Indoor plants that flower all year

Saintpaulia characteristics

When you have plants at home, the most normal thing is that you want them to be always healthy. If they also have flowers, surely you do not like to enjoy them just a little, but you want them to be there for a long time. So, can you imagine having flowering indoor plants all year round?

It is not unreasonable, there are actually some plants that you can have inside the house and that will brighten your days because their flowers can last, as long as you take good care of them, throughout the year. We propose some of them for you to take a look at.




The Kalanchoe is one of the first plants that we have thought for you to have at home. The only thing it needs is a lot of sun and since it is not a plant that occupies a lot (because in reality in a pot it will reach a maximum of 40 centimeters in height), you can have it anywhere.

Of course, I recommend two things: on the one hand, that you place it in an area where it really has the greatest amount of sunlight, if there are a few hours of direct sun much better.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the flowers it has are going to wither; Or they will last all year. However, when one dies more appear. And to clean it up and keep it blooming, it’s important that you cut off those dry flowers so it can bloom again. Therefore, one of those who needs you to be aware of her, but it will not occupy you much.


The Anthuriums family is quite extensive, but the truth is that these plants have the advantage that they bloom a lot throughout the year. Of course, the flower looks like wax, we tell you this because it could be the case that you do not like the appearance it has.

Even so, it is quite pretty due to the bicolor color that it usually has.

It is very easy to care for and you will have no problem keeping it at home because its care is not much. Of course, remember to fertilize it often because it uses up a lot of energy.

Rosal mini

Mini rose bushes, contrary to what you might think from normal rose bushes, are plants that, if the temperature does not drop below 10 degrees, will flower throughout the year. If you control the temperature then you will not have any kind of problem.

Of course, the flowers that you throw are not really roses as you can be imagining, but mini roses (sometimes they have nothing to do with the others) so not everyone likes them.

Of course, they are plants that do not usually grow much, but since they are active all year round, they must be taken care of, especially giving them a good pruning to encourage flowering and prevent pests and diseases, as well as checking daily that everything is fine.

african violet

Saintpaulia characteristics

Saintpaulia characteristics

Also known as Saintpaulia, it is one of the most beautiful plants that has recently become fashionable. However, although we can say that it is one of the indoor plants with flowers all year round, the truth is that it depends a lot on the climate in which we have it. Inside the house you should not have a problem with the temperature, because you will keep it above 10-15 degrees, but if you think of putting it in a window, it may suffer.

It is very easy to grow, although it does not flower all year long, but several times, but when it adapts to its new home, it usually ends up interspersing one season with another so that it seems that it really blooms throughout the year.

Begonia semperflorens

In case you don’t know, semperflorens means “always with flowers”, so you can already imagine that this plant is one of those that blooms all year round. Now, you don’t have the same amount at one station as at another. While in autumn and winter it will throw you only a few flowers, the truth is that, in spring and summer, it will be full of them.

You have them in different colors, pink, red, white… that contrasts with their green and purple leaves.

Of course, if you cannot provide an average temperature of 20 degrees, it is better not to have it because it is a bit delicate in this regard.

Oxalis triangularis

Purple clover is a very pretty indoor hanging plant.Purple clover is a very pretty indoor hanging plant.

Image – Wikimedia/AfroBrazilian

Better known as the butterfly plant or the clover plant. The most characteristic thing about this plant is the shape of its leaves, and that it is super easy to reproduce. That is why more and more are encouraged to have it.

Of course, inside the house it can be a bit difficult to have it because it appreciates being outside and with sun (not that it needs direct, although if you give it a few hours of this it will thank you). As for the flowers, these can be pink, white or even yellow (it will depend on the variety of Oxalis you have).

They need a warm temperature to feel good and always have moist soil to be more active.


The gardenia is a beautiful flower. And if you have the opportunity to have a pot of this at home, we recommend it. It is a plant that you can have inside or outside the house. And best of all, they are indoor plants that flower all year round.

Now, it is somewhat delicate to have because it likes that the temperature remains constant between 10 and 25 degrees and that you also control the light that it gives it as well as the watering.

Crown of thorns

Perhaps because of that name it does not sound familiar to you, but if we tell you Euphorbia milii things may change. It is actually a succulent with a flower, which can be pink, orange or pink. It will bloom all year if you take good care of it and since it doesn’t need a lot of water, if you give it a lot of sun a day you will have it happy.


orchid leaves

orchid leaves

Some people will say that orchids are plants that do not flower all year round. But keep in mind that the flowers last a long time (some even all year), and also, if they are given proper care, they can be made to bloom several times a year.

So we include them in indoor plants with flowers all year round.

Other indoor plants that flower all year round that you might consider having are: calamondin, squid, bromeliad… Which one do you know that can bloom all year round and brighten your eyes with its colors? We read you in comments.

Indoor plants that flower all year

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