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Potted raspberry plant care

Have you ever tried raspberries? They are one of the sweetest and at the same time acidic fruits that fascinate almost everyone who tastes them. Those who don’t, with cream or some sweet, get to enjoy them and others, drinking them alone is a real delicacy. However, many think that they can only be cultivated on land and it is not true. Do you want to Let’s help you with the care of the potted raspberry plant and so you are encouraged to have it in your home?

If you would like to have a raspberry at home and in a pot, we help you to be well cared for and meet all the needs of the plant. Go for it?

Raspberry characteristics

Raspberry characteristics

Raspberry Characteristics

The raspberry, with a scientific name ideal rubusit’s native to both Europe and North Asiawith a natural habitat characterized by forests. Although its origin is that, it is currently spread throughout the world.

It is a not too big shrub, because it can reach one meter (maximum two and a half). You should know that this plant It develops an underground stem, in addition to the one you see, and it has branches. However, after the first flowering and fruits, it dies giving way to a renewal of new branches and roots that will come out of that stem. That is why you need a large space, especially vertically.

The most striking thing about this shrub are, without a doubt, its fruits. Keep in mind that we are talking about a plant with more or less large and green leaves but, as for the fruits, when they begin to ripen they turn red.

Potted Raspberry Plant Care

Potted Raspberry Plant Care

Potted raspberry plant care

Now that you know a little about the raspberry plant, it is time to know how to grow it in a pot. Although it is not “normal” to do it, and it is to have it in the garden on the ground, there is nothing against it that you cannot have it in a pot. Of course, it needs you to meet some important characteristics.


It is important that, when deciding to have a potted raspberry plant put it in a place where there is plenty of sunlight, at least 6 to 8 hours a day. If there are 10 much better. And it is that, for it to bear fruit correctly, it needs that light as much as possible.


Raspberry is a shrub of temperate or tropical climate, although it is capable of adapting to any climate as long as the temperatures are neither too high nor too low. I mean, you don’t like extremes.

They must be protected from strong winds, which can ruin the bush, and, of course, from frost and cold or suffocating heat.

When to plant raspberries

When to plant raspberries

When to plant raspberries

The best time to plant raspberries is in winter. However, if you live in a temperate climate zone, you might consider planting them at any time of the year.


The land of the raspberry must be very draining, that is, it should avoid puddles because this plant does not like it at all.

At the same time, it must contain many nutrients and be able to retain water, but without puddling. It is best to use a sandy loam substrate mixed with worm castings and make sure it has a pH between 5,6 and 6,2.

Clay substrate does not do well, nor does gravel or sand, because it can rot the roots or prevent them from flowering and bearing fruit. In this case, it is more demanding with the type of soil to be used.

Flower pot

A very important point in the care of the potted raspberry plant is the type of pot that you are going to use. It is very important that you choose one that is large, at least 30-60 centimeters in diameter (the more the better). Also, make sure it is quite long since, as we have mentioned, it will develop an underground stem and will need space for it to develop correctly.

This should have several holes at the bottom to release the water that the plant does not want. By last, have guides or supports on hand that you can put on the pot because the shrub will sometimes need support so that its stems do not bend, especially with the weight of the plant or the fruits.


Among the care of the raspberry plant in a pot, watering is one of the most important. You have to make sure the soil is always moist. This implies that you should observe if the top layer of the earth is dry or wet at least every other day. If it is dry, you have to pour water into it until it comes out through the holes in the pot, little by little so that it does not accumulate in parts of the earth. If it is damp, it is left for two more days.

In general, it is said that in winter it should be watered once a week while in summer you may have to do it every day, and even twice a day (in the morning and at night).


If you use a pot like the one we have told you, in general you will not have to worry about the transplant because it will have enough space to live well. But it is true that, after three years, it is best to plant it in the ground because it doesn’t tolerate the pot so well anymore.

It is also the time when the nutrients in the soil feed it and, if you can transplant it into soil, you would have to remove it from the pot, clean the soil and place it, if possible, in a slightly larger one.


It is important that you apply monthly a liquid fertilizer to keep the plant healthy. Of course, try to add a little less than the amount recommended by the manufacturer.


Since we are talking about growing the potted raspberry plant, it may develop quickly and you may have to cut it back often to control it.

The More intense pruning is done at the end of winter, cutting the canes in half to control the height. It is also pruned just after harvesting to prepare it for winter (cutting the branches that have borne fruit, so that the new stems that come out can have the necessary strength for the new seasonal fruits).

Plagues and diseases

The pets, mites and diseases related to lighting and watering they are the most common

thing this plant will deal with.

When are raspberries harvested

Raspberries is to recommend you pick them up, either first thing in the morning, well at night. This takes place in late summer and early fall.

Do you see how easy it is to care for a potted raspberry plant?

Potted Raspberry Plant Care | Gardening On

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