When and how to sow flax seeds? All the steps to take

sow flax seeds

Have you ever wanted to plant flaxseeds but didn’t dare because you didn’t know if they would catch, grow, or even know how to grow them? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first to have doubts.

That’s why, if you want to enjoy linen (beyond commercial cultivation and yes as decorative) here we are going to give you all the keys that you must take into account so that it succeeds and, above all, so that you have a pot or a field full of pale blue flowers. You dare?

When is flax planted?

flax seeds

flax seeds

The first thing you need to know about flax seeds is when you should plant them. In case you don’t know much This plant is annual. which means that it is born, grows, flourishes and then dies. With luck, the flower seeds fall to the ground and, by spring, sprout up giving you more flax again.

They are not plants that grow a lot, they can grow up to a meter high, but the most beautiful thing about them are their flowers.

And of course, you get the seeds from them. This is better to plant them after the cold, that is, around February or March, which is when everything starts to wake up. They are very easy to grow, and even easier to propagate, so we don’t think you’ll have a problem with them. Of course, they only last between 130 and 150 days alone (their entire cycle).

The steps to plant flax seeds

flax cultivation

flax cultivation

Now that you have an idea of ​​when you should plant them, and some curious facts about flax, we are going to detail the steps that you should take into account when planting flax seeds.

Prepare the place where you are going to plant

First of all, you should have determined the place where you are going to plant the flax seeds. This is important for two reasons:

  • On the one hand, because to grow flax will need a lot of direct sun. If you put them in a semi-shade area it will grow, yes, but not as much as in the sun. And in the shade, although it can grow, it will hardly develop (and you will have more difficulties for it to flower).
  • On the other hand, because it needs a very nutritious soil to grow. Flax is a plant that needs a good soil to germinate. Therefore, if your land is clayey, you will have to plow a lot to avoid having very compact areas (which it hates and does not tolerate at all). When choosing a good soil, it is better that you opt for sandy ones.

And of course, keep compost or fertilizers on hand because flax is very nutrient demanding that you will have to add during the growing season so that it develops strong and can flourish.

Prepare the seeds

If you already have flax seeds purchased, or if you have saved them from last season, there are some professionals who, to activate these and germinate faster, put them in a glass of water for 24 hours to hydrate them and at the same time “wake them up”.

In your case you can do the same, or you can plant them directly in the ground.

How to plant flax seeds

lino field

lino field

You already have the seed and the land where you are going to plant them. As we have told you before, you can do it in the garden (in the ground) or in a pot. Now, how to plant them?

You should know that the seeds are small and thin, so, as it happens with the cultivation of tomatoes, they should not be hidden too deep, but it is best to throw them on the ground and cover them very lightly with it to prevent birds or other animals from taking them.

Then, with a spray can with water and fertilizer, you should spray water to moisten the soil. Keep in mind that flax is a plant that likes moist soil, but it does not tolerate neither excess nor shortage of water. So you will have to check at the beginning to know what is the ideal period for your plants.

In general, they are usually watered once a week, always from below so that the water does not fall on the foliage.

As they grow, you will have to eliminate those plants that you see weaker, or that do not finish coming out.

An important aspect that we recommend is that mark a good separation between plants. Normally it is recommended that there is a space of about 30 centimeters between the plants so that they can develop properly. Of course, flax is not a plant that develops many roots, they are rather short.

Also, from time to time you should prune the flax so that the air circulates throughout the plant. This will also prevent the appearance of diseases and pests.

What care is important

Finally, now that you have the flax seeds planted, all you have to do is wait for them to germinate, grow and flourish. And for this it is important to give it the care it needs. Specifically:

  • Too much sun. The more direct sun they receive, the better for the plant.
  • Adequate watering. Neither more nor less. For this you will have to adapt to the needs of your plant (because it will depend on the weather, the temperature…).
  • Subscriber. During the growing season this is very important, as well as in flowering.
  • Pruning. To be able to let it breathe and at the same time sanitize it with plants that are weaker, that die or that entangle the plant itself.

gather the flax

More or less at the end of summer is when the flax is harvested. More specifically to pick the fruits, some small balls that will be dark green and that, when pressed a little, will open and let out an oily liquid. This is quite appreciated. But what you won’t know is that the longer it is allowed to mature, the better the seeds will be for next year.

Apart from the fruit flax stems are also used to make textiles. These are usually collected when it is fully ripe. However, if what you want is to produce fiber then it is cut while it is flowering.

As you can see, planting flax seeds is not difficult at all and you could do it in your garden to enjoy some beautiful blue flowers. In addition, being so easy to propagate, you will have no problem so that, the following year, you can continue enjoying the plant. Of course, be careful if it is very windy because it could cause the seeds to disperse and in the end you would have flax in more parts of the garden.

When and how to sow flax seeds? All the steps to take

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