How to plant papaya: How to do it, when and how long it takes to grow

We can plant papaya in hot climates

Among tropical fruits, one of the most popular is papaya. It is one of the most consumed in the world. Although it is true that it needs a series of quite specific care and a constant warm climate, we can grow it ourselves in our gardens and terraces. But nevertheless, First we must learn how to plant papaya.

In this article We will explain step by step how to plant papaya and when should we do it. And to give you a rough idea of ​​how long you will have to wait to harvest this delicious fruit, we will also discuss how long it takes for the papaya tree to grow. I hope that this information is useful to you and that you can enjoy these delicious tropical fruits of your own harvest.

How is a papaya planted?

We can plant papaya in a pot or in the ground

We can plant papaya in a pot or in the ground

Next we will explain how to plant papaya. It can be done both in a pot and directly in the ground, the process is very similar in both cases. However, first we will explain the steps to follow to do it in a pot. Of course, we must bear in mind that some varieties of these plants can reach quite high heights. Therefore, if we want to grow this vegetable in a pot, it is best to opt for a dwarf papaya. The fruits of it are just as rich, despite being a smaller tree.

How to plant papaya in a pot: Step by step

The most basic thing to plant papaya is buy seeds. These can be obtained in nurseries, in a specialized center or even from a papaya that we have eaten. Generally, those papayas bought in large stores and supermarkets usually give rise to hermaphrodite plants. We are going to comment below on the steps to follow to plant papaya in a pot:

  1. Disinfect the seeds with a fungicide. This will increase your chances of survival.
  2. Prepare the seedbed: Soil very well drained, light and rich in organic matter. An ideal mix would be peat with coconut fiber and earthworm humus. To improve drainage, we can add perlite.
  3. Prepare the seeds: Let them dry for 24 hours. When we go to plant them, we can press them lightly and very carefully until their sack breaks. In this way we will facilitate its germination. Then you have to sow them in the seedbeds or in the pots at a depth of approximately one centimeter. Between seed and seed we must leave a space of five centimeters.
  4. Place the container somewhere where it gets a lot of sun. Turn from time to time so that all plants receive natural light well.
  5. water oftenbut without flooding the substrate.
  6. After a month we can select seedlings that we want to keep. They should look strong and healthy.
  7. transplant seedlings when they have reached a suitable size. There should be no more than one plant in each pot. When carrying out the transplant we must be very careful with the roots, since they are very delicate.
  8. When two weeks have passed since the transplant, it is necessary to provide fertilizer to papaya trees.

Potted papaya tree: carePotted papaya tree: care

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Potted papaya tree: care

How to plant papaya in the ground

To know how to plant papaya in the ground, we must follow the same steps that we have explained previously for a pot. Basically it is about sowing the seeds of this fruit directly in the ground. Nevertheless, There are some differences What should we consider:

  • In order to avoid having to transplant papaya trees later, it is best to leave a meter of space between the seeds. Another option would be to remove more seedlings.
  • In the event that we do not have soil with good enough drainage, we will have to prepare a very high pile, almost a meter high, of soil so that the roots do not get waterlogged at any time.
  • As in the case of planting papaya in a pot, it will also be essential here enrich the soil with organic matter. For this task we can use compost or earthworm humus.
  • Once the papaya trees have reached a considerable size, it will be very useful Apply a layer of mulch at the base. This will help protect the plants.
  • It is important water frequently, but avoiding the flooding of the earth.

When is the papaya seed planted?

The best time to plant papaya is in spring

The best time to plant papaya is in spring.

Generally, the best time of year to plant these delicious tropical fruits is at the beginning of spring, specifically in the months of March and April. However, this mainly depends on the climate of the area. For this plant it is vitally important that temperatures are warm.

It should be noted that the papaya tree does not tolerate frost or low temperatures well for a long time. Therefore, if temperatures in our area fall below fifteen degrees for a long time, this vegetable will be harmed. I may survive but most likely your health will decline considerablyey that its fruits are insipid and small. Apart from monitoring temperatures, it is also of utmost importance that the papaya tree is in well-drained soil and with good exposure to sunlight.

How long does it take to grow a papaya tree?

Now that we know how to plant papaya and when to do it, we are going to explain how long it takes for one of these trees to grow and bear fruit. The truth is that we can harvest these delicious fruits in a short time, as the tree reaches maturity in less than a year. Habitually, the first fruits appear after ten months after its planting. However, it does not usually last more than five years.

But beware, if we want to grow papayas it is important to distinguish between males, females and hermaphrodites. Male papayas are the least recommended, as they do not bear fruit. These serve only to pollinate the female papayas. However, hermaphrodites are capable of self-pollination, which is much more practical.

With all this information about how to plant papaya we can now get down to work. Growing these tropical fruits is not only good for your health, but it can be very satisfying to harvest them yourself.

How to plant papaya: How to do it, when and how long it takes to grow

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