Ideas of tiered gardens that you could put in your garden

tiered gardens

We do not always have the opportunity to have a flat garden in which to plant all kinds of plants. Sometimes you have to deal with tiered gardens. Even so, even these can be decorated in a way that attracts attention.

But, for this, you have to know how to work them and above all have ideas to decorate them. That is what we have proposed to do on this occasion. Do you want to see what we can think of to decorate stepped gardens?

The tricks of landscapers to decorate terraced gardens

rice plantation

rice plantation

Ideas for tiered gardens we can find many on the Internet. However, when it comes to putting them into practice, they may not be so easy to comply with. And the main reason for this is because no prior analysis has really been done.

One of the first tasks that landscapers carry out when faced with a project of this type is, without a doubt, to analyze all the space in front of them. Not only visually, but in other features.

For example, they have to know what the weather is, sun exposure, wind, the characteristics of the sloping terrain, whether it is ascending or descending, what its curve is… All this influences the type of plants that grow. to put. But there is more.

And it is that these stepped gardens are challenges. First, because you have to make sure of the type of plant that you are going to put, but also, because there may be displacements of earth, deformations of the area or subsidence that would ruin all your work.

For example, can you imagine that you put some plants in a cascade and suddenly they all fall down? Well, that is what you have to avoid, and being pending is something that you have to anticipate, not think about after it happens.

The next step carried out by landscapers is the movement of earth (since many times the earth must be replaced to have one with nutrients) and devise forms of containment. These are easy to think of: retaining walls, steel shelves, railway sleepers… Actually, everything will depend on the height of the slope as well as the budget you have for this.

The trick of many landscapers to make staggered gardens look good

Do you want to know what landscape designers use to achieve a beautiful stepped garden? Well, in the mixture of areas with other elements such as stairs, paths that connect, etc.

It’s about putting plants and decorating the garden, yes, but also turning it almost into an adventure, in a direction that you want to explore to see everything you find.

In many cases, the gardens are extensions of the decoration of the house, for that reason it is necessary to take a lot of idea of ​​that personality that one has to be able to capture it in the garden.

Some tiered garden ideas

flora garden

flora garden

With all that said, it’s time for us to get down to business. That is, to give you ideas for tiered gardens that may be interesting if you have one like this.

Tiered Container Gardens

The entrance of the houses is a place where there is usually not much space in general to plant, unless you have a wide entrance. Therefore, the option that can be used is to use pots.

Normally the entrances are usually formed by a narrow path in which, on one side, there is usually a wall or decoration. Take advantage of this to put some pots at different heights, or even a piece of furniture with several shelves.

tulips in rows

tulips in rows

Create stairs in the garden

Another of the stepped garden ideas that you can think of is to create stairs in the garden. You can place them following one of the walls, in such a way that each step becomes itself a planter where you can plant some plants. In the upper part we recommend that they be climbers, so that they adhere to the wall and go up. In the middle steps, it is better to have leafy plants that offer you a vision as if they were full.

And on the lower steps you can opt for hanging plants, which will give a nice landscape to the ground.

Of course, you can change to do it to your liking, but it may be a good idea as we have proposed.

stone waterfall and plants

If you have a waterfall at home, one of the best stepped gardens you can do is use this one. You can choose climbing plants for the vertical part of the waterfall stone and, for the steps at the bottom, nothing better than putting aquatic plants that decorate that area.

Even if it is a closed enclosure, and with good depth, you could place some goldfish. Of course, it will depend on the space you have since, if they are taken care of well, they can become very, very large and not fit.

waterfall tiered gardens

waterfall tiered gardens

a decorative slope

If you have a sloping area in your garden, you can decorate it with grass or a similar plant that covers the ground. There are many plants that can do it and at the same time help you avoid landslides.

However, if you want something more, you will have to opt for plants that are well anchored to the ground, with strong roots that prevent it from falling. In addition to reinforcing the area to avoid accidents, of course.

Steps decorated with pots

Be careful, this must be taken into account only if you have enough space since we will use the ends of the steps to place pots (more or less large) with which to decorate. However, that takes space on the steps (and it’s not a matter of only being able to put one foot on each one…).

You can also put a single pot on the highest step, of the hanging type, and let it grow and the branches go down the steps themselves. Of course, check that it does not deviate or put your life at risk when you go up the stairs.

The truth is that you can come up with many ideas for stepped gardens. But the most important thing is not so much that it looks good but that it can really be done in that garden. Therefore, before thinking about how it would look, you need to be aware of what you can and cannot have. From there will come many ways to decorate that garden. Can you think of any more?

Ideas of tiered gardens that you could put in your garden

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