How to get tomato seeds

How to get tomato seeds

In the vast majority of houses, tomatoes are never lacking. They are a vegetable (or fruit) that is always in the refrigerator drawer. What you may not know is that, from those tomatoes, you can get “children”, since the seeds are inside them. But, How to get tomato seeds?

Next we are going to help you know how to get them out (giving you different options about them), to preserve them and to plant them properly so that they germinate and, thus, you can have your own tomato plant and save a peak on your weekly purchase.

How to get tomato seeds

One of the mistakes, and what they always tell you on the Internet is that the seeds of tomatoes are obtained only from those that are ripe and that you have to wait for them to wilt in the plant to obtain them. Actually, the tomatoes you buy in stores are also useful for extracting the seeds, planting them and having a tomato plant (or many).

Therefore, although you read a lot about having a tomato plant and working with it, the truth is that you can get it with super or greengrocer tomatoes.

Remove the seeds from a tomato plant

Remove the seeds from a tomato plant

Remove the seeds from a tomato plant

Let’s start by giving you the keys if you already have a tomato plant. As you know, these do not last forever, but will only be “alive” for a season. Well, you should choose the plant that has given you the best tomatoes and leave one or two in the bush until they are very ripe. Because you mean that more time has passed and that the seeds may be of better quality. It is best that you do it in autumn, since that is when the plant begins to decline.

You must take that ripe tomato and cut it in half. Next, with a strainer, put one of the halves and squeeze so that the liquid comes out and, at the same time, the tomato seeds remain in it. Scrub well to loosen them from the skin.

Right after, we recommend that you pour a little water to clean them slightly, but not too much since it is important that the seeds remain with a gelatinous envelope that they have.

Now, you will have to put them in a jar and cover them with a little cling film (remember to make some holes with a toothpick) for 4-5 days. In that time, the gelatin will have nourished the seeds.

After that time, you have to take them out and wash them again, now, quite well, to remove any gelatin or traces of water.

Transfer them to a napkin to remove excess water and let them dry. Once you have them, you can keep them in an envelope to plant them in spring.

Seeds via fried tomato

If you are one of those who make your own fried tomato, you will know that one of the steps you must take to do so is to remove the excess water that the tomatoes are releasing (that is why the pear or branch ones that release less water are recommended). However, what you may not know is that the liquid you remove is also full of seeds that, although they have been “cooked”, are still viable to plant.

In fact, the leftover liquid from the fried tomato, when cooled, is a great fertilizer for plantsespecially for citrus, and is often used to pour it on. With the surprise that, after a while, a tomato plant appears. Why? Due to the tomato seeds.

When you split and cook the tomato, what you do is separate the pulp from the seeds and these are normally in the water, so when you remove it, you also take the seeds with you. These you could strain them and they would serve you perfectly to have tomato plants.

So it’s another way to get the seeds out of the tomato.

Take out tomato seeds from super

Take out tomato seeds from super

Remove the seeds of tomato of super

Finally, we are going to tell you about super (or greengrocer) tomatoes. If you usually buy them on these sites, you should know that you are also going to get the seeds from them. To do this, and as you will already guess, you need the tomato to be as ripe as possible because this will make it easier for you to remove the seeds.

Now to help you Cut it in half and use a grater to rub the tomato against it. In this way, you will have the pulp of the tomato but also the seeds. If you put it in a colander and put it under the water tap to clean it, you will end up getting the seeds.

The next thing is to let them macerate 4-5 days, clean them again, dry them and wait to plant them. There is no more mystery!

How to sow the seeds

How to sow the seeds

How to sow the seeds

When sowing tomato seeds, you can find a large number of them. Even if you only got them from one tomato, chances are you have a lot. And one of the mistakes people make is taking a tiny pot and putting them all in it.

It is true that not all of them will germinate, but if several do, you will be making them compete for space. Therefore, it is always better to place them in small groups and then, as they germinate, separate them.

The steps you should follow to germinate and sow the seeds are as follows:

Take the seeds and put them in a glass of water for at least 12 hours. This will cause most of them to go to the bottom of the glass while others can remain on the surface. The ones that stay there are that they are not going to work.

Right after, take them out and you have two options:

  • Put them on wet napkins and leave them stored in a container without sunlight for 1-2 days. This will make the seeds begin the sowing process and in that time you will see that they begin to take root.
  • Plant them directly in the potwith humid earth, that not flooded. It doesn’t take much longer for the seeds to react.

Both methods are fine and easy to do. The next thing is to wait for the sprouts to come out, see how many there are and consider where you are going to plant them definitively, taking into account that each tomato plant needs its own space to develop properly.

Now do you dare to try your luck with your tomatoes? Maybe and that way you don’t have to spend the money but you take them from your own garden.

How to get tomato seeds

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