How To Buy A Drip Irrigation Tape

drip irrigation tape

When you have an automatic irrigation in your garden, you know that the drip irrigation tape is an essential element because it will be the one that carries the water through this tube and where you can insert the drippers (or little holes for the water to come out). Over time these can become clogged or limescale makes a dent in them.

Therefore, Do you have to change the drip irrigation tape? Maybe you’re going to buy one? If you don’t know what to look for, this purchase may not work out for you. Therefore, we are going to help you with it.

Top 1. The best drip irrigation tape


  • It has 300 meters.
  • Maximum pressure of 4 bar.
  • 16mm size.


  • It breaks easily.
  • Doesn’t take a lot of pressure.

Selection of drip irrigation tapes

We know that the first choice may not be the one you are looking for or need for your project, so here we give you other different options that may be interesting.

HOLZBRINK Drip Irrigation Tape

In this case you have a 5-meter drip irrigation tape, although they can be purchased in other sizes. Of course, be careful with the shipping costs.

In this case this tape has a 8000 gauge and the pressure flow is one bar. The droppers are 20 centimeters apart.


It has a gauge of 8000, 8 thousandths of an inch of wall. The drippers are separated every 20 centimeters and the water flow rate is 1,16 liters per hour.

You get a coil of about 250 meters and has a new start protection system so you can bury it a bit and not worry about roots or clogging.

As for the dripper, it is 2mm thick and has no leaks.

Aliespain DRIP IRRIGATION Tape 16mm

It has a wall thickness gauge of 6000. The drippers are every 20 centimeters and you will get a coil of 300 meters.

The pipe is flat and has a flow rate of 4 liters per hour.


Its gauge is 8000, with 8 thousandths of an inch of wall. The drippers are spaced every 30 centimeters and the flow rate that it supports is 1,16 liters per hour. The coil is 250 meters.

It has a protected outlet which allows burial, eliminating the problems of suction of mud or debris and the roots will not enter it either.

Suinga. 2400m DRIP TAPE 16mm irrigation 30 cm

It is a tape with a wall thickness of 8000. The drippers are every 30 centimeters and it is a flat pipe with a flow rate of 1,08 liters per hour.

It is ideal for nurseries for fruit trees, hawthorns and plants for green areas.

Resistant to clogging and resistant to water and organic fertilizers.

Buying guide for drip irrigation tape

Buying a drip irrigation tape is not difficult. In many stores you can get them because they are elements that are sold separately, either to increase the irrigation system or to change parts that are damaged over time. Therefore, it is easy to find.

But your purchase is not so easy. There are aspects that you should consider, Above all, so that it lasts a long time and thus amortizes the price you pay for it. For example, if it costs you 100 euros, the last thing you want is for it to go away in 2 months, because then you will lose money. But if it really lasts 20 years, things change (we already told you that they don’t usually last that long).

What should you pay attention to when buying? In the following:


The large Most drip irrigation tape on the market is made of polyethylene.i.e. plastic. They are the most sold and, although their useful life is not unlimited, they do last for several years.


The next important point is the length of the tape. Namely, How many meters will you need for your garden or to replace the irrigation system you have. We always recommend that you buy a little more than you need for what may happen.

Do not stay just with it, because you may find that in the end you are missing a few centimeters. Keep in mind that you will be measuring in a straight line and the tape may need to make curves or the watering holes to match the plants and not be tight.

Price range

Finally we have the price. Y This will depend on everything else that we have told youas well as the brand, offers…

In general, you can find drip irrigation tape from 30 euros to more than 200.

Where to buy?

buy drip irrigation tape

buy drip irrigation tape

And we come to the end. With all of the above in mind, buying drip irrigation tape should not be complicated, especially considering that you can find it in many places.

We have evaluated some of them, the most sought after on the Internet, and this is what we have found.

The Amazon

You have to be careful because the search yields many and varied results. So much so that you will have to dig a bit to find several options. Even so, it is where you will find more variety of brands. You have a choice, at least more than in other stores that we are going to talk about, but when mixed with other results it can be a bit complicated to get it right. You should also take into account the prices, especially in some cases with the shipping costs.


Although they have products related to drip irrigation, we have been unable to find drip irrigation tape. This does not mean that they do not have, it is possible that in stores there are, but not online. Another option is to phone and ask.

Leroy Merlin

Within the drip irrigation section in Leroy Merlin you will find a section specialized in elements to create this system. As for tapes, as such we have not found any, it goes directly to the section where we will have kits and elements (it is possible that they sell it with another name such as pipe).

Do you already have a clearer idea of ​​what to look for when buying drip irrigation tape?

How To Buy A Drip Irrigation Tape

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