What type of artificial grass to choose?

Artificial grass is a good alternative to natural grass.

Artificial grass is a good alternative to natural grass

Are you one of those who like green rugs in a garden or on a terrace? You are not the only one! The lawn makes the place look different, more welcoming, as it invites you to sit on the ground and enjoy the outdoors while you read a book or play with your children for example.

But to make the experience even more enjoyable, it is very interesting to opt for artificial grassand not by nature. Why? Because it does not require so much care, it is very easy to put on and, last but not least, it is cheap. In addition, there are several types, so you will surely be able to get the one that best suits your needs.

Top 1. The best artificial grass


  • It measures 10 mm in height, so when you sit on it, you will be very comfortable.
  • It is suitable for dogs and cats, as it is made of polyethylene fabric and on the back it has a particularly durable latex with holes for water to drain.
  • It is not toxic.
  • It is UV resistant and easy to clean.
  • It measures 1 x 3 meters, so it is perfect for balconies and small patios, as well as to put in the garden.


  • It measures 1 x 3 meters, and its price can be high. But considering its qualities, it is very interesting, because you know that it will last you a long time.
  • Like any material that is left outside, over the years it deteriorates.

Selection of various types of artificial grass

Here we leave you a few types of artificial grass so that you can choose the one that most convinces you:

Pangda Artificial Garden Grass, 15 x 15cm Fragments (Packs of 8)

Do you need to decorate a small garden or do you have an artificial grass that has been damaged on one side? Then your best option will be to buy these fragments. They measure 15 x 15 centimeters and are 1 centimeter thick. They are cheap, and a beautiful green color.

Cofan Artificial Grass (7 mm) Roll 1 Width X 5 Length MTS

This is one of the best value for money. It is a roll of 5 meters long by 1 meter wide whose height is 7 millimeters. It is easy to install, since you can even put it near the pool.

Navaris Artificial Grass Mat – Set of 6X 30.3″ Square Synthetic Grass Mat

With a soft touch, this artificial grass will serve to decorate the place you want: patios, balconies, terraces… It is a pack with 6 square pieces of 30,3 centimeters, which can be installed without the need to use any tools.

Nortene Artificial Grass Lubeck 330009 7Mm2X5Vd

This beautiful 2 x 5 meter green rug has a thickness of 7 millimeters, and is treated to resist ultraviolet rays and thus not lose color. It is made of plush polypropylene, which has drainage holes for easy cleaning.

SUMC Artificial grass, grass mat for terrace, balcony, 30 mm high (1m x 2m)

SUMC’s artificial grass is ideal for those who want a thick mat, as it measures 30 millimeters in height. Plus, it has 4 different shades of green, so it’s easy to think it’s natural grass. It is UV resistant and easy to clean.

GARDIUN KCC20210 – Highlands Pro III Artificial Grass Roll – 20 mm 1000×200 cm Memory Effect

This is an artificial grass that has a natural appearance, ideal for putting on terraces, patios or gardens. It has a height of 20 millimeters, and a combination of four different shades of green, thanks to which it looks much more realistic.

Artificial Grass Buying Guide

Artificial grass is a good option when looking for a mat that is UV resistant and low in maintenance. But how to choose it?

Shades of green

Although all types of artificial grass are green (except some that are white or red), there are others that have a combination of 4 different shades of green, so the effect achieved with them is much more natural than those who only have one. But they are usually somewhat more expensive.


Before buying it, you have to measure the surface where you want to put it, since it may be more advisable to buy small pieces rather than a roll of several meters. But yes, keep in mind that it is better that you have excess and not that you lack, since you can always cut it and use that piece for, for example, the decoration of your house.

Artificial grass height/thickness

Although this is very subjective, you do have to keep in mind that, the thicker the rug, the more comfortable it will be when you sit or lie on itbecause the distance from the ground to the surface of the artificial grass will be greater than if you opt for a finer one.

Price range

In general, the larger the dimensions of the roll, the higher its price. But make sure the seller has received a lot of positive feedback before you buy so there are no surprises later.

Other things to keep in mind

In addition to what we have talked about so far, there are other things that you should also look at:

How to lay artificial grass?

Now let’s move on to what interests us: once we have it at home, how do we put it? Well, following these steps:

  1. The first is Preparing the terrain. If we are going to install it on land, we will remove the stones and the grass, then we will level it with a rake and we will put an anti-weed mesh to make sure that no seeds germinate; and if it is going to be on a terrace, for example, it will be enough to sweep it well to remove the dirt.
  2. Then we place the artificial grass on one side, and we put it. If we have bought a roll, we will unroll it; and if we have chosen to acquire pieces, we will put them so that they remain together.
  3. Ultimately, what we are left with is hold him to the ground. To do this, we can use special double-sided adhesive tape for artificial grass, or U-type staples and a hammer.

How is it cut?

Whether we have bought a roll that has turned out to be large in the end, or we already have artificial grass that has been damaged in one corner and we want to cut it, what we will do is take, for example, one or several straight pieces of wood, place them on the part that you have to cut and then ask someone to hold them well while we cut it out with scissors or a cutter.

How to care for artificial grass?

The maintenance of this type of lawn is very simple. Basically, it has to be brushed daily, and if an animal has urinated, clean it quickly with water.

And don’t worry about the fire: European legislation requires that it be made of fire-retardant materials, that is, if it is exposed to fire it will melt. Therefore, it is not flammable.

Where to buy cheap artificial grass?

There are many types of artificial grass

There are many types of artificial grass

There are a number of places where they sell at competitive prices, such as:

The Amazon

On Amazon they sell everything, and where it is easier to get the artificial grass you need. Why? Because buyers have the option to value their purchases, so it is very easy to get it right. In addition, after payment you only have to wait a few days (1-2 is the most common) to receive it at home, and if it takes too long or if you want to return it when you receive it, they will refund your money.

Brico Depot

At Bricodepot they sell products and tools that can be useful for gardens and terraces, including high-quality artificial grass. Prices range between 3 and 19 euros per meter, and you have the option of buying both from their online store and in a physical store.. But to know what other buyers think, you have to look on other websites, because it is not possible to write any product options on yours.


In Carrefour it is possible to find products of all kinds: food, furniture, tools. The best thing is that you can also buy online, on their website. There are many different models with a minimum price of 22 euros for a 2 x 1 meter roll. To succeed with the purchase, It is highly recommended to choose the product that has a higher ratingso we will receive what we really need.

Leroy Merlin

In the Leroy Merlin they sell a wide variety of products for the home and garden, but they have few models of artificial grass in their online storeso we recommend visiting one of its many physical stores throughout the country.

Do you dare to put artificial grass in your garden or terrace?

What type of artificial grass to choose?

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