How to make a mini greenhouse

It is possible to make a mini greenhouse in a small space

Sometimes it is necessary to have a mini greenhouse to protect our plants. Regardless of whether we have them in the ground or in a pot, the low temperatures could harm them, so it is worth investing some of our time in building them a little shelter.

But what materials are needed? Well, it will depend a lot on how many plants you have to have sheltered from the climatic conditions that will be in your area during the winter, as well as the available space. Because, we are going to explain how to make a mini greenhouse.

How many plants do you have to protect and where are they?

First of all, you must answer this question, since otherwise the greenhouse you make might not be the most suitable for them. And is that It is not the same to protect a few pots, than some plants that are planted in the ground; nor is it the same to protect large specimens, than others that measure less than 10 centimeters in height.

Although the idea is to make a mini greenhouse, if there is a plant that is larger than the others, we will have to take it into account when deciding the height of the shelter. And if they are on the ground, the shelter will not be the same as the one we make for the pots.

What materials are needed?

You can make a mini greenhouse with plastic

You can make a mini greenhouse with plastic

It will depend a lot on the answer to the first question. But, in general, the materials that are most used to make a mini greenhouse are the following:

  • Greenhouse plastic: there are several types, such as polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer. They all have different densities, so they are used to make different greenhouses. The one that interests us the most is EVA, since it is more resistant than PVC and, in addition, it absorbs and maintains heat well and fast enough so that the plants are protected from low temperatures.
  • Plastic bottles or clear glass containersIf you only need a greenhouse to sow your seeds, a simple plastic bottle or a transparent glass container will do the trick. Or even a terrarium or fish tank that you no longer use.
  • Wooden planks: to make the structure. Of course, make sure they are treated to withstand outdoor conditions (humidity, rain, frost, sun, wind, etc.). If in doubt, you can apply wood oil.

How to make a homemade mini greenhouse?

There are several ways to make a mini greenhouse, depending on the material that is used. Here’s how to build some:

Plastic bottle

You will need one of 1 liter, and another of 2 liters. You have to cut the upper part of the two bottles, making a clean cut. Then make small holes in the base of the smaller one.and fill it with seedbed substrate (such as this) or with a universal one mixed with perlite (on sale here!). So you can plant the plant or sow.

And finally, You only have to cover it with the stopper of the largest bottle. Now you have two options: either leave it at home by putting a plate under it, or take it outside. For that, you have to know what is the rusticity of the plants that you have planted or sown, since if, for example, there are frosts in your area and you have sown a seed that does not resist them, it is most likely that it will not germinate.

Fish tank or terrarium

One way to give a second life to any of these things that are usually thrown away when they are no longer useful is by turning them into a small greenhouse. For it, what we will do is cover them with plastic, and keep them indoors near a window.

It is important not to take them outside, otherwise when it rains they will fill with water and the plants could rot. For this same reason, we must also remember to open the greenhouse daily for a few minutes, so that the air is renewed and thus prevent fungi from appearing.

Mini wood greenhouse

It's easy a mini wooden greenhouseA mini wooden greenhouse is easy

Image – Wikimedia / Rebecca Partington

If you want to make a small wooden greenhouse, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Get 16 wooden planks of the length you need. If you are going to make a rectangular one, think that 8 should be longer than the others.
  2. Apply wood oil to them to resist the weather, and let them dry in the sun for a few hours.
  3. Then, make the structure, gluing them either with silicone, or with nails.
  4. Once you have it done, glue the greenhouse plastic. You can do it with silicone too. But yes, you have to ensure that it is well glued so that the wind does not have a chance to enter.
  5. Leave one of the sides of the greenhouse without gluing the plastic well on all sides, since that will be where you put or remove the plants. In addition, it is important to leave a small ventilation window for the air to be renewed, as this reduces the risk of fungi appearing. Therefore, on this side, instead of gluing it with silicone, it is preferable to do it with double-sided adhesive tape with velcro, gluing it with glue such as the Super Glue that you can buy here!.

So you can have your mini greenhouse made in a short time.

How to make a mini greenhouse

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