Can you have a potted bamboo?

Bamboo is not a plant to have in a potBamboo is not a plant to have in a pot

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Can you have a potted bamboo? And of course I’m talking about the real bamboosand not of those other plants that, without having any relationship with them, are also known by that name, as is the case of the bamboo or areca palm (Deeply shining), or lucky bamboo (Dracaena braunii).

So, focusing only on bamboo, you have to know that this is a rhizomatous plant, which means that new stems can sprout from the same roots. That is their way of colonizing a territory. Therefore, it is at least interesting to wonder if its root system could be capable, or not, of breaking a pot if our intention is to grow one in a container.

Is it viable to have a potted bamboo for its entire life?

Herbaceous bamboos can be kept in a potHerbaceous bamboos can be kept in a pot

Image – Wikimedia Commons/Matt Lavin // Raddia brasiliensis

To answer that question correctly, you must first know that there are about a thousand different species classified into about 120 botanical genera. Roughly we distinguish woody bamboos, such as Phyllostachys or Dendrocalamus, and herbaceous ones such as Raddia or Pariana.

Having said that, It is important to say that woody bamboos cannot be kept in a pot, since they are plants that can reach several meters in height, develop very thick stems (some up to 30 centimeters wide), and also have a strong root system. This does not mean that they cannot be grown in a container for a while, while they are young and ‘tender’, but we do not advise it as they need a lot of space to grow, so having them in a pot slows down their growth a lot.

Another different topic would be that of herbaceous bamboos. These don’t have such strong roots, and since they don’t grow that big either (many don’t exceed a meter in height), they can be grown in containers.

How to maintain a potted bamboo?

For this, it is necessary to take into account several things, such as choosing a good pot and a good substrate, and of course, the place where it is going to be placed so that the plant can grow properly. So let’s see point by point everything you need to know and do if your intention is to keep a bamboo in a pot for a while:

Choose a suitable pot

We have said above that the roots of these plants are strong, especially those of the woody bamboos, therefore, we recommend planting it in a clay pot. And it is that the plastic ones can end up broken soon.

Besides that, it is important that it has at least one hole in the base through which the water can escape, although it is better that you have several so that the drainage is perfect. And as for the size, it should be about four inches wider and taller than the container you currently have.

Put quality substrate

Compo Sana - Substrate...Compo Sana - Substrate...

Yes, bamboo is a very resistant plant, but if you put poor quality soil on it, sooner or later its health will suffer.

Thus, it is highly advisable to opt for universal or specific substrates for green plants from some popular brands, such as Flower or Fertiberia. In this way, you will ensure that your bamboo is healthy, and that, therefore, it looks beautiful.

water it

Potted bamboo must be watered in order to prevent the roots from drying out. But how often do you have to do it? In general, It has to be watered as the soil dries out.. During the summer it will be done more often than the rest of the year, since the climatic conditions make the soil lose moisture faster.

So, you will have to water your bamboo more or less three times a week during the summer period, as long as it does not rain and you yourself see that the soil is really drying up and therefore needs water. In autumn and winter the irrigation frequency will be lower.

Feed it as it grows

Potted bamboo needs to be fertilized from time to time. It will be done during the months in which it grows, that is, from spring until the end of summer. For it, you have to use fertilizers for green plantsfollowing the instructions that are specified on the container label.

Transplant it if necessary

Regardless of what type of bamboo you have, whether it’s woody or herbaceous, you’ll need to plant it in a larger and larger pot as it grows. So do not hesitate to see if the roots come out through the holes in it every 2 or 3 yearsand if so, plant it in a larger one in spring.

Protect it from the cold

Many of the bamboos -especially the herbaceous ones- are very sensitive to cold, such is the case of those that I mentioned before such as the Pariana or Raddia. Thus, You must protect them from low temperatures. In this article you will see which bamboos resist the cold:

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Hope it has fit.

Can you have a potted bamboo?

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