How to save tomato seeds so that they germinate well later

If you’ve planted tomato plants this year, you know they don’t last forever. There comes a time when the plant does not give for more and ends up dying. But if those tomatoes turned out great and you still have some, how about we show you how to save tomato seeds for spring planting? The […]

How is the potted chickpea plant grown?

One of the first plants that many children discover are chickpeas, lentils, and other legumes that are easy to germinate and many kindergartens and schools use them to teach children how a plant can come out of something so simple. In this case, if you want to teach your children, or if you want to […]

10 plants for continental climate

Plants have evolved by specializing in specific climates and / or micro climates. The influence of the sun, the frequency and duration of rainfall, temperatures, wind and even the altitude or proximity to the sea are factors that determine how much they can grow and when, their flowering and, ultimately, all aspects of their life. […]

How to plant apricot in a pot? the important keys

If you’ve eaten apricots, you’ve most likely thought that, if it tasted so good, germinating the pit could allow you to enjoy those delicacies in a few years. But how to plant apricot in a pot? Can it be made from the bone? From seedlings? How should they be cared for? If right now you […]

Ideas of tiered gardens that you could put in your garden

We do not always have the opportunity to have a flat garden in which to plant all kinds of plants. Sometimes you have to deal with tiered gardens. Even so, even these can be decorated in a way that attracts attention. But, for this, you have to know how to work them and above all […]

How and when to plant potatoes: the best tips

Potatoes are one of the most popular root vegetables in the kitchen today, like yams or ginger. Their flavor makes them versatile. From the delicious and popular French fries that we eat as an appetizer or side in any fast food restaurant, to the best mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes in the restaurant, they can […]

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