8 types of aphids and how they fight

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Rego Korosi Aphids are one of the pests that most frequently attack plants, both indoors and outdoors. They are tiny parasites, barely half a centimeter long, and they feed on the sap of leaves and flowers, and sometimes also on branches that are still green. But although they may all […]

Types of cauliflower: characteristics, properties and much more

Cauliflower is a plant that belongs to the Brassica family, along with cabbage, cabbage, and broccoli. It is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals, high in fiber and low in calories, it is widely used in slimming diets. There are different types of cauliflower that can be added to your diet to load it […]

How to care for a potted banana tree: all the care you need

Don’t know how to care for a potted banana tree? It is one of the plants that can give your home an exotic touch, plus you can enjoy bananas. Yes, as you read. However, in a pot, it needs some care that we sometimes forget. For this reason, on this occasion, we are going to […]

What is a hydroponic lettuce and how is it grown?

Have you ever heard of hydroponic lettuce? Do you know how it is cultivated and why it is done with a special cultivation method? If you like to eat organic food but don’t have enough space in your home, this can be a good way to have lettuce. Now, how can it be cultivated? What […]

Can the avocado pit be sown in water?

If you are one of those who consume avocado, surely more than once you have wondered if you could not buy a plant, or have it from the bone. Perhaps you have read about it and you have been curious about whether avocado pits can be sown in water. For this reason, on this occasion, […]

Potted papaya tree: care | Gardening On

Having a papaya tree in a pot is not difficult at all. Because the seeds are very fast growing, and the tree is small and its life expectancy is not long, there are those who dare to have it, either on the balcony, terrace … placed in a pot. But, to have a potted papaya […]

Why does my Ficus elastica have brown spots on the leaves?

¿Tu Elastic fig You have brown spots on the leaves and you can’t figure out the cause? Don’t worry: although there are several possible reasons why it is like this, there are also several possible solutions. So if your tree starts to get sick, if you follow our advice you can try to recover it. […]

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