How to buy a ground drill that meets your needs

ground drill

ground drill

Have you ever had to make holes in the garden to place, for example, a fence? If you have done it manually you will have finished surrendered. For this reason, it is best to have a ground drill at hand that in seconds makes the holes you want.

But, Don’t know how to buy one? What should you look at? We answer all that concerns you here so that you do not have doubts when going to a store to buy a ground drill, knowing what you have to look at. Go for it?

Best Earth Augers

Best earth auger brands

Focusing on the best brands of earth drills, the ones that usually stand out among experts and professionals are the following:


Don’t be fooled by its name because it is a Spanish brand specialized in the manufacture of tools and equipment for gardening, agriculture and construction.

Greencut Earth Augers They have a powerful and robust motor that allows them to drill the earth with ease and speed. In addition, most of the models have a solid and resistant structure that guarantees their durability and a long service life. Many of them have a quick and easy start system, allowing for a quick and effortless start-up. In addition, they have a variable speed control system that allows you to adjust the speed of the drill according to the needs of each task.


MaxxGarden is a brand that offers a wide range of garden and DIY tools for individuals and professionals. Regarding the drills, its products are equipped with a powerful and robust motor that allows drilling the earth with speed and precision.

They have a ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and improve grip, making them ideal for extended drilling tasks.


Finally, Stihl is a well-known German brand for manufacturing high-quality equipment for gardening and construction. And of course, they have good quality ground drills.

Of course, in addition to giving good power, it also They pamper the design a lot to make them comfortable to wear and reduce fatigue. in addition to improving grip with the aim of using them for long periods of time. Many models have a vibration control system that reduces vibrations for a more comfortable wearing experience.

Ground Auger Buying Guide

Buying a ground drill is not easy. There are many aspects that you must take into account so that, as soon as you use it, it does not break. In addition, depending on the use you are going to give it, it can be more rewarding to buy one or rent it.

Be that as it may, the factors that you should take into account when buying a ground drill are the following:


Did you know that there are different types of drills? The three main types are: manual, electric drill and gasoline drill. And each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the hand drill is the cheapest, but also the most tiring to use. The power drill is easier to use, but may be less powerful. The gasoline drill is the most powerful, but also the most expensive.


You need to make sure that you buy a ground auger from a good quality and reputable brand. Read reviews and look for recommendations from other users before taking a decision. Even if you don’t know the brand personally, if you see that it is recognized and many recommend it for a reason, it will be.

size and depth

The size of the drill depends on the size of the holes you want to drill. If you plan to drill small holes, a smaller drill will suffice. But if you plan on drilling large holes, you’ll need a larger drill.

And related to this you have the depth of the holes. Yeah you plan to drill very deep holes, you will need a ground auger that can reach that depth. Therefore, you have to make sure what the maximum drilling depth of the drill is before buying it.


In the case of electric and gasoline drills, you will have to know what the horsepower or watts they carry are. These are important depending on the ground you want to drill because, the harder, the more power you will need.

Rotation speed

Believe it or not, it is a very important aspect because the more speed you have the faster you will finish the job.

Drill weight and vibration

The weight of the ground auger is important if you plan to use it for long periods of time. If the drill is too heavy, it may be difficult to handle and can cause fatigue.

In addition, the vibration will affect your body, especially if you use it for a long time afterward, you may feel your hands tingling (as if you still have the drill in them).


Finally, we have the price. and this shall adjust to the budget you have in mind. However, we are talking about a device that can cost from 50 euros (the cheapest and manual) to more than 150 and 200 euros in the case of electric ones, from 300 and up if they are gasoline.

Where to buy?

ground drill

ground drill

The last thing we need to talk to you about is where you should buy a ground drill. It is not a product that you can easily find anywhere, but fortunately there are some stores that do have them.

Of course, when buying, Keep in mind the guide that we have discussed in order to be able to hit much better. And with it we have investigated for you some of the most sought after stores on the Internet for this product. This is what we think of them.


In the case of Amazon, it is where you will find the most variety, but especially accessories. If you only look for machines themselves you will have less, but much more quantity than in other stores. Of course, control the time in which the products will be served to you as well as if you have shipping costs.

And something even more important: the guarantee and what you can do if you don’t like the drill (if you can return it, if they are going to charge you something, etc.).


At Bricomart we have searched for various terms but the truth is that Your search engine has not returned any type of result so, at least online, we will not be able to buy one. That does not mean that they do not have them in physical stores, but you would have to ask.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you will find earth drills with the name of ahoyadoras and although they do not have as many models or products as with other articlesit does have more than 20 related articles.

Now, if we focus only on machines, it has much less. But still you will have a choice.

Do you already know what the earth drill you are going to buy will be?

How to buy a ground drill that meets your needs

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