When is the pruning of stone fruit trees done?

stone fruit tree pruning

If you have a peach, apricot or stone fruit tree, Did you know that its pruning is not the same as with other fruit trees? That’s right, these have some peculiarities that must be known in order to carry out the most appropriate maintenance. But, when is the pruning of stone fruit trees done? And what is needed? Is there something different from other pruning?

If right now you have doubts about whether you are doing it right or not, then we give you the keys to make sure.

The goal of pruning stone fruit trees

fruits on the tree

fruits on the tree

Have you ever wondered why you prune trees? What is often thought is that it is done to control its growth and ensure that it does not end up invading parts where we do not want it to be. Other times to clean it up. But, in the case of pruning stone fruit trees, there is actually a much bigger goal.

When to prune stone fruit trees the reason that should be kept in mind is none other than to obtain a higher quality fruit. It is not that it will give more, or that it has the right size for your garden, but that the fruits it bears, whether large, medium or small, are of very high quality.

In other words, may the fruits you collect from these trees taste like glory. And this, believe it or not, is not as easy as it seems.

It is true that the first pruning, when you plant it and it starts to grow, are aimed at forming the tree, making it have an open structure and that it develops in width, and not in height. For this reason, in young specimens it is normal to use wire or similar to guide the branches and shape them.

In addition, at that time it is normal that it does not bear fruit, or they do not have the expected quality because it is not their time. But all this will influence the future.

When is the pruning of stone fruit trees

peaches on the tree

peaches on the tree

If you have any stone fruit trees, then you should know that the time to prune It’s not late winter and early spring. It is winter.

Now, several caveats must be made.

And, if where you live the temperature in winter is quite low, there are frosts and even the possibility of snowthe best thing you can do is delay it to that end of winter so that it does not take a toll on the health of the tree.

If, on the other hand, the climate you have allows winters not to be very harsh, then yes, prune in winter.

Apart from this pruning, you should know that a second is held in the summer. It is called “green pruning” and its objective is to remove the shoots from the tree that suck the energy of the plant, that is, the suckers (which come out on branches and on the trunk, even on the roots). If they are eliminated, you will get the energy to flow correctly. And when is this done? Well, in June and July, which is when they go out the most.

Types of pruning stone fruit trees

Within the pruning of fruit trees, as well as trees, shrubs… there are several types. And specifically with pruning stone fruit trees, some peculiarities of each of them must be taken into account. Here we explain them:

Cleaning pruning

As with other trees and bushes, cleaning or maintenance pruning will be carried out throughout the year and throughout the life of the tree. The objective of this is remove dead branches and shoots, dry, damaged or diseased branches, as well as suckers or serpents (They are shoots that are born at the base, mainly from the trunk or roots).

It will also help us to ensure that the branches of the tree do not cross or prevent the oxygenation of the center, something that can greatly harm its health.

Fruiting pruning

This ode must begin with specimens that are already adults and bear fruit. In the case of fruitwould take place from the third or fourth year of life.

The objective of this is to improve production, not quality, so that it bears more fruit. To do this, it is necessary to wait especially for spring or summer (it will depend on the type of fruit tree it is).

Pruning plywood or lopping

Have you ever heard of her? Do you know what they are about? In fact They are two special pruning for stone fruit trees and both refer to removing the top of fruit trees.

Now, in the case of tertiary, all the branches are removed, leaving the tree with a third part. And in the lopping? This is more drastic, because you will have to cut all the branches and leave only the trunk.

Obviously, these two prunings are not easy to carry out (cutting yes, but that the tree is prepared for it and you can make sure before pruning is not easy). Therefore, it is best that these are made by experts in the field.

What tools will you need to prune stone fruit trees?

pruning of stone fruit trees to improve fruit quality

pruning stone fruit trees to improve fruit quality

When you go to prune, first of all, have at hand all the tools that you may need. In this way, you will do the complete pruning, without having to stop to look for tools.

And which are the most necessary? We recommend the following:

  • Gloves and protective visor. To avoid hurting yourself or getting something thrown in your face. Yes, we know it’s uncomfortable, but better than not having injuries or stopping to go to the emergency room.
  • A stair. Especially if your tree is large. Try to make it as safe as possible and also that, if you use it, there is another person to hold it for what may happen.
  • Some pruning shears. Actually, we advise you to have two, some large and some small. In this way, when a branch resists you, you will have something to cut it with.
  • A saw. For older fruit trees, shears may not be enough to cut so you’ll need to have a chair ready for those thicker trunks.

Now you have all the knowledge about pruning stone fruit trees. Do you need anything else? Ask us in comments.

When is the pruning of stone fruit trees done?

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