical Garden Planter Garden Landscaping Garden Home Decoration

Is felt with seven hanging pockets to put the plants in them. These resist humidity and are ideal for hanging plants, leaves or as a small vegetable garden.

minigarden 1 Set One for 3 Plants, Modular and Extendable Vertical Garden, Place on the Floor or Hang on the Wall, Innovative Drainage Mechanism, Long Life Cycle

Easy to assemble and with advantage of being able to extend it with more modules. It is made of polypropylene (plastic) and is suitable for any type of plant.

Medla Bamboo Flower Pot Shelf, 7 Tier Trapezoidal Flower Ladder Plant Stand Vertical Shelf for Indoor Outdoor Corner Balcony Garden Living Room 40 x 20,2 x 121,9cm

Natural bamboo shelf that you can place with pots from 5 to 20 kilos. It has seven shelves of different heights and is ideal for indoors.

T4U 5-Tier Plastic Vertical Planter,Stackable Strawberry Herb Planter Box with Saucer for Vegetable Flower Plants,Self-Watering Garden Tower for Indoor Balcony,White

Made of plastic and with smart self-watering. They can be stacked up to five levels, allowing for greater use of space.

KHOMO GEAR Vertical Planter with 4 Pots Urban Garden for Flowers and Plants Garden Terrace Balcony Indoor Outdoor – Brown and Black

A vertical garden with a solid and independent structure, so you don’t have to fix it to any wall. Has four levels and four pots to use.

Buying guide for a vertical garden

When buying a vertical garden you must take into account several aspects to get it right and, above all, so that the plants you put in will last. The most important are the following:


Depending on the space you have in your home, the size you can choose will be more or less large. Note that, the larger the size, the more plants you will be able to have; but they will also weigh more and require more care.


Wood, plastic, cloth… The truth is that there are different vertical gardens on the market. Each of them has its pros and cons. For example, if you put it outside the house, it is possible that the fabric, over time, deteriorates before the wood.

Outdoor or indoor

Another aspect of a vertical garden to consider is the location where it will be. Outside or inside the house? Protected or outdoors? All this will affect the previous factor, the materials.

natural or artificial

In this case we do not focus on the “container” but on the plants. Do you want to put natural or artificial plants? In the first case, it will imply take care of them, but also fill them with soil, fertilizer, water them… which can be a problem in some cases if they lose water (it would stain the floor if you go too far). You should also control sun exposure, lighting and the fact that the plants grow and you may eventually have to remove them from there because they don’t fit anymore.

Furthermore, artificial ones eliminate all of the above. You just put them in and that’s it. At most, clean the dust from time to time and change some that have deteriorated. But they may not look as pretty as the natural ones, or you may get tired of them because they are always the same.

Price range

Regarding the price, this one is quite affordable, since you can find a vertical garden for 20-30 euros. Or you can go to the most sophisticated ones that would cost more than 100-200 euros.

Why is it good to have a vertical garden?

Having a vertical garden not only serves to decorate, but also plants themselves can purify the air, lower the temperature of the environment or regulate it and improve the quality of life, and moodof those who enjoy them.

What is a natural vertical garden?

A natural vertical garden is characterized by that vertical garden (hanging or container type) in which you sow the plants or place them with their pot. Instead of being on the floor and taking up horizontal space, they are stacked vertically, each with its own space.

How to make a vertical garden?

The truth is that making a vertical garden is not as difficult as it seems. You could do it yourself since you would only have to place the plants along a wall, either hanging them with hooks or placing a piece of furniture or a cloth and put the plants on it.

What are the best plants for a vertical garden?

Vertical garden

Vertical garden

If you are already thinking of filling that hole in your house or terrace with a vertical garden, first of all you should consider which are the best plants.

In this sense, we recommend that you choose slow-growing plants that are not too large since they will be able to grow in your garden. In this way, you ensure that you are going to enjoy them for longer without thinking about transplanting them into a pot or what you are going to do with them when they are too big.

Some of the plants that work best in a vertical garden are: malamadre, carnation, garlic garlic, duranta (if it’s not too cold), fern, Adam’s rib, succulents…

Where to buy?

Convinced of having a vertical garden? Well, check out these stores to get one.

The Amazon

Where more variety you will find. They have many different models. (in size, material and price) and it is easy to find one that suits your needs.


They also have variety, although not as much as Amazon. You can find better prices, and even original models. However, the waiting time to receive it will slow you down and that, sometimes, it may not arrive or be damaged.


The last option that we propose is Ikea. There are not as many models as in the previous ones, but quality price is achieved with those who sell.

Which vertical garden will you choose?

Buying guide for a vertical garden

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