How to eliminate termites and woodworm: the best remedies

how to eliminate termites and woodworm at home

Termites and woodworms can attack our furniture and the wood of the house beams. It can also affect if our home garden does not have a beam holding a cloth or something that serves as a greenhouse. We must learn how to get rid of termites and woodworm effectively and with home remedies. The important thing is the detection of the specific problem such as the type of moth or termite that is attacking the wood.

For this reason, we are going to dedicate this article to telling you how to eliminate thermals and woodworm effectively and to learn how to identify the symptoms and the seriousness of the problem.

Types and detection of woodworm

woodworm in furniture

woodworm on furniture

Depending on the severity and the type of moth, some home and domestic methods can be applied or delegated to professionals. There is more than one type of woodworm, except termites, which they are more common in wooded and humid areas, especially in houses where the entire structure is made of woodand it is normal to see large or small woodworms.

They both refer to two types of wood-eating (wood-eating) beetles, but while the larger beetles (Hylotrupes bajulus) are generally found more on beams, the smaller beetles (Anobium punctatum) are more commonly found on furniture. old or not properly treated to prevent entry. In fact, it is also known as the furniture beetle.

In both cases, the beetle is an external stage of the life cyclewhile the true wood-eating larva lives in a conduit, burrowing into the wood as it feeds on it. The cycle begins when the beetles lay their eggs on the surface and the larvae emerge from them and begin to burrow.

Although the larvae make sounds when eating wood, the sound is almost imperceptible to us, so we have to rely on other signals. One of them is the presence of these beetles in affected homes or furniture.

Another sign is the visualization of holes in the wood, whether of great or small density, and the presence of sawdust or white or red powder. In the case of beams, we can drill a support to check the consistency. If the fist enters with little pressure, there is an advanced moth, if it resists, the problem is probably limited.

How to recognize termites

termites at home

termites at home

In fact, termites are called the invisible pest because they are so hard to spot. Basically at the domestic level, we can know that we have termites in two ways, by direct vision and by affections in the wood.

  • When they leave the colony in the spring like winged termites to mate, we can detect them by direct vision, this is called a colony. We can find hundreds of winged termites looking for an exit and ending up on the ground or next to a window. It looks a lot like winged ants, but unlike them, they have four of the same wings.
  • They can also be detected when we observe the tunnels in the soil in the form of ropes that termites use to move from one place to another. Unlike the ants, termites avoid light and build these false tunnels to find food.
  • The effect on the wood occurs when the wood is hollow since the termites will devour it from the outside without visible symptoms. When pressed, it sinks as it eats away at the interior, revealing the presence of termites. Some users suggest tapping the wood to check if it is visibly strong, which can be used as a home form of inspection.

A company that specializes in eradicating termites has technology that can detect them. Moths can be heard without this technique, while termites cannot.

How to get rid of termites and woodworm

how to get rid of termites and woodworm

how to eliminate termites and woodworm

For woodworms large and small, there are commercial spray or gel applications, which are injected through small tubes into holes, as well as sprayed onto furniture surfaces or beams. They require a lot of patience to be effective, since missing a hole can lead to reinfestation. In addition, once the treatment is finished, the piece of wood must be wrapped in plastic.

As for the beams, they also sell a kind of plug that sticks to the wood, near the perforated area, and releases fumes that are toxic to the larvae. This is a method that requires some understanding of the signs that the larvae are present and functioning in the medium term. In these cases, if the woodworm is widespread, it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional.

Home remedies

In these cases, there are other more homemade methods that can be applied, such as injecting a mixture of tea tree oil and turpentine into the holes. The problem with painting or painting furniture is that it destroys its aesthetics, therefore, it must be applied very carefully before wrapping the furniture.

If a piece of furniture or piece is easy to care for and small, we can use a hair dryer to blow hot air into the gap, since dry wood cannot be eaten by larvae and has little resistance to heat. After that we also had to cover the furniture with plastic.

Finally, if we live in a very cold area during the winter, with nights below -10ºC, we can leave the furniture outdoors during the cold week since the cold will kill the larvae. Of course, the furniture must be covered and protected from moisture.

professional remedies

In another area are professional remedies, in the case of furniture or transportable elements, which require transfer to special rooms, where a combination of controlled atmospheres (CAT) is usually used, where harmful fumes prevail for woodworm and in very very cold at low temperatures. For beams, experts use gels and other coating methods to release toxic fumes and stop woodworm growth.

How to get rid of termites

  • If the house has a garden, liClean the environment and avoid piles of wood around: This can be beneficial, but it is not always easy to apply, as it would be convenient if the woodshed was close to the house.
  • Seal all cracks in the house to prevent termites from entering.: Strongly recommended, although not guaranteed to keep termites out. Professional treatments contemplate this type of treatment by creating physical and chemical barriers around the home, although they require work and the use of pesticides for a limited time. In addition, it does not guarantee 100% results, since tickets can still be obtained through water intake, electricity, etc. A treatment that is rarely used today because it is a barrier that does not guarantee the entry of termites.
  • Separate the wooden furniture from the walls, leaving a few inches for ventilation. If you only have wood in your furniture and not in the structure of your home, it can be helpful to at least know that termites aren’t getting into the furniture. It is unlikely that we will have a problem with the furniture, and we have never seen a problem with the wooden door or the lower area of ​​the window frame before.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to eliminate thermals and woodworm.

How to eliminate termites and woodworm: the best remedies

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