How to take care of a potted hydrangea: All its basic care

If you are flower lovers, surely you love hydrangeas. These beautiful plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors, which makes them ideal decorative elements for our home. However, if we want to beautify our house from the inside with these wonderful flowers, we must first know how to care for a potted hydrangea But […]

Outdoor trunk buying guide | Gardening On

If you have a large terrace with a small garden. Or a big garden, An outdoor trunk can be the perfect place to store those items related to that “room”. For example, you could have the cushions and other elements of the outdoor furniture; Or you could store garden accessories in it, from tools to […]

Monstera deliciosa variegata: characteristics and care

Undoubtedly, the Monstera deliciosa variegata is one of the plants that can attract your attention the most. In fact, it is less known than the adansonii variegata, but it is also cheaper than it. Now, as a variegata that it is, it is delicate. A lot. Therefore, when you invest in it, the last thing […]

Cilantro properties and how to grow it

Coriander is an aromatic herb widely consumed throughout the world. However, not many know about coriander its properties. And it’s a shame because in addition to being ideal for certain foods, the truth is that it has other uses that can come in handy. But what properties does coriander have? And how would it be […]

How to care for potted plants in winter

When winter arrives, our potted plants may need protection, especially if they are exotic and / or sensitive to cold and there are frosts in our area. And it is that although we have them indoors, it is best to keep them in a room whose minimum temperature is 10ºC naturally, without having the heating […]

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