Bacopa monnieri, the plant that can help you with concentration

bacopa monnieri

Have you ever heard of Bacopa monnieri? Do you know what kind of plant it is? Don’t worry, because if you don’t know, we are going to discover a plant that is not only beautiful decoratively but also has other uses that you should know in depth.

Do you want to know what we are talking about? Learn about the characteristics of Bacopa monnieri, how you should take care of it in your garden, and the main uses of this plant.

Characteristics of Bacopa monnieri

bacopa monnieri branches

bacopa monnieri branches

Bacopa monnieri, also known as Water Hyssop, is a very beautiful tropical flower. Its origin is in America, specifically in the area that goes from southeastern Virginia to southern Florida and western Texas.

But don’t be fooled by its location. And it is that This plant needs moist places to live. so it is common to find it in freshwater areas, near swimming pools, in streams, riverbanks and even protruding from the most muddy coasts of the place.

Another point you should know about Bacopa monnieri is that It is a perennial plant and tolerates heat well. but not the one that lacks water. In some cases it is easy to keep it in aquariums or even in hanging baskets (as long as the water they have is very controlled).

What you may not know is that it is considered a succulent plant. Yes, the leaves that it has are quite thick and the water that the plant needs accumulates there. Physically they are oblanceolate and measure approximately 0.31 centimeters (as you can see, they are tiny). These are arranged oppositely on the stem and all of them have a vein. In addition, the underside of them is usually dotted to the touch.

As for the flowers, they can be light blue, white or purple.. It usually blooms from September to October. But, being perennial, it can sporadically bloom at other times of the year. These are solitary and have about 4-5 petals, no more. They are tiny, but they attract a lot of attention due to their color. As for the aroma, we have not found anything about it, so we do not know if the flowers will have an odor or if it is imperceptible.

It is common for you to find that this plant blooms and bears fruit at the same time. The fruits are usually ovoid and tiny. but they have two grooves and two valves; inside full of seeds.

Bacopa monnieri care

close up view of bacopa monnieri flower

close up view of bacopa monnieri flower

Although growing Bacopa monnieri is not common, it can be interesting if you want to put a waterfall, a fountain or similar in your garden, since one of the plants that you could have near, or even in the water, could be this one.

Now, you must bear in mind that, although it adapts to any type of soil, and even its pH, the truth is that If you give it a clayey, neutral or clayey loam, it will appreciate it much more.

It tolerates heat quite well. but during the winter it is very common for it to remain inactive, sometimes even for us to lose it, to re-emerge in spring. Unless it is near the water, where it is usually protected.

With regard to irrigation there is no doubt that it needs us to be aware of it so that it does not lack water. It is true that you have to control this a lot to prevent the roots from rotting, but they are more resistant to water than other plants.

No known pests or diseases (it is also true that, as a wild tropical plant, not much is known about it) but it is known about the type of reproduction that can be carried out. In this regard, in addition to the seeds, which are difficult to germinate, the easiest way to multiply it is through sprout cuttings. These must be between 5 and 10 centimeters and have roots and internodes for them to succeed.


water swab

water swab

Beyond its decorative uses in gardens, the truth is that what Bacopa monnieri is best known for is its medicinal use. Some of the benefits that are achieved with it have to do with an improvement in memory, concentration, learning, as well as for treat epilepsy and anxiety problems. But there is more.

The plant has a high concentration of bacosides, which in addition to helping with memory, concentration, etc. it can also repair damaged neurons and even improve the symptoms of a disease as damaging as Alzheimer’s. We are not saying that it cures it, but at least it tries to alleviate the problem it causes in people.

It is also capable of inhibit neuronal oxidative stress.

In India, Bacopa monnieri is part of Ayurveda treatments, using it to all kinds of skin problems, but also to increase the growth of hair, nails and the skin itself.

It is also effective against diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, rheumatism, back pain, digestive problems… It is even credited with some anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

Of course, it is not recommended to take it when you are pregnant or while breastfeeding, nor to exceed the daily dose to avoid side effects, such as gastrointestinal problems, nausea, problems with intestinal motility, stomach pain…

Now that you know more about Bacopa monnieri, would you dare to have it in your garden or in an aquarium? Did you know the plant or the vitamin supplements that are sold from it? We read you!

Bacopa monnieri, the plant that can help you with concentration

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