Ficus umbellata: What is it and how to care for it

The Ficus umbellata is a species of fig tree

A two for one is always good, also in the case of plants. There are many plant species that are used to decorate and that, in addition, give us something. A clear example of this is the fig tree umbrellas. It is a beautiful plant with large leaves, ideal to beautify our environment. But it is not only used to decorate, but it also produces exquisite fruits. This is not surprising, since it is a fig tree.

If you want to know more about him fig tree umbrellasI recommend that you keep reading. We will explain what it is and what care this vegetable requires so that you can have it in your home.

What is the Ficus umbellata?

Ficus umbellata is widely used to decorate interiors

The Ficus umbellata is widely used to decorate interiors

When we talk about fig tree umbrellaswe mean a kind of precious fig tree that is ideal for decorating even interiors. LThe leaves of this tree are really big and shaped like a heart. They are also light, with wavy edges and well marked nerves. As for the color of the leaves, it is lustrous and intense green. It is certainly a plant that attracts attention thanks to its foliage, which is very ornamental. Therefore, it is the perfect vegetable to beautify the interior of our homes.

Fig trees

The gender Rubber plant It is commonly known as a fig tree and belongs to the family of the moraceae. To this type of plants belongs a large number of different species whose foliage is very attractive. What’s more, They offer a fairly diverse selection of climbing plants, trees and shrubs. Therefore it is quite common to find some type of fig tree in many places.

Generally, almost all plant species of arborescent nature can be grown indoors, at least during his young stage. However, when they begin to acquire a considerable size, it is best to take them abroad. It is advisable not to delay this task too much, since its growth also entails an increase in weight.

Fig trees have their origin in various parts of the world. They come from tropical regions, southern Africa, Asia, some Pacific islands and also the American continent.

Take care of the shaded fig

Ficus umbellata has large, heart-shaped leaves

Ficus umbellata has large, heart-shaped leaves.

As we have already mentioned above, the fig tree umbrellas It is a very popular fig tree for interior decoration. Therefore, it is worth knowing what care it requires. If we want to maintain the brightness of its beautiful and large leaves, it is best to wipe the surface of its foliage with a clean cloth or sponge from time to time. In summer it is quite common for the tips of its leaves to begin to dry out. To prevent this from happening, a good option is to spray a little water on them every day. This way we provide them with enough humidity so that they can stay.

As for the location, it is best that we place this plant in a bright place, the more the better. In fact, the ideal would be that you could enjoy the sun every day, at least for a little while. It should be noted that this vegetable is very sensitive. It does not support well loaded, dry, too hot or intensely cold environments. In addition, it does not like drafts or changes of location.

Indoor ficus needs a lot of lightThe ficus indoors needs a lot of light

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It is also important to consider watering. To do it well, we must keep the soil moist in summer, but avoid flooding it. Otherwise, the roots could start to rot. In winter we can water more spacedly and always watching the amount of water we pour. Keep in mind that both watering and improper location will cause the fig tree umbrellas lose a significant part of its leaves.

The fruits of this plant are the typical figs of this genus. While we may one day be able to harvest them, we must be aware that it is very difficult for this tree to produce fruit being so young and being indoors. Once we have planted it in the garden, things change.


In the event that we have a fig tree umbrellas and we want to spread it, we can do it by cuttings from its leaves. To do this we simply have to cut the cuttings with a small piece of stem. This task should be done with great caution, as fig trees exude a milky liquid when stems or leaves are cut. It is a toxic substance, so you have to handle the vegetable with great care.

Once we have acquired the cuttings, they must be left in the open air overnight. This is how we get the cut part to dry. They are then inserted into an even mixture of sand and peat. It may take several months for the cuttings to start putting out roots. The spread of fig tree umbrellas It can also be done through its fruits.

As you can see, this plant is not difficult to maintain and it looks really spectacular in the home. We don’t even have to like figs, as they are unlikely to bear fruit indoors. Of course, we can enjoy its beautiful and huge leaves.

Ficus umbellata: What is it and how to care for it

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