6 tricks to make your avocado grow fast

three pots with avocados

Avocado is one of the most consumed foods in the world. And it does so thanks to the many properties it has. However, when it comes to growing it, or having an avocado tree at home, it is normal for it to take some time to bear fruit or to develop. How about we give you some tricks so that your avocado grows fast?

Next we are going to focus on those things that you can do to plant an avocado so that it develops a little faster than normal. Keep in mind that it is not always possible, but if you do, you will surely shorten the waiting time. Go for it?

Sprouting the avocado pit

avocado cut in half

avocado cut in half

As you know, when planting the avocado pit, the best option is to germinate it beforehand. This is easy to do, but you won’t always get good results. Sometimes the bone may not germinate.

For this reason, an intermediate step before sticking the sticks into the bone and putting it in the water is to really germinate it.

How do you do that? You see, the first thing, when you have the stone, is to wash it well to remove the remains of the fruit, but also a protective film (very soft, as if it had cream). If it doesn’t come out with just your hands, use a sponge, but don’t press too hard.

Now that you have washed it, you should leave it in the air for 24-48 hours. The reason is that you need it to dry as well as possible, enough to remove the brownish-black skin. Actually, you have to leave it bare skin.

Once you have it like this, take a paper napkin (or a double one) and wrap it with it. Dip that napkin in water to leave it moist, and then put it in a container (if it is ceramic or glass, it is better because plastic can be counterproductive).

Cover with cling film and make a few small holes so it can breathe but, at the same time, act as a greenhouse.

It is not necessary to give it light, just leave it in a place so that in a matter of 40-50 days it has germinated (if it has not done so and it continues the same, it may not come out). But it will be less time than it will take to take root with the water method.

When it already has roots, you can put it in water without a problem.

Choose the ideal moment

It is not the same to want to germinate an avocado bone in winter than in spring or summer. In these two seasons, with a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees, the tree is active (and so are the seeds) making it much easier for it to grow faster.

Therefore, whenever you can, start germinating the bones in February, March or April (depending on the weather in your area). If you already have a tree, you can increase its growth rate with a graft.

These will help the tree develop faster and shorten the time it takes to set fruit.

Taking into account that there are avocados all year round, you won’t have any difficulties waiting for that ideal time to do it. And if the plant is already formed and you are going to buy it in a nursery, it is best to wait for spring or summer because that way you will avoid too sudden changes in temperatures (even when you buy it in your own city).

use fertilizers

Avocado is a very productive fruit tree.

Avocado is a very productive fruit tree.

As you know, there are two types of fertilizers on the market: those that would be natural and those that would not. We recommend that you use the natural ones, because they are very effective without damaging the plant itself.

And in this case, what we want is for the avocado to have the best nutrients to develop.

Now, we do not mean by this that you start giving fertilizers by the loads. If you go too far, the normal thing is that the plant ends up burning. So set up a schedule to give her small amounts every x time to give her “energy shots” but not overtire her.

If you go too far, the roots of the plant can suffer and in the end you will end up without it.

Keep avocado care in mind

In another article we told you about the care of avocado. And we didn’t just do it so you’d know how to keep it alive for many, many years, but so it’ll be fine and grow fast and happy (or at least as fast as it can grow).

Well, if you want your avocado to grow (and let’s not talk about making it happy), you have to make sure that you are giving it everything it needs. Otherwise, you may run into problems.

We give you an example. As you know, the avocado needs a lot of direct sunlight, at least 6 hours of light. However, you give him one at the most. This implies that you are not meeting its requirements and therefore its development is much slower and later than others that may be planted outdoors in full sun.

cut your avocado

The avocado must be watered frequentlyThe avocado must be watered frequently

Imagen – Flickr/giveawayboy

No, we have not gone crazy. If you want your avocado to grow fast, pruning is very important. In fact, there are two types that you should keep in mind to cut the plant when you have it in a pot:

Cut the trunk to graft it (in this way the energy and strength of the tree goes directly to the graft that has been made). At first it will seem stopped, but in reality it will not be like that because it will end up moving forward if nothing happens and it will even do so more quickly.

Using a growth pruning, avoiding suckers that may come out in the lower part of the tree so that they do not steal energy and concentrate it in the upper part. In this way, by being aware that these shoots do not appear, you will get the energy to flow towards the upper branches and, therefore, they will branch out more.

Be aware of pollination

We start from the fact that the avocado tree is a self-fertile tree, that is, it does not need another tree or insects to fertilize itself. But, when you have it indoors, it is important that from time to time (on your date) you shake it a bit to help get rid of the pollen that is left over and thus ensure that it yields and pollinates well.

As you can see, there are many tricks that we can give you so that your avocado grows quickly. Do you know any more? We read you in comments.

6 tricks to make your avocado grow fast

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