How to buy a circular saw

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If you usually do odd jobs, either in the garden or at home, it is possible that one of the tools you need to have on hand is a circular saw. This has multiple uses and, as long as you keep safety in mind, it will help you in your work.

But how to buy a circular saw What should you pay attention to? Do you know which are the best on the market? All these issues, and some more, is what we are going to discuss below.

Top 1. The best circular saw


  • Compact design
  • Non-slip handle and laser guide.
  • Adjust the depth of cut.


  • It can not be used for a long time.
  • little power
  • Discs break in no time.

Selection of circular saws

Discover other circular saws that will surely catch your attention and so you can opt for one.

Circular Saw, TECCPO Professional 1200W

It has a 1200W motor and 5800RPM speed. The cutting angle is from 0 to 45º and the depth from 0 to 62mm.

The blade they provide is ideal for wood, but not for other materials (it would have to be changed).

Electric Circular Saw 1200W

It has a 1200W copper motor which reduces the heat of the machine by its use. It offers a speed of 5800RPM and cuts PVC, wood, soft metal, plastics…

The cut can be made from 0 to 45º with a maximum depth of between 62 and 42mm depending on the inclination.

HYCHIKA Circular Saw 1500W

It has a 1500W power motor and a speed of 4700RPM, which makes cutting powerful and fast.

The depth of cut is from 0 to 65mm in the case that it has an inclination of 90º, if it is 45º, the maximum depth is 45mm.

BLACK+DECKER CS1550 Circular Saw 1500W

This machine has a 66mm deep setting. Can be tilted at 45º and has a lock button for accidental start. In addition, it extracts the dust so that the work area is clean.

Bosch Professional GKS 190

It is a circular saw with a depth of cut of 70mm and a tilting capacity of 56º.

It has a 1400W motor and a turbo blower to keep the cutting line clean of dust. But it is not compatible with guide rails.

Circular saw buying guide

We know, a circular saw is not a very common tool when you only do small repairs at home. But it can be quite useful in some cases and the price of this is not excessive to have it on hand when you need it.

Now, It is not the same to buy a saw that is not worth it to have one at home that you know, when you need it, will respond to what you ask of it. What do you have to pay attention to? Here we give you some of the keys.


We start with the size of the saw. Imagine that you have to cut a piece of wood. And your circular saw is dwarf, how long would it take to do it? Size matters, especially when it comes to tools.

Now, the larger the size, the more space it occupies and that can influence your purchase. Our suggestion if you want to buy the saw (and we assume that it is because you know you need it) is to establish the space where it will be placed in such a way that you can buy one that meets the objectives you have and also does not leave that space ( because if not, it will be a hindrance over time.

Price range

Another aspect to consider is the price. A professional circular saw is not cheap, but there are other models and brands that offer somewhat cheaper saws and are also good.

So your budget should go between 50 and 80 euros. If you want something more professional will go from 80 to 200 euros.

What is a circular saw for?

If you have not heard of a circular saw, or you do not know for sure what it is for, we will tell you that the most common thing is to use it to make straight cuts, usually quite long and with a thickness of what you want to cut large. In this way, using this tool, you will be able to do it quickly, safely and above all without it looking like you have been cutting in a zigzag, which is something that can happen if you do it manually.

What can I cut with the circular saw?

Although the first thing that comes to mind to cut with a circular saw is wood, in reality you can use it for many other materials. Specific, the most common are: chipboard, plywood, wooden beams, hardwood floors, covering panels… Even in some cases it could also cut aluminum or metal.

Where to buy?

buy circular saw

buy circular saw

You already know what to look for, what a circular saw can be used for and what can be cut with it. If after all you still think that you need one, you have to think about where you are going to buy it.

Thus, we have also done a search for the main stores that are searched for on the Internet and this is what you are going to find.

The Amazon

We started with Amazon and, although it does not have a large number of products as it happens with other categories, the ones it does have are quite varied in terms of makes and models. It is true that some brands are not going to ring a bell, but if you look at the comments you may know more about whether it is what you are looking for.

Brico Depot

At Bricodepot, the best thing you can do is use the search engine to locate all the circular saws it has in its catalog (at least online). In this case their prices are varied but above all you will find saws for work at home (they are not focused on professionals although they have some models that do).


You will find circular saws within the tools, specifically in electric saws, where you will have quite a few models (not as many as on Amazon, but you will have a choice).

Regarding their prices, most of them exceed 100 euros because they are more professionalBut there is everything. Of course, you must take into account that they are mixed, with which the circular saw itself will only have a dozen.

Leroy Merlin

The circular saws at Leroy Merlin do have their own section and you will find a wide variety, for both DIY and professional work. You can divide them according to the type of food, the brand, intensity of use…

Have you already opted for your circular saw?

How to buy a circular saw

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