How to take care of a potted hydrangea: All its basic care

Caring for a potted hydrangea can be a bit difficult.

If you are flower lovers, surely you love hydrangeas. These beautiful plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors, which makes them ideal decorative elements for our home. However, if we want to beautify our house from the inside with these wonderful flowers, we must first know how to care for a potted hydrangea

But don’t worry. In this article we will explain all the aspects to take into account so that these plants can grow and develop correctly indoors. We will talk about the care of the potted hydrangea: The irrigation, the fertilizer, the pruning, the location and the light it requires.

How to take care of my potted hydrangea?

It is important to know how to care for a potted hydrangea if we want to grow them indoors

It is important to know how to care for a potted hydrangea if we want to grow them indoors

Some of the most popular plants to decorate gardens and homes are the hydrangeas, since its beautiful flowers stand out for their striking colors and their grouping in bouquets. They belong to the genus Hydrangea and are native to Asia. There is a wide variety of types of hydrangea, but the most commercialized are those bushes whose size is medium. Growing these vegetables in the garden is usually not very complicated. Nevertheless, doing it indoors can be a challenge. So that everything goes well, we are going to explain below how to care for a hydrangea in a pot.


To know how to care for a potted hydrangea, the first point to highlight is watering. It must be said that these flowers need a lot of humidity, since they are vegetables that enjoy the rain when they are outdoors. So, if we want to grow them indoors, it is essential water them when the top layer of potting soil has dried out. The watering must be in depth and the excess water that remains in the tray or in the base plate must be removed. It should be noted that it is quite likely that we will have to water these plants daily during the warmer months of the year.

how to water potted hydrangeashow to water potted hydrangeas

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How to water a potted hydrangea

Apart from the quantity and the way of watering, the quality of the water is also of the utmost importance. Lime in large quantities does not suit hydrangeas at all. Unfortunately, in many places tap water has a high percentage of this chemical compound. If this is your case, you will notice how your hydrangea turns yellowish. This is a good indication that it is an excess of lime. In order to solve it, It is best to water this vegetable with rainwater or with softened water. To achieve this, it is as simple as letting the water stand for approximately 24 hours before using it to water the plant with it.


Apart from irrigation, fertilizer is also very important for the care of potted hydrangeas. It is essential to provide them with a substrate rich in nutrients and with good drainage. It is best to use a mixture of peat with earthworm humus. As for the subscriber, this should be carried out in spring so that the flowers grow more strongly. If possible, we should use organic fertilizers made specifically for hydrangeas.

Another aspect to take into account is the pH. Curiously, white hydrangeas can vary their color depending on the pH of the substrate. Altering it, we can get these colors:

  • Highest pH: pink hydrangeas
  • Lower pH: blue hydrangeas

A very effective way to make the soil more acidic is by using vinegar for hydrangeas. We simply have to add it to the irrigation water and that’s it. However, it should be noted that we must be very careful when altering the pH of the substrate. We must do it gradually and slowly. It is a long process if we do not want to damage the plants.


Hydrangeas are shrubs that need to be prunedHydrangeas are shrubs that have to be pruned

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When are hydrangeas pruned?

Once the flowering season is over, pruning these beautiful flowers becomes extremely important. In order for the vegetable not to waste energy and resources, it is best to prune all those parts that are dry, be it stems, leaves and flowers. In this way we will ensure that our hydrangea has a very good flowering the following year.

Where to put the hydrangeas?

Potted hydrangeas need a lot of light.

Potted hydrangea needs a lot of light

Now that we know a little more about how to care for a potted hydrangea, we have two fundamental aspects left to maintain this beautiful plant: The location and the light. Both aspects are also of the utmost importance when growing these beautiful flowers indoors.

First It is essential that the pots are very large. The most advisable thing is that its diameter corresponds to about fifty centimeters. In this way we ensure that the roots have enough space to seek nutrients and develop. Consequently, the plant will be able to bloom well.

Apart from the size of the pot, it is also essential that it has one or more drainage holes. A very good extra, if necessary, is that it had wheels or some similar structure to move the plant. This can be very advantageous if we have to move the hydrangea around the position of the sun in the morning and in the afternoon.

How much sun does a hydrangea need?

Lighting is another vital factor for plants to grow and develop properly. All types of hydrangeas need a very bright environment. It is best that they receive at least five hours of sunlight each day. These beautiful flowers prefer morning light as it is softer. Direct and intense exposure to sunlight can negatively affect them. For this reason, it is better to have them somewhere covered during the middle of the day and part of the afternoon.

Therefore, the best location for hydrangea care is a well-lit room in the mornings, in direct sun if the weather is mild, or in a place where exposure to the sun is indirect for a large part of the day. In the event that we live in a region with very hot climates, a semi-shaded site would be ideal for these vegetables.

I hope that with all this information on how to care for a hydrangea in a pot, you can enjoy these beautiful flowers in your home. These plants are ideal for growing both indoors and outdoors, as long as we provide them with the basic care they need.

How to take care of a potted hydrangea: All its basic care

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