How to plant apricot in a pot? the important keys

How to plant a potted apricot

If you’ve eaten apricots, you’ve most likely thought that, if it tasted so good, germinating the pit could allow you to enjoy those delicacies in a few years. But how to plant apricot in a pot?

Can it be made from the bone? From seedlings? How should they be cared for? If right now you have all these doubts, we are going to try to solve them so that you can have a potted apricot for many years. Go for it?

How to plant apricot in a pot

apricot fruits

apricot fruits

Apricots can be obtained from the stones, but also from seedlings. One of the things that you should keep in mind is that germinating a bone is not easy and, furthermore, that does not guarantee that it will bear fruit. In fact, the normal thing when you have an apricot is to have to graft it after two years to guarantee that it really bears fruit.

Therefore, we are going to focus on having an apricot with seedlings or young trees in pots. They are the ones that take you the longest to wait because they are usually 1-2 or even 5 years old (and taking that long for a bone to germinate and reach that height is not easy at all).

When planting apricot in a pot, you have to take into account the following:


The pot of an apricot, like that of any other fruit tree, must be quite deep. Here you no longer have to worry so much about the width, but about the depth that it may have because fruit trees need a lot of space to develop their roots.

So try to choose pots according to their size and deep. If you are not going to move it from the site, you can think of a ceramic one. But our recommendation is that you choose plastic because they will be easier to transport (and we will tell you why later).


Another important part that you must take into account when planting apricots in a pot is the substrate that you are going to use.

It is true that this fruit tree adapts to anyone. But not so much if the substrate is one of those that stays very humid or is very clayey, because it prefers dry soils to wet ones. Nor is it appropriate that you put a soil with many nutrients, since it is counterproductive for this tree. A more normal one is preferable and fertilize very occasionally when the apricot.

We do recommend that, when planting, you mix this substrate with perlite or similar so that it has a lot of drainage. If we take into account that it is a tree that likes little water, this will help to avoid accumulations of water that could damage the roots.

branch of apricots

branch of apricots


When planting it, the first thing you should do is put a soil base at the bottom of the pot. Next, put the apricot making sure that the roots are free and that they will be able to grow without problems.

Go filling with soil around it making sure it is as straight as possible. From time to time you will have to crush the soil to avoid leaving spaces or air bubbles that could destabilize the plant.

When you’re done, water well and put it in a semi-shade place for a couple of days and then move it to its final place (for a while).

The most important care for potted apricots

apricot on tree

apricot on tree

Now you’ve planted your potted apricot, there’s not much you can do. But it is important that you know what the main care for this plant is so that you can give it to them. Do you know them? Here we leave them.

location and temperature

As a good fruit tree, even if you have a potted apricot, it is important to have it in a place with a lot of sun. Of course, it does not like air currents so you will have to avoid them whenever possible.

Another important aspect, and the reason why we warned you before, is that apricots do not tolerate low temperatures at all well, hence you must be very aware that they do not affect them. Sometimes you will have to move the pot to another place or protect it with a mesh or similar to avoid problems.

substrate and pot

Regarding the substrate, when you have it in a pot you have to make sure that it has the necessary organic matter so that it develops properly. But also some drainage so that the earth does not compact too much. What some do to avoid flooding is to place stones or coconut fiber to help absorb water and excess humidity.

In addition, you have to make sure that the pot is deep enough for the fruit tree, otherwise it can slow down its development and even make it sick.


Related to the above, you must bear in mind that, annually if they are young specimens, or every two years if they are older, you will have to transplant them into another pot.

Of course, in this case you have to do it in winter, not in spring, because it must be done before it begins to sprout. If you wait too long you may have problems.


Depending on the climate you have in the area, irrigation will be more or less abundant. It is a fruit tree that needs water, being able to demand it between 2 and 3 times a week, or even daily in summer.

In winter, however, weekly watering is more than enough, as long as it doesn’t rain (and it falls). If that happens it is better not to water it yourself but to leave it to nature.

soil fertilizer

The potted apricot is not a plant that needs a lot of fertilizer. In fact, it is preferable to add compost or homemade fertilizers to those you can find in stores or nurseries.

Therefore, better manure, banana tea, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc. before anything else.

You should also only add it once, in spring when it needs a little more energy to bring to fruition the fruits it is developing.

Plagues and diseases

Fungi, bacteria, aphids, mealybugs… There are many things that can affect it, both insects and problems with previous care. That is why it is important to follow the indications in order to prevent problems.

As you can see, planting a potted apricot and caring for it is not difficult. You just have to have a guide to help you and we hope this one does. Do you dare to plant and take care of one?

How to plant apricot in a pot? the important keys

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